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Bring It On-Line: - February 23, 2017


Thank you.

I hope we can help some people.

All right, some questions.

We've got some questions for you.

Let's start with David.

He says, I'm a landlord.

One of my tenants always pays his tithes first.

Then he doesn't have enough to cover his rent.

Is this right?

I'm struggling also.

Do I have an obligation to support him?


No, you don't.

We used to have people do that.

They would go on the air on our network,

and they wouldn't pay their bills.

And they'd say, well, we're doing on faith.

Well, they weren't going on their faith,

they were going on our faith, because we

had to pay the bills.

We had to keep the electricity open.

I think for somebody to ride you like that is wrong.

Obviously the tithe belongs to the Lord.

It's not that he's paying the tithe first, and then he--

Well, he should have enough money left over

to pay the rest of his obligations.

And he's obviously not budgeting,

or he's not budgeting rent because he thinks you're easy.

And, no, he's got to pay his rent.

It's not fair because you have to pay your mortgage,

and you have to pay your taxes.

And he needs to pay the bills.

It's just one of those things.

All right.

That's right.

All right.

Anne says, when we get to heaven,

will we remember our struggles on Earth

and continue to talk about them with others?

Well, the Bible says there will be no more

sorrow and no more tears.

And I think if there are bad memories of pain on Earth,

I don't think it's going to carry with us.

When we're in the presence of the Lord,

it's going to be so overwhelming.

It'll be so overwhelming that whatever else

happened in Earth is just going to fade into insignificance.

We'll be in the presence of God Almighty,

and we'll be filled with such joy unspeakable,

and full of glory.

So I really wouldn't worry about memories.

But the Bible does say no more sorrow, no more tears,

you're in heaven.

And we get hurt here on Earth.

We get pain on Earth.

We get brokenness on Earth.

None of that's going to be with us in heaven.

All right.


All right.

Noah asked, did Jesus drink wine?

Is it all right for Christians to have a glass of wine?


The answer is he turned water into wine.

And how do you know that?

Well, the leader of the feast said,

some people serve the best wine at the beginning,

and then when people get drunk he brings out the rotgut.

But you saved the best till last.

Now, you don't talk about grape juice that way.

That has to do with wine.

Did he drink wine?

Yes, he drank wine.

And the question is the Bible says, wine is a mocker,

strong drink is raging.

Wine can cloud your mind, but the idea

of having a glass of wine with your food is just--

Paul said to Timothy, take a little wine for your stomach's

sake, and your often infirmities.

So a little wine is not sinful.

It's a cultural thing.

So many people have a glass of wine with dinner.

The question is if you're an alcoholic

and you have one glass of wine, it

might send you over the edge, and you have a lost weekend.

That's not good.


All right Reese says, Pat, have

you seen the movie "The Passion of the Christ?"

If so, is it biblically accurate?

I had an advance preview of "The Passion."

It's a magnificent work, but the truth it is so brutal.

And I told Mel at the time, I said,

you really ought to tone that thing down.

He's so beat up by the time he gets to the cross,

the cross is diminished.

And I really think in that movie, he was beaten,

and he was just janged around with chains.

He was hauled up and down.

He was already dead before he got to the cross,

and I don't think that's accurate.

So, as I say, I talked to the producer, and I said,

I would tone that down.

But he didn't, and it was obviously very, very popular.

But, yes, is it accurate?

I just think that the Lord suffered.

He was beaten.

All those things happened.

But I don't think he was brought to the point of death

before the cross, and that's what you get out of that.

It was very brutal.

Did you see it?


And did you agree with me?

Don't you feel the same thing?

It was so much--

It's hard to watch.

And it's really hard to watch.

But it's a very effective movie.

Well, it effective, and very powerful,

but is it accurate biblical?

I think he died on the cross, and this thing, essentially, he

was dead before he got there.

All right.

All right.

Stanley says, are people really Christians

if they say they are but never attend church?


Being a Christian is not a question of going to church,

it's a question of how you live.

Is your life changed?

I know one person who is really a con man.

And he keeps talking about, I'm a good Christian,

I'm a Christian, I'm a good Christian,

and it's all a lot of baloney.

I think that it's more than your profession.

It is the way you live your life.

All right.

Good one.

All right.

Uchenna says, a pastor said my family should pay him the sum

of $100-plus before he will come to my house to pray.

Is this biblical?

Please, I need you to guide me urgently.

If it is, I've never seen it in the Bible.

I think it's an outrage.

I think it's an outrage for a pastor to say that.

The idea that you would get paid to pray.

What's that [INAUDIBLE]?

Freely you've received, freely give.

Thank you, ma'am.

Freely yours.

We get so much from the Lord, and it's our privilege

to be able to give to others.

It's a privilege to be able to pray for others as a minister

to others.

And we didn't get a cent.

That's fine.



Well, I can go on and on about that one.

But that pastor, I think that old boy needs to get defrocked.

Let him go to selling used cars or something.

He'll be fine.


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