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Bring It On-Line: - March 1, 2017

What do you think is an appropriate age difference in marriage? Is it true that Christians turned over the Jews in the Holocaust? My parents want me to have a divorce. Does CBN financially support Israel? Read Transcript

Welcome back to "The 700 Club."

We've got some interesting questions from you,

and we're going to start with Jada

who says, "What do you think is an appropriate age

difference in a marriage?

Is eight or more years too much, especially

if the woman is the older one?"

Pat, be careful.

PAT ROBERTSON: Is this the cougar question?

Yes, indeed.

Hey, listen, some of the great romances, you know,

Abelard and Heloise, I mean, Abelard was kind of

like an old man, and she was this young girl.

I don't necessarily think that a few years makes any difference.

But you have to keep this in mind,

is that you get an eight or 10-year difference,

and it's wonderful when you're 30, 40, 50.

Then all of a sudden, the person who's

older starts getting real old, and the person who's younger

is still fairly vigorous.

And then you've got a problem, and you know,

do you want to be living with an old lady?

That's the idea here.

But if there's love, there's no reason and nothing in the Bible

that indicates there's any problem about age disparity,

especially with men.

I mean, my goodness, they marry young women all the time.

They want a trophy wife so the old guy's 50 or 60,

and he marries a 20-year-old, and you know--

WENDY GRIFFITH: The older I get, the younger I

date because the guys my age, they don't, they

stop taking care of themselves, not all of them.

Stop taking care?

Well, you know, they don't care as much for some reason.

It's the women who seem to like take better care of themselves

at a certain age.


Some of us old guys try to take care of ourselves.


That's right.

You are--

We still do it the best we can to dotter along the road.

All right, but anyhow, the answer

is, there's no thing and eight years, no problem.

It's just, keep in mind that those things do happen.

And the disparity will be there, but if you age together,

and you love each other, no problem, no problem.


All right.

Jerry says, I would like to ask you a question about Christians

during the Holocaust.

I'm a Christian from a Jewish mother.

I recently found my mother's family members

and found that my grandmother came from Kobryn, Russia,

near the Polish border.

The accounts I have read about the Holocaust

say that the Christians turned over the Jews to the Nazis.

My newly-found Jewish family members are not Christians.

How do I overcome this information

about the Christians failing to help the Jews?

Did some Christians really help the Nazis?

Some of my relatives have left the US to go to Israel.

I love them and want them to be saved.

All right, look, you're asking a question.

You know, the thing of it is, just

because somebody is a Gentile, doesn't make him a Christian.

Somebody can belong to a state church

and say, well, all right, I'm a Catholic.

I'm a Protestant.

I'm a Lutheran, and he doesn't know the Lord.

So a lot of these people are just nominal Christians.

Did they identify with the Nazis?

The answer is yes.

Is it a blot on the record, including the Catholic church,

including the pope, who was complicit

in some of that stuff?

You've got to be honest.

And the truth was, yes, that's part of history,

and we're ashamed of it.

But keep in mind that these people were not

born-again believers who really had a relationship with Jesus.

They were nominal, nominal.

They belonged to a denomination, but they had not

had a heart-changing experience with Jesus.


In today's world, the greatest supporters

of Israel and the Jewish people are the evangelicals.

And my friend Bibi Netanyahu and others in Israel

know that, that the evangelicals are their most staunch allies.

And they are not, quote, "denominational," OK.

All right.

Good point.

Linda writes, I have a very bad problem

that is making me upset.

My parents want my husband and me to get a divorce,

but we don't want to.

They said we should do that for financial reasons.

My mom talked me into it, and I filed the paperwork this week.

But I don't want to do it anymore.

Please help.

I feel pulled in two different directions.

"For this cause shall a man leave his mother and father

and cleave unto his wife, and the two shall be one flesh.

And what God has joined together,

let not man put asunder."

Those parents are sinning against God.

Tell them to go take their evil thoughts someplace else.

You're not living to-- you have been joined to your husband.

You have been joined to your wife.

And that is a bond that should be kept.

And don't listen to somebody that says,

well, for tax reasons, you get a divorce.

I mean, come off it.

Don't listen to those people.

All right.

That question shocks me.

It just literally shocks me.

There's a meddling old woman.

They think they can dominate their kids.

And the thing of it, this daughter is listening to them.

One more question.

All right.

Mary says, Dear Pat, I have been a partner for years.

Does this ministry support financially

our brothers in Israel?

My heart goes out to our brothers there.

Well, the answer is yes, we have a ministry.

Operation Blessing has a ministry in Israel.

We have Relief for Israel, and we

have given some rather significant donations

to our good friend Yechiel Eckstein,

who works with the Jews.

The Holy Land Fellowship of Christians and Jews

mostly is there to give relief supplies to Jews.

So we are helping those in Israel

because we love the Jewish people.


Yeah, I was there in 2006 during the war,

and helped with some of the outreach to the shut-ins.

And we actually went door-to-door during the war,

because they had to shelter in place because of the Katyushas,

which we--

I remember, I believe, I was there at the same time.

You were there.

We were out amongst the Katyushas.

And giving aid to those people.

And I remember food distribution and everything else in Haifa.



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