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Duck Dynasty Daughter "Lives Original"

Sadie Robertson joins the 700 Club to talk about the WinterJam Tour, her new devotional, and how she motivates young people to live up to their potential. Read Transcript

Sadie Robertson has launched a fashion line,

she's written a best selling book, placed second

in "Dancing With the Stars," and she's only 19 years old.

The "Duck Dynasty" star is one of a kind

and she's encouraging the people she meets to live original.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Sadie Robertson is well-known

for her dimples an engaging smile.

But there's a lot more to the 19-year-old

of A&E's "Duck Dynasty."

As a speaker and advocate for her generation,

Sadie has learned how to live original

by upholding her family values and faith

convictions in today's culture.

In her latest book, "Live Original Devotional,"

Sadie shares the principles that guide her in life,

how she stays positive, and how you can

live a fulfilling life, too.

And Sadie Robertson is here with us live.

Sadie, welcome to "The 700 Club."

So nice to meet you.

Oh, thank you so much.

The whole rest of the family has already

been on so I was like, yes, I made it.


I know, you're finally here.

I know, I've interviewed a lot of your family.


Well you had quite the night.

I understand you were on a bus ride

all night long just to get here.

Yeah, crazy.

So we are on tour right now with "Winter Jam."

And so we rode the bus in, got right off the bus

and came straight here.

We're going to the tour in a second.

But first, I want to talk about "Duck Dynasty."

We're coming to the end of an era.

"Duck Dynasty," the last episode is getting ready to air soon.

How does that make you feel?

It's crazy.

I mean, "Duck Dynasty" is kind of just a part of my life

because I was 14 when the show started and I'm 19 now.

So it's really my reality.

So it's a little weird.

But, you know, I just moved off and John Luke moved off.

So it's kind of that new season, you know?

So it's bittersweet.

It's good but then also a little bit sad.

Long before "Duck Dynasty" you used

to pray for something every single night

when you were a little girl.

What was that prayer?

Well I remember I used to pray--

so I was from West Monroe, Louisiana,

and everyone I knew was a Christian--

West Monroe.

West Monroe.

You said that really fast.


With a Louisiana accent.

Yeah, so West Monroe, Louisiana.

And I used to pray every night that God would give me

someone to talk to about Jesus.

Because everyone I knew was a Christian, went

to a Christian school, everything.

And little did I know he would give me this platform,

you know, it's insane.

But now I think back to that prayer

and, wow, it's funny how God is really faithful

and he hears your prayers.


Speaking of your platform, I went on Twitter last night

to follow you and you have well over a million followers

on Twitter.

It's so weird.

Isn't that crazy?


And you talk about a platform.


It's crazy.

I would have-- when I prayed that I

was thinking like one person.

But one million happened, that's great and it's a huge blessing.

Well your new book is called "Live Original."

And original-- the name, there's meaning behind this name.

That used to be your nickname?


So when I was five years old I used

to preach on my counter top to my parents.

And my dad was like, hey, this kid's really weird.

And so he nicknamed me the original.

And throughout my life he would always say, Sadie, you know,

always stick to that original person that you were created

to be and don't stray from that as a speaker and be fearless

and all these things.

And as life went on, I kind of got

a little bit nervous to talk in front of people.

And he said, no, go back to your original self.

So when it came time to write the book after "Duck Dynasty"

I was like, "Live Original."

Now I'm trying-- so you're on the kitchen table, you know,

standing up, preaching at five.

What were you saying?

Well, it's funny because--

Because your family's already saved.

Oh yeah, I know, I don't know what went wrong with me.

But it's funny because we went back and watched a video of me

when I was five years old and I said,

even if I'm famous one day, I'm not

going to think about myself, I'm giving it to God.

Then I said, let's give it up for God,

like a little five year old.

But it's so funny because why would I

ever say that, you know?

So it was weird.

But, yeah.

I used to always just preach on the table and tell my parents,

you know, you're going to go to heaven if you love God.

So it was funny.

Well dreams come true.

What are some ways that you talk about living original

in your book that just everybody, young and old,

teenagers, how can we live original?

Well there's several different things

that I talk about in the book.

And a lot of it is just things that my mom and my dad

have poured into me, and my grandparents.

And I think that not everybody has a family that

pours life and love into them.

So to be able to write a book like this

and pour into so many teenagers has been amazing.

I feel like for me it's like--

not really-- I don't see it as a celebrity but like a friend

to a lot of people that may not have a friend,

or a family to someone that may not have a family.

