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News on The 700 Club: February 22, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 22: Commit a crime and you're out! Trump puts illegal immigrants on notice; Visiting Israeli PM: What kind of Palestinian state does Australia support?, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome, folks, to this edition of "The 700 Club."

You know, the law is on the books,

having to do with illegal immigrants.

But I for one wish the president had just cooled it on this one

and got ahead with tax cuts and things

like that because this is setting up a firestorm.

They're now rounding up illegal aliens

all over the country, those that have come in here illegally.

No, they're not supposed to be here.

If they're criminals, yes.

They should be locked up.

But, boy, oh, boy, everybody is after him.

And it's going to be one more bruhaha, which I wish

we didn't have to go through.

Wendy is here.

I am, and it's Wednesday.

It's Wednesday.

There has to be something significant on Wendy Wednesday.

And I don't know if the folks at home can see your tie,

but you have little horses galloping on there.

Little horses, yeah, you're so observant,

little horses jumping over little fences.

WENDY: Because you are a horse fan.


WENDY: Equestrian, yes.

Yeah, that's a little lavod.

That horse is doing a lavod.

WENDY: A what?

A lavod.

WENDY: Yes, a lavant.

You're a French speaker.

You know what a lavod is, OK.

Well, the president is also working with Congress

on some key issues like repealing and replacing


But some members of Congress are facing protests

when they go home for local town hall meetings.

Caitlin Burke brings us the story.

CAITLIN BURKE: From traffic violations to murder,

any immigrant who is in the US illegally

and is charged, convicted, or even suspected of an offense

is considered an enforcement priority

under President Trump's new immigration rules.

Those people who are in this country

and pose a threat to our public safety

or have committed a crime will be the first to go.

CAITLIN BURKE: Supporters are applauding the decision.

It is about time.

The new guidelines don't actually

change any existing laws.

CAITLIN BURKE: But the immigrant community and its advocates

are denouncing it.

Breaking up families and deporting immigrants

is not going to solve any of those problems.

When Trump won the election in November,

hundreds of universities, cities, and churches

joined the sanctuary movement, offering asylum

to undocumented immigrants.

But a recent poll shows a majority of Americans

stand behind President Trump's decision to crack down

on sanctuary cities.

According to the Harvard-Harris poll published in "The Hill,"

80% of voters say local authorities

should have to comply with the law

by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they

come in contact with.

President Trump is also speaking out about a string of threats

to Jewish community centers around the country

over the last few months.

The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community

and community centers are horrible and are painful

and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done

to root out hate and prejudice and evil.

CAITLIN BURKE: Trump's comments made at the newly opened

National Museum of African-American History

and Culture marked the first time

he's directly addressed the threats against American Jews.

Critics call the president's comments too little, too late.

Meanwhile, Congress is also facing criticism,

and it's coming from both sides of the aisle.

One major problem-- agreeing on a way

to repeal and replace Obamacare, the New York Times recently

reported, quote, "efforts to come up

with a replacement for the health care law

have been stymied by disagreements among Republicans

about how to proceed.

The same is true for a proposed overhaul of the tax code."

And Democrats are taking their protests against the plans

on Obamacare, immigration, and other issues

to Republican lawmakers in their local town hall meetings.

PROTESTERS: No ban, no wall, America has room for all.

CAITLIN BURKE: President Trump tweeted

that the numerous protests were planned out

by liberal activists.

Many protesters say there's simply grassroots opponents

of the president's agenda.

But liberal activists have posted plans

online for how to stage protests and make their voices heard

at congressional meetings.

Still, in Washington, President Trump

is making it clear that he's planning

to move ahead with his agenda on issues

like Obamacare, the economy, immigration, and more.

And he'll have to be working with Congress

to make it happen--

Caitlin Burke, "CBN News."

Well, thanks, Caitlin.

Our "CBN News" political correspondent David Brody

is with us now from Washington.

David, how does the Trump administration look

at these last few weeks, the 100 days and so forth?

Are they optimistic?

Do they feel it is a success, or are they frustrated?

Well, they're frustrated with the media coverage for sure,


But beyond that, they think things

are going actually pretty well.

Now, look.

You mentioned at the top of the broadcast, Pat,

he's taking on some pretty heavy stuff here,

some very controversial issues as it relates to this travel

ban, or temporary travel ban, and now this immigration order.

But, look.

The White House believes that they've

got to get things done quickly.

And the best way to do that on the immigration front

at least and on the travel ban front

is to go through with executive orders

because it's not going to necessarily have

to go through Congress.

And so that's why they've rolled this out first.

Now as it relates to health care and tax reform and all

of the heavy lift that has to go through Congress,

that's where the rubber meets the road.

And that's where they've got to get

moving on some of that stuff, or they

may lose control of the narrative here, Pat.

The narrative right now, of course,

"The New York Times" is doing everything

they can to make him look bad.

But are the Republicans fighting over these issues?

Is there a consensus from what you found on the Hill?

There is not consensus.

There's not consensus on actually the plan

to replace Obamacare, and there is not necessarily

consensus on tax reform right now.

Now having said that, there's a meeting later this afternoon

at the White House, the legislative team

meeting inside the White House about these three

specific things--

Obamacare, tax reform, and the budget.

