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News on The 700 Club: March 1, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 1: 'America is once again ready to lead': Trump lays out bold, inspirational vision; What does Trump's order mean for this transgender bathroom case?, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

to this edition of the "700 Club."

Well, Donald Trump became President of the United States

for real last night, a magnificent speech

to a joint session of Congress.

He touched on the plight of the African Americans.

He spoke about the Jewish, well, the anti-Semitism

that has been brewing.

He talked about the inner cities.

He talked about the poor black children

trapped in a cycle of poverty.

He talked about infrastructure.

It was a magnificent speech.

And then when you think of the widow of that fallen Navy

SEAL, who was just lovely, and tears coming down her face,

and it was an incredible moment for all of us.

It was one of the most extraordinary

presidential speeches I think we've ever seen.

It was brilliantly written and brilliantly delivered.

But again, we now have a President, there's no question.

And from now on, these people who yap about President Trump

are not any longer just talking about an individual.

They're attacking the leader of the free world.

And of course, polls are showing that Americans strongly

approved of his speech.

They support his plans on issues such as the economy, Obamacare,

immigration, and fighting terrorism.

And here is Wendy who borrowed a dress from Melania.

You like it?

I love it.

She looked amazing last night.

She is gorgeous.

When she came out in that black sequined blazer,

I think, very well done.

She's a beautiful first lady.


Well, after his successful speech

last night, the President and Congress

will move ahead on their agenda for America.

We have two reports now from CBN News,

starting with White House correspondent, Jennifer Wishon.

Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States.



President Donald Trump set out to unify a divided nation,

inspire the future, and assure Americans he

intends to keep his promises.

"What we're witnessing today," he says,

"is a renewal of the American spirit."

Our allies will find that America

is once again ready to lead.


with a public commemoration of Black History Month,

while reflecting on the work that remains.

Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers

and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries,

as well as last week's shooting in Kansas City,

remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies,

we are a country that stands united

in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms.


the civil rights issue of our day

and suggests allowing school choice will

help revitalize urban regions failing minority youths.

Despite court delays of his so-called travel ban order,

the President doubled down on his promise

to get tough on illegal immigration.

We are removing gang members, drug dealers, and criminals

that threaten our communities and prey

on our very innocent citizens.

Bad ones are going out, as I speak.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the President hit a home run.

He succeeded in offering details for some of his plans

Congressional Republicans can rally behind,

as he works to gain some badly needed legislative victories.

We should ensure that Americans with pre-existing

conditions have access to coverage,

and that we have a stable transition for Americans

currently enrolled in the health care exchanges.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): In one of the night's most moving

moments, the President recognized Carryn Owens,

widow of senior chief Ryan Owens,

who was killed in the covert raid against al-Qaeda

in Yemen, the first service member

to die under Trump's watch.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as members of Congress

stood and clapped for several minutes.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: For as the Bible teaches us,

"There is no greater act of love than to lay down

one's life for one's friends."

Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country,

and for our freedom.


to appeal to evangelicals and Rust Belt voters who

put Trump in the White House, Democrats

chose a folksy response.

Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

recounted his Baptist heritage, patriotism, and family values

from a diner in Lexington, as he criticized the President

for rolling back regulations, waging war on immigrants,

and calling to repeal Obamacare.

You know, in 2010, this country made a commitment,

that every American deserved health care

they could afford and rely on.

And we Democrats are going to do everything

in our power to keep President Trump and the Republican

Congress from reneging on that commitment.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): Meanwhile, the President

asked Congress to dream big in dare bold moves for the nation.

This is our vision.

This is our mission.

But we can only get there together.

We are one people with one destiny.

We all bleed the same blood.

We all salute the same great American flag.

And we all are made by the same God.



I'm Abigail Robertson on Capitol Hill, where

House members have a lot to say about President Trump's

joint address.

I thought you saw a bold, positive message,

a message that I think resonates with the American people.


highly of the President's unifying speech

and statesman-like demeanor.

I give him an A+.

I think he knocked it out of the park.

He went straight to the hearts of the American people.

I believe he won the hearts of the American people.