And so just pouring into them, like, hey, be confident

in your spiritual gifts.

Who you were created to be.

Not what you look like, not what comes in your life, not

your job title, but who you are and with the root of that is.

So it's been awesome.

Sadie, you devote a whole chapter to something

called five seconds of awkward.

And I read that last night and it

is such an important chapter.

It's kind of at the back of the book.

What is the five seconds of awkward?

So that is something my cousin told me one day.

So right when I started dating and everything

she was like, all right, Sadie, we need to have a talk.

I'm like, oh gosh, OK.

And she's a mentor in my life, she's older than me.

And she said, just remember, five seconds of awkward

can save you from a lifetime of regret.


Say that again.

OK, yeah, it's good, right?

Five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret.

And what does that mean?

And so basically, taking that awkward minute

to say no and say, hey, look, this is not

who I am can save you from doing something that potentially

could be a lifetime of something that you regret.

So you're in an awkward situation

with the guy you're dating.


And it's better to be awkward and say no

and walk away from that situation than--

And you can put in any situation in life.

Like for teens right now, partying's a big thing.


Hey, do you want a drink?

It's going to be awkward but just

take that second to be like, oh no, I'm good instead of doing

something and then potentially that night going very wrong

and then a lifetime of that one night when that happened.

You know I mean?

And so when my cousin told me that, it really sank in deep.

And I saw throughout my high school career and now being off

on my own how much that's really like come into play.

And you lay out a list of things, basically,

don't do these if don't--

you say don't have any regrets.

Live a life without regrets.

And one of them was don't get in the car

with someone who's been drinking.

I mean, it's common sense but it's great reminder stuff.

And so I love that chapter.

Now you're getting ready to launch the second "Live

Original" tour.

The second one.

Yeah, yeah.

So crazy.

So this past fall we did the first "Live Original" tour

and it was with my cousins, my family.

It was so fun.

And so I think over 25,000 teenagers came out

and worshiped with us, had a great night of speaking.

Yeah, that is a funny clip from it.

So, yeah, it was amazing and then this year we're

planning on doing something again.

Look at the crowds.

My goodness.

It was pretty fun.

So that's why you're here in the Virginia Beach area is

your tour has brought you here.

Is that why?

So right now on the "Winter Jam" tour,

which is a different one, but I'm on it speaking

and it's a huge honor to be able to do that.

I'm the first speaker that they've

had besides a pastor that they have.

And so I'm really thankful for that opportunity.

So they're not letting me sing.

Oh Lord.

Nobody would want to come if I was singing.

I'll stick to what I know.


So and the fashion line.


That's crazy.


Yeah, that was out of nowhere.

But super awesome.

I do you have a passion for fashion.

That rhymes.

Are you wearing anything?

I'm actually not.

I don't know what I'm thinking.

I'm being dumb.

But, yeah, Wild Blue is a clothing line

who has a very similar message to me.

They preach confidence and want people

to be really confident in what they're wearing

and make them feel beautiful.

And I was like, hey, why not?

I think that's an awesome message.

I'm going to team up with you.

And so we teamed up.

Well, I know we have big teenage audience watching

today, or maybe older than that as well,

any significant person in your life?

And do you have a boyfriend?

Oh actually, no I don't.

Call me.

Just kidding.

I'm just kidding.

That's my line.

That's what I'm always doing.

So you're probably too busy for one right now.


But are you open to that?

Well, I'm really trying to focus right now.

I'm just like, focus, Sadie, focus.

Because being able to speak to so many teenagers at night

and being able to pour into them I'm

really trying to make sure that I pour into myself, you know?

I think that you have to really fill yourself

with what you're saying, because you

want to believe what you're saying

and be the same offstage as you are on stage.

It's so important.

So right now, during this "Winter Jam" season,

I'm really trying to focus.


On all of that.

There's plenty of time for that.


You're 19.

You're 19.



All right.

Well it was so great to have you here.

You're so inspiring.

And for more with Sadie check out

our online exclusive interview.

Just log on to to see


And her book, again, is called "Live Original"

and it's fantastic.

It's a New York Times bestseller already.

And it's available nationwide.

And when you pick up a copy of it

be sure to check out the companion book that

goes with it, this is really awesome, too,

it's her devotional.

The "Live Original Devotional."

Sadie, thank you so much for being with us.


Thank you so much.

I love your message.

Live original.

Oh thank you.



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