Those will all be rolled out.

Remember, the president is going to speak

to a joint session of Congress Tuesday of next week

where we expect to hear more details on this.

We're told Obamacare, at least the plan to replace Obamacare,

will come in mid-March, Donald Trump actually saying he

wants tax reform, a bill signed by the end of the year.

Now, Pat, we've talked on this program

before how they were hoping tax reform

would be a bill that he could sign into law sometime in maybe

the spring or late spring.

I don't think that's happening now.

I think it's going to be much later than that.

What's the sticking point on the repeal of Obamacare?

It seems like there is a universal feeling

among Republicans that that thing needs to go.

But what's the hold up?

Well, I think the hold up is how much of it

do you replace, whether it be all at one time.

You've got the Rand Paul crowd and the Ted Cruz

crowd who says, get rid of the whole thing.

Then you've got more of that establishment Republican crowd

that says, hey, look.

Let's piecemeal this thing and go bit by bit.

And so I think the concern in the Republican circles

on Capitol Hill is if you're going to go ahead and get rid

of the whole enchilada, you may have a bigger mess

potentially later on down the road.

And so I think there is some political calculation involved

here, Pat.

We know the Democrats have done everything

to frustrate the appointment of the cabinet.

It's just shocking what they've done.

Is Mitch McConnell ready to jam those next appointments through

and stop this back and forth?

The sense is that the frustration

is wearing thin for sure.

Now whether or not McConnell, who as you know,

Pat, is a student of the Senate and a guy that

likes to play by the procedural rules,

at least for the time being, he'd

be reluctant to do that right away.

Now having said that, there are seven or so, seven or eight,

I believe, still cabinet members not confirmed--

Rick Perry at agriculture, quite a few others.

And so there is a growing sense of frustration

that the president is not getting these cabinet members


But once again, remember, Democrats as you know

changed those rules back in 2013 to get those cabinet members

through on a majority vote.

So eventually, they'll get there.

But really if you think about the crown

jewel of all of this for the Trump

administration of the first 100 days

has been the Neil Gorsuch pick for the Supreme Court.

It's gone over very well, and it looks like that's smooth

sailing up there on that front.

Well, he's bringing out a new executive order.

I talked to Jay Sekulow about what's going to be in that.

Jay thinks it can pass muster, but my goodness,

to go back to that circuit in California,

the Ninth Circuit is just a terrible danger

because they'll probably go against it.

Then you've got a split court.

So it's a very risky thing he's doing right.

Well, what the White House wants to do is go dual track.

In essence, they are not going to rescind

the original executive order that was stopped by the Ninth


So in other words, that will go forward.

What they'll do is they believe they

can argue that case, that executive order, on the merits.

It will go back to Washington State,

and they'll deal with that on one track.

And then the other track will be this new executive order coming

that is supposed to be tailored a little bit more specifically.

It will still include those seven terror-prone countries.

And by the way, Pat, I said terror-prone countries, not

majority Muslim countries.

You hear that a lot in the media.

That's a little bit of that media spin, majority

Muslim countries.

But we'll go with terror-prone countries.

Those countries will still be in there.

But obviously the green card holders and folks

that are traveling into the United States at the time

would be exempt.

I've been saying, you know, the biggest Muslim country

in the world is Indonesia.

There's no discussion of Indonesia having any ban.

And I don't believe Pakistan is in there, either,

and that's a big Muslim country.

So in any event, David, one last thing, these protests, usually

it looks like they're paid demonstrators.

Are any of them legit, do you think?

Well, I think some of it's legit, for sure.

Having said that, a lot of it is being

put together by liberal activists, no doubt, here

in DC and other wards.

Look, there is a Trump war room right now

in the Democratic National Committee that

is active very much so in circles here

in Washington and then beyond.

And so there's actual proof.

We know that liberal activists are behind a lot of this.

But the question is, what's the percentage?

Look, 70%, 60%, who knows?

Here's the bigger problem for Republicans.

Until they get a tax reform and a health care plan in place,

and until they get a budget moving and legislation moving

on Capitol Hill, what are they left with, Pat, at town halls?

They don't have anything yet.

And I think that's the bigger issue for the Trump

administration, for Republicans.

You know, they can blame liberal activists.

That's fine.

But the truth of the matter is they

need more proof in the pudding.

And when they get that, then they'll

at least have some sort of legislative leg to stand on.

David, I agree totally.

Thank you so much.

David Brody, ladies and gentlemen.

But it's only been a month.

I know.

I know.

You know, and so much is expected,

to get all of his cabinet in place.

But Trump has put a lot of people back to work.

Well, I think he's done a tremendous job.

I mean, the stuff he's done is awesome.

He's, like, indefatigable.

He just keeps on going like the Energizer bunny.

I mean, he doesn't sleep but a few hours a night.

And he's just coming up with these creative programs.

It's tremendous.

What a wonderful president.

But, man, the long knives are out.

You are a native of West Virginia.

Yes, sir.

West Virginia and the heartland of America

now has a problem.

I wasn't totally aware.

Were you aware of this so-called opiate problem?

No, I never actually even heard of that drug,

so I don't know.

But, yeah, my colleague, Lorie Johnson, went down there,

and we're going to talk about that.

That's coming up.


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