I thought it was one of the best

speeches I've heard him give.

So it was a very powerful speech.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON (VOICEOVER): But not all House members

were buying it.

They gave him a teleprompter.

He read off his teleprompter.

What I'm curious to see is what does

he do when he's speaking extemporaneously

because that's when the presidential character truly

comes out.


told CBN he wants more specifics from the President.

Well, there were a lot of good parts to it,

[INAUDIBLE] aspiration, but it was very weak on details.

The budget, for example, provided

more money for defense, more money for veterans,

a trillion dollars for infrastructure,

and tax cuts for corporations and middle class,

and no indication of how the numbers would actually add up.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON (VOICEOVER): But Republican lawmakers

feel encouraged and are ready to work on priorities,

like immigration reform and repealing and replacing


We're going to work together in Congress with the President,

and we're going to provide the American people with

market-driven, competitive-driven health care.

I think we are poised for this to be the most

productive Congress in decades.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell met with President Trump ahead

of his speech and told the media they

are on board with the President's bold agenda.

Reporting from Capitol Hill, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Well, our CBN News correspondent David Brody

is with us from Washington.

David, the President is getting great reviews.

Who wrote that speech?

It was magnificent.

Well, Stephen Miller had a big hand in that.

That's his policy director obviously.

Steve Bannon was there as well.

Kellyanne Conway, we are told, had a lot of input

as well, Pat.

And you know that part at the beginning,

talking about, in essence, racial reconciliation

and talking about the anti-Semitic attacks all

around the country, well, we understand Hope Hicks,

who is the assistant to the President,

she's in her late 20s, but boy, I

tell you what, she's got the ear of the President for sure.

And she's been around him for a while.

So all of those folks combined to make

that a pretty remarkable speech.

What do you think because it looks

like it's going to be very, very hard for the Democrats

to rise up against this.

This was such a unifying speech for America.

It wasn't harsh.

It wasn't filled with all kinds of unpleasant rhetoric.

But it was an uplifting speech to unify us as a nation.

How can the Democrats come out against that?

It is going to be very difficult, Pat.

This was the Democrats' worst nightmare.

Teleprompter Trump struck last night,

and he did a remarkable job.

And because of that, Nancy Pelosi, I mean,

you saw her in the crowd.

I mean, I thought someone had to take

her temperature at one point.

I mean, it was not a good situation

for her and the Democrats.

And look, the President did give the Democrats

something to think about, infrastructure

and a few other programs.

And of course, that's going to rankle some Republicans

on the other side of it.

But the reality is this, if Donald Trump had delivered

this speech during the campaign, he actually

would not be President of the United States

because he tapped into that anger and that frustration.

But now, as President of the United States,

a speech like that will do him of major good service

on Capitol Hill.

Paul Ryan will be able to work with a speech like that.

For sure, he slept well last night.

Well, you ask yourself, how can the Democrats,

I mean, they're talking about let's educate our inner city


Let's rebuild the inner cities.

Let's rebuild the infrastructure.

How can the Democrats go against that?

I just can't envision what they could,

what program they could come up with?

Well, they're having a hard time here because you look

at school choice and education.

I mean, they're fighting the President on that,

and that helps inner city kids quite a bit,

the statistics proving that in Washington, DC,

right here in the district.

And so you know, time after time, they're

trying to figure out how they're going to, in essence,

fight this President.

And I think that's the larger problem for the Democrats.

They are internally having some combustible moments in trying

to figure out the direction.

So they've got internal problems,

and then they have a liberal activist

base, which is going to fight Trump on everything.

And whether or not that's going to be good for them going

forward remains to be seen.

But it is a dicey road to go down, Pat.

Has Nancy Pelosi lost it a little bit mentally?

I mean, she had him, Putin, invading what was it

Korea, instead of Crimea.

I mean, does she know what she's talking about anymore?

Well, I will say this, that there

are folks on Capitol Hill that believe

it's time for new leadership.

And I don't think there's any question about that.

Look, Steny Hoyer, don't forget, is up there as well.

He's been around for a while.

And so there is talk about, in essence, replacing these folks

at some point.

