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News on The 700 Club: March 6, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 6: A modern-day Watergate? Lawmakers launch probe of wiretapping allegations; North Korea test fires 4 banned ballistic missiles, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, folks.

You're watching "The 700 Club."

I'm here with Terry.

Are you sick of all this, all the stuff in the news?

Beyond, beyond sick.

It really is awful.

The Democrats are throwing in charges

and Sessions should resign, he's done terrible things,

and then it turns out the Democrats

have done exactly the same thing they're accusing Sessions of.

You know, the crazy thing of it

is, it's exactly this kind of political back

and forth that elected Donald Trump.

And nobody gets it!

That's just scary.

But Fox News, which-- you know how I like Fox News--

they have just focused constantly on what about this,

and who said that, and who did what, and who tapped into what.

The American people don't care about that.

What they care about is their pensions,

they care about their health care.

Get the job done.

Yeah, and they care about their salaries

and their cost of living.

And then they want to watch TV and get entertained and not

get all this hassle.

It's just unbelievable.

Well, if you can believe it, there's

a trap the Democrats are staying for the Republicans,

it's a big, broad trap.

And they're saying, why don't you get into it?

And the trap is called a special prosecutor.

And if they ever appoint one, it's Katy bar the door,

because then it becomes an expensive fishing expedition,

and you never know where they're going to go.

And for the Republicans who are in charge of the government

to allow one of those things would be absolute folly.

But key members of Congress will honor President Trump's

request, and they're going to investigate his claim

that President Obama, when he was in office,

had Trump's telephones wiretapped during the last year

prior to the election.

Well, a spokesman for President Obama

denied that he ordered any wiretapping,

but the controversy is far from over.

Gary Lane brings us the story.

GARY LANE: President Trump started the political firestorm

over the weekend when he tweeted, "Terrible!

Just found out that Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower

just before the victory.

Nothing found.

This is McCarthyism!"

The president likened the tactic to Nixon and Watergate,

and called the former president a bad or sick guy.

President Obama's national intelligence director

James Clapper is often critical of President Trump.

He refuted Trump's allegations on NBC'S "Meet the Press."

For the part of the national security apparatus that I

oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity mounted

against the president-elect at the time,

or as a candidate or against his campaign.

GARY LANE: The media quickly said

the president didn't offer any evidence for his claim.

So where did Trump get his information?

From an intelligence briefing or news reports?

Some believe it came from a "Breitbart News" story,

and claims made by conservative talk show host Mark Levin.

How many of Trump's people were eavesdropped on?

How many had their conversations intercepted, recorded,


Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is the big scandal.

GARY LANE: Levin, who worked as Chief

of Staff for former Attorney General Ed Meese

tweeted a detailed list of links to stories from the major news

media to back up his claims.

They include reports about federal FISA court warrants,

granted allowing the FBI to conduct surveillance

on Trump campaign officials.

On Capitol Hill, President Trump received some push back

from members of his own party.

I've never heard that allegation made before

by anybody.

GARY LANE: On CBS's "Face the Nation,"

Senate Intelligence Committee member Susan Collins

said she's seen no evidence of what the president has alleged.

It would probably be helpful if he gave more information,

but it also might be helpful if he just didn't comment further

and allowed us to do our work.

GARY LANE: The committee work includes

investigating alleged Russian meddling in last fall's

presidential campaign.

Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, also on the Senate Intelligence

Committee, told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace

he has "seen no evidence that the Trump campaign successfully

conspired with the Russian government

to defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton."

Cotton said, "Media reports have gotten pretty far

over their skis on this."

Clapper also said the US intelligence agencies

didn't have any evidence of collusion between the Trump

campaign and the Russians while he was in the government.

The president's wiretap allegations

are now likely to be included in congressional investigations

of possible Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

And Democrats are unlikely to let go of possible Trump

campaign ties to the Russians.

Although so far, there's no evidence

to support those allegations.

Gary Lane, CBN News.



Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice

is with us now.

Jay, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey

thinks that Trump was correct about surveillance.

He believed it was ordered by the Justice Department.

You think there's any truth to that?

Well what General Mukasey's talking about

is surveillance on Trump Tower.

It may not have been, and these FISA proceedings

are under seal.

So there's no way to know what exactly took place here.

So is it possible that there were

wiretaps at Trump Tower where you've got a Russian bank


Very possible.

I don't know.

Here's what I do know--

that there are leaks within this government.

And these leaks are what's causing these stories

and causing this speculation.

And whether the president reacted to stories he read

or whether it was based on information that he

had received, the fact of the matter

is there is existing in these agencies is what we've

called a shadow government, a deep state that

is getting information out.

And they're leaking information.

So this is now going to be part of

a Congressional investigation.

But Pat, the bottom line here is, we don't know,

but this is beyond the pale of acceptability

when you've got this massive leak.

For instance, the Jeff Sessions whole discussion

starts because of leaks.

