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Praying For Your Needs: February 22, 2017

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Wanda Ferguson has been a faithful viewer

of the "700 Club" for 35 years.

So when Wanda needed a miracle, she

knew where to turn to get somebody to pray for them.

I noticed the pain was getting more intense,

and it was all down the left side of my head and my face,

around my ear.

NARRATOR: Wanda Ferguson soon discovered she had shingles.

It was so painful, and I began to have red splotches appear

on my neck, in my hair, and down my ear and one or two

here on my chest and one on my back.

NARRATOR: Her doctor prescribed pain medication,

but the relief was only temporary.

WANDA FERGUSON: And I was feeling so bad,

I couldn't lie down.

I couldn't sit up without just being in misery.

NARRATOR: Within just three days,

her active life came to a complete standstill.

I just didn't do much of anything.

I laid around.

I wasn't able to.

So I had just come in here, just trying

to get some kind of relief somewhere,

and I sat down on my couch.

And when I did, I flipped the television

on because I've been watching "700 Club" for 35 years.

And Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen were on,

and just immediately after I turned it on,

he said somebody out there's got shingles.

You've got shingles on the left side of your face,

and it's very painful, and God is healing you now.

I never heard him say that before.

And as soon as he said it, I knew it was for me.

And boy, I sat up and listened.

And when I did, he said, those blisters are going away.

They're just going to fade, and your skin's

going to be normal.

And what the doctors say about nerve damage,

it doesn't apply to you.

God's restoring your nerves.

No more pain, no more suffering in Jesus' name.

When he said that, the pain left immediately.

It was instant.

The pain left, and I jumped up off the couch,

and I just started praising God and thanking Jesus and praising

the Lord with all my heart because I knew

I had been healed instantly.

NARRATOR: A few days later, Wanda

was back at the local rec center, her old stomping


I go to the rec center Monday through Friday from 9:00

until, I usually work out 40, 45 minutes.

I go, and I walk first.

I walk 30 minutes.

And then I go to get on the-- they have stationary bikes.

And then I lift weights, 80-pound weights,

about 10 or 15 times.

NARRATOR: Wanda loves Jesus, and she loves

to share her story with others.

I would tell anybody, anywhere,

anytime, if you will really trust Him,

He will do exactly what He says.

He said He'd do it.

He said in Isaiah 53:5, "By His stripes, we are healed."

I just praise God for His power to heal.

What a testimony.

Wanda, God bless you.

Here's one that came in on the internet just recently.

(READING) "I want to send a very special

thank you to Wendy and the entire "700 Club" team

for your ministry.

Last Thursday, as I was preparing my clothes

for work that day, the Lord told me to go downstairs and watch

your program.

I had suffered from a recurring ear infection for months.

It was irritating and nothing would help.

So on Thursday, Wendy spoke directly to this condition.

I began to cry out heavily when she

prayed because God saw the miracle I needed and answered

my prayer.

And since then, I've been able to hear perfectly."

WENDY GRIFFITH: Wow, that makes me tear up.

It's wonderful.

What else you got?

Thank you, Jesus.

All right, now, this is someone that wrote in to you, Pat.

They said, (READING) "Dear Pat, over a year ago,

you prayed for the spirit of depression to leave

and spoke about the symptoms.

Well, as I was sitting on my sofa, I prayed with you

and felt something lift.

Prior to that prayer, all I wanted to do

was sleep and didn't want to do anything else.

After you prayed, I got up and wanted to clean and do things

around the house.

Praise the Lord.

I am a better person now because of Jesus.

Thank you for what you and the "700 Club" do for the Lord."

That's from Angela.

Isn't that great?

Look, we're going to pray for you right now, folks.

There's nothing impossible with God.

We will join hands, and we want to believe God with you.

Father, we thank you for these answers to prayer.

And we know that in Jesus, we have everything.

In Him is the fullness of the Godhead.

And Lord, in Him, we are in You in the Father and in the Son.

Now Lord in that condition, as a part of Jesus,

we reach out to this audience.

Lord, right now, there's a man that has a bowel blockage.

You are really suffering, and it's been there for some time.

And they're even talking about some kind of surgical procedure

to get you right.

But know God is going to step in.

And at this moment, that blockage is cleared up.


Many people, you saw the story we ran earlier

about addictions.

And you're crying out to the Lord.

You want to be free.

The Lord is hearing you, and Jesus is the answer.

Just receive, God is going to help you and just

receive your healing and your freedom

that He's bringing to you in Jesus' name.

You have something, it's almost like diphtheria.

Your throat is closing up, and you're having an awful time


And you've just cried out to God, God help me.

And God has heard your prayer.

In the name of Jesus, be healed.

And may the anointing of the Spirit touch everyone

in this audience.

May you know the power of God.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Many people suffering from migraine headaches right now,

and the Lord is touching you.

And some of it's demonic.

I just command that spirit of infirmity to leave right now.

We command it to leave in Jesus' name.


You are healed.


Thank you,

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