But the other problem is here in Washington, as you know,

Pat, stature matters and power matters and experience matters.

And Pelosi and Hoyer have that and have those connections.

But that's also been part of the problem,

why Donald Trump talks about wanting to drain the swamp.

David, what's your appraisal of the next, say, 100 days.

You think he's going to get some of this stuff through Congress?

Well, first of all, on the big ticket items like Obamacare

and tax reform, no.

Obamacare is a bear.

It really is, to repeal and replace.

And you might not see something on that until, let's call it

some time during the summer, and that might be at best.

Tax reform will be later than that, Pat,

might be at the end of the year, maybe into early next year.

There are problems with both of these policies going forward,

and it's coming within Republican ranks.

I mean, there is concern about tax credits

that the President and some folks at the White House

are thinking about doing as it relates

to Obamacare because many Republicans in that Freedom

Caucus, the Tea Party folks, think that's just

another entitlement program.

And so there are some problems there.

And then, I'm sorry, that's regarding tax reform,

or excuse me, Obamacare.

And then on tax reform, there's the border adjustment tax.

So there are quite a few different things

that have to be worked out.

But I will say this, we understand from White House

officials that, as it relates to Obamacare,

they believe this is going to be incremental.

They believe that this is going to be step by step.

Even if it hurts him a little bit politically,

they want to get something done, somehow, someway.

It seems like on taxes, if they just

cut the rates, I mean, just cut the business tax,

cut the personal tax, just cut the rates,

and then let the other stuff simmer down.

I mean, it doesn't take a great big overhaul to get that done.

Well, White House officials are telling me that even

without tax reform this year, and they

hope to get it this year, but even

if they don't get tax reform this year,

they are going to definitely be doing a lot of deregulation.

Now you've talked about this for years, Pat.

And they believe that actual deregulation, whether it

be at the EPA, and a lot of different places

around Washington, will actually help economic growth.

Now the budget that they're going to submit in March,

in a few weeks here, projects 2.4% economic growth.

Donald Trump wants to see, he thinks

it will be 3% economic growth.

That's pretty bold.

But we'll see because he believes

that a lot of what they'll be able to pay for

will come from that economic growth.

Last question, David, the President

put through something without any congressional oversight

whatsoever, and he needed that.

But there was a land grab, in terms of so-called wetlands,

that any border that had been anywhere

near some navigable water was suddenly

under the control of the United States government.

And it was an outrage, and I think

the courts have stopped it.

But can the EPA get rid of that without a lot of hassle?

Does it have to go through Congress or what do you think?

Well, you can be sure that Scott Pruitt is on top of that.

And there's going to be a lot of those type of moves

to look at some of those regulations that

have been going on in the past.

So absolutely, that's going to be

par for the course at this new Environmental Protection


And also, let's remember, there's

been a lot of federal land grab all over under the Obama

administration out in New Mexico and Utah.

I believe-- I'll get the stats specifically.

But I mean the large percentage of federal land that

is grabbed by the federal government in Utah

alone is pretty remarkable, Pat.

Well, David, keep it up, brother.

We want to hear more from you.

Thank you so much for your insights.


OK, David Brody, we have some tremendous reporters

on Capitol Hill.

And they are right in the center of it right now.

They were at a luncheon at the White House

yesterday, getting briefed on what

the President is going to say.

WENDY: You can't get much closer than that, having

lunch at the White House.

Not too bad.


And the stock market really liked the speech last night.

The stock market loved it.

It's rocketing along.

As he said, it's about three trillion

more dollars of value going [INAUDIBLE].

WENDY: And think about that, $3 trillion,

and he's been President, what, a month.

Yeah, just the fact that he's there, the stocks say,

hey, this is our guy.

It's fun, Wendy, it really is.

I'm so excited.

But that speech was so uplifting.

It soared, and that's what we need.

We don't need all these little snippets

and all this business of let's talk about the nasty media.

Let's just get on, and it was so beautiful.

Let's come together and dream big.

Stop all the little petty squabbles and just dream big

for a great country.

That's the kind of message we all like to hear.


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