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Lies Turn into Liabilities, So Speak Truth Over Your Life

When lies from other people become lies we believe about ourselves, they become labels we accept on ourselves. Lysa Terkeurst explains how God can speak truth into our lives and remove these labels that have become liabilities in our lives. Read Transcript


I'm Lysa TerKeurst, and one of my favorite verses

is Psalm 34:18, "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted;

those who are crushed in spirit He saves."

I like that verse so much because I know what it feels

like to be broken-hearted.

I know what it feels like to be crushed in spirit.

And often times, it's because rejection

has come into my life.

LYSA TERKEURST: And I believe that rejection is something

that we all deal with, whether we're male, female, old, young.

It doesn't matter, rejection affects us deeply.

We're all either dealing with a past rejection,

trying to heal from our present-day rejection,

or fearing that an unexpected rejection is

right around the corner.

Someone speaks a line to us, a statement of rejection,

and that line, l-i-n-e, turns into a lie.

That lie that I believe about myself turns into a label

that I put on myself.

That label becomes a liability in all future relationships.


Well, I think it's time that we really

tackle some of these lines that have turned into lies,

that have turned into labels, that

have turned into a liability.


We ask the Lord, Lord, what are some

of the dysfunctional dances that I'm doing in my life?

What are some of the liabilities that I'm

bringing into my day-to-day because

of the rejections of my past?

Lord, will you reveal that lie to me

so that I can let you speak?

I know you are close to those places in my heart

that have broken, and I know, Lord,

that you want to save those places that

have crushed me in spirit.

So, Lord, speak truth over those lies.

Where can you, Lord, untangle some

lies that I can take the labels that they've created off of me,

so that this will no longer be a liability, but rather a source

of transformation in my life.


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