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Pain-Free After 63 Years

Larry spent decades re-aligning his jaw every time he yawned or ate. He heard a prayer on TV, but didn't realize until later that the prayer was for him! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: For 61 years, Larry Pearson

lived with pain in his jaw.

It started when he was 10 years old.

LARRY: So we're having a snowball fight,

and one of the fellas, unbeknownst to me,

got the bright idea to throw an iceball at a car.

What happened was the iceball hit the guy in the face,

and he almost crashed.

So he came running up.

He saw a gang of kids.

They all scattered, except one, and the next thing

I know, this huge guy picked me up and hit

me square across the jaw.

NARRATOR: Larry never told his parents

because he was afraid he would get in trouble.

In the years that followed, his jaw

would constantly pop out of place and hurt when he ate.

LARRY: The pain was very sharp.

It got your attention, believe me.

I had to be very careful how I ate or how I yawned.

I used to have to yawn like, ew, whew, keep my mouth closed.

I couldn't do a normal yawn.

It, it would pop every time I did that.

NARRATOR: In 2015, while being fitted

for dentures, Larry found out his jaw

had been broken where the man hit him as a child.

LARRY: I forgot all about it.

I just assumed all these years it was

a problem with my wisdom teeth.

When I got my teeth out for the dentures,

it really started showing up.

Because when I went to sleep at night,

my jaw would kind of clench up.

I'd wake up in a lot of pain.

NARRATOR: Larry took Tylenol to ease his discomfort

and for a time prayed for healing.

LARRY: The thought came through me,

and I believe it's from God, that it's not

my job to pray for myself.

It's to pray for other people.

In fact, when I watched "The 700 Club"

when they're offering prayer for people, that's what I would do.

NARRATOR: Which is what Larry was doing one morning in 2016.

GORDON: And let's pray.

Lord, we come together, and we come together in unity.

LARRY: I was praying with them, and I

think it was Terry had a word of knowledge.

And there's something else.

You have a problem with your jaw, and it's out of alignment.

God's healing that.

LARRY: And I thought, well, gee, that's nice, you know,

because I knew what pain in the jaw was.

I just kept praying for that person.

NARRATOR: Later that day while eating a snack,

Larry realized that he was that person.

LARRY: I thought, hey, that feels pretty good, you know.

And then, I tried opening my mouth

and wiggling it around and all, the pain is gone.

The Lord healed me.

NARRATOR: After 63 years, Larry was finally pain-free

and has been ever since.

LARRY: I guess in God's good time,

things came together just right, and He just

let me know that He's there.

He's always there.

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