Everybody's forgetting that!

It started because of leaked information

about taps or conversations between the then Senator

Sessions and the ambassador to the United States from Russia.

And that was leaked.

So that's what's going on here, is the leaks.

Trump really should start firing people,

but he can do it, can't he?

Why is he waiting so long?

It's tough.

Go ahead.

It's tough, Pat.

It's hard to do because these are civil servants,

they have these civil servant protections.

One of the things that we proposed

in a series of policy positions we advocated over the last 24

months was that to convert the civil service

into a merit-based organization, if you do your job,

you get paid and you get bonuses and you get raises.

If you don't do your job you get fired,

like in any other industry.

But it's going to take a sea change to do that.

But let me tell you what you can't do.

You can't leak classified information.

That's a crime.

And I think what the FBI needs to do is get on top of this,

and so does the Department of Justice.

They need to plug these leaks.

This is absurd, it's happening.

It's happened before, but it's at a record rate now.

It's happening every other day.

And I think it's just going to be--

I heard you and Terry talking in the beginning of the broadcast.

We're moving from scandal to scandal, so to speak,

or from issue to issue or leak to leak.

You can barely catch your breath to keep up with it.

You know, there's a report out that Comey

has been asking the Justice Department to repudiate

their own president.

That's absurd!

And then if Comey's doing that--

There's the guy that needs to go.


Unfortunately he's got a 10 year term,

how do they get rid of him?


Well, you can't, because he doesn't

serve at the pleasure of the president.

They do these overlapping terms so that they are nonpolitical.

But look, James Comey, how he could say anything to anybody

right now with the statements he's

made, quite frankly, with the intervention

into the political campaign between Democratic nominee

Hillary Clinton and then the Republican nominee Donald

Trump, and his three times engagement

into that process, which was unprecedented in our history

but really outrageous, no matter if you're

a Republican, Democrat, or independent,

you don't want the FBI doing that.

And by the way, if they did tap--

and like I said, I have no evidence of this.

I haven't seen FISA, we wouldn't see FISA information.

If they tapped Donald Trump's conversations

while he was running for president of the United States,

which if they got a FISA warrant,

this would be some incursion into the political life

of the country.

And if on top of that, they got the tap

and there was nothing there, what a blunder

this whole thing would have been.

But again, if they had information

to go to a judge to get a tap on Donald Trump's phones,

hard to believe as that is, and they're denying it,

of course, who knows.

I think right now what you got to have

is get back on the program, get back on policies,

and stop these leaks.

Well, it looks like Trump's going

to have to go around it and go beyond it.

If he gets a mention in it, they've got him in this morass.

And it's like the tar baby thing,

you just can't get out of it.

So Trump's got to start getting tax bills through,

repeal Obamacare and all that.

He's got to get those big issues and take care of them.

Well, we're supposed to get the exempt order today that

would clarify the previous order,

if they'd roll that out and get that done.

We have the situation with Jeff Sessions,

I hope and trust that's behind us.

Jeff Sessions is not only a good man,

he will be a great attorney general.

He's got to be able to do his job without these distractions.

But I think Pat, the concern that I have is

exactly what you just said, and is get back onto the focus,

get back onto the mandate of why you got elected.

And don't get caught up in these sideshows.

This is Washington, I've been dealing with this for 27 years.

This is what Washington does.

You can't get caught up in it.

As somebody told me--

and that was you, years ago--

don't take this personally, don't let these news articles

get to them.

It's fishwrapper the next day, and just go do your job.

That was wise advice from Pat Robertson in 1993.

They wrap fish in yesterday's newspapers!

[LAUGHS] That's the word!

You can't get caught up.

One last thing, we had a special prosecutor

in that Valerie Plame issue who knew exactly who leaked.

He knew the name of the person in the State Department

who'd done it.

And yet, they crucified Scooter Libby.

Another one of those, a guy on the make, so to speak,

put him and gave gim that power?

If the Republicans allow this, after everything

that Bill Clinton went through during his presidency

and Barack Obama with the Justice Department on this last

go round, and now they're going to appoint

a special prosecutor?


The Republicans need to say no.

That's unacceptable.

Don't do that.


My advice in spades.

Jay, thank you for being with us.

God bless you.

Thank you, Pat.

Man, this the greatest nation on earth.

We cannot allow this nation to be dragged into this swamp.

And I would call on the Democrats to stop this stuff,

I mean stop it.

Donald Trump is the elected president of the United States,

and he isn't just a punching bag, he is a president.

And he's a good president, he's going to be a great president,

but all of us need to be together.

And if he goes down, the country goes down.

He represents America.

We want him looking good overseas,

we want him strong with our allies and our foes.

And we do not need this internecine warfare going on.

It's time to stop.

Become Americans, guys!

Neither Democrat nor Republican nor independent,

but Americans, and let's all work together

for the common good.



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