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CBN Global Update: March 6, 2017

CBN is bringing hope and relief to communities in Thailand that have been hit by heavy rains and monsoons since last December. Read Transcript

Well, destructive weather has ripped through Thailand

since last December with heavy rains

along with continual monsoons.

But thanks to CBN, people there are receiving hope and relief.

CBN partnered with a local church

to assist communities in one of the most affected provinces.

Teams were able to repair houses for 14 families

and help 81 people by providing mattresses

and other free services.

Eight other families were also given a livelihood start up


The project has helped the church gain greater acceptance

within the community, and twp people accepted Jesus Christ.

Well you can learn more about what CBN is doing around

the world by logging on to

Pat and Terry will be back right after this.


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