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Bring It On-Line: - March 6, 2017


Well, you want to Bring It On with some emails?

Let's do it.

You ready?


This first one comes from Jacques.

It's amazing what young people want to know.

He says, "My 11-year-old son would

like to know if there will be winter in heaven.

And can you please tell me what the Bible says about this?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I don't recall.

As far as the earth stands, it will be the seasons.

The Bible says, as long as the earth

stands there will be a seed time and harvest.

So we know, as long as we've got a world,

we'll continue having the seasons.

When we get to heaven, the light of God will fill heaven.

And I don't know of any winter because winter is a time when

everything goes to sleep.

And the plants are dormant.

And it's going to be eternal spring in heaven.

And there'll be flowers.

And there'll be birds singing.

And there'll be rivers.

And, you know, it will be beautiful.

So I really don't think we're going to have winter in heaven

because the sunlight of God is going to warm the place.

But I can't point you to a scripture that says

there's no winter in heaven.

But that's my take on what's being said.

Winter is for quieting down and regrowth.

And we don't need to renew and rebuild

because it all stays eternally young, all right?

TERRY MEEUWSEN: This is from Laurie,

who says, "My former husband and I both

accepted Christ 35 years ago and were attending church.

I was self centered, and I divorced him.

For years I've believed God to bring him back and restore

the marriage.

He lives in another state and does not

know I'm believing for him to come back.

So much time has passed that I'm wondering if it was ever God's

will to restore the marriage.

What do you think?"

PAT ROBERTSON: You know, I honestly

can't opine on what happened to you 35 years ago.

But it seems to me that that marriage is dead.

And it's not going to come back again.

I suspect your former husband has got himself another wife

because you broke the marriage.

I don't know that.

You didn't say it.

But I think the time has come for you

to get on with your life.

You divorced him.

But, nevertheless, it's done.

The marriage is broken.

So is he ever going to come back after 30 some years?

I doubt it, but I don't know.

I don't know all the details.


This is Grace, who says, "Can the Lord

give a person a word of knowledge or an understanding

that He will take a loved one to be with Him in heaven

if the person is perfectly healthy and also young?

Have you ever heard of anyone having such a word

about someone they were close to?"


The guy's name was Elijah.

And his disciples knew that he was going

to be called up to heaven.

And they didn't want to leave.

And Elijah said, I want to stay with you.

And Elijah, no, no.

You stay here.

No, no, I want to stay with you.

And he said, what do you want?

He says, I want a double portion of your spirit.

And Elijah said, if you see me when I'm called up to heaven,

you'll have it.

I mean, so was that a word of knowledge?


God spoke that He was going to take him to heaven.

But it's kind of spooky.

These people think, you know, you're going to die

and there's some dark curse that's coming on your family.

That's from the devil.

That's not from God, all right?


This is Joyce who says, "Are there some prayer requests

so big that God will not answer without our fasting in addition

to praying?"

Well, the Bible says this kind goeth out by prayer.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Prayer and fasting.

But the "and fasting" is added, I think,

in some of the less-good documents.

So I think the original said this kind goes out by prayer.

I don't think the fact that we fast is going to make--

God's all powerful.

He's done what He wants to do.

And He doesn't need our help.

So prayer request that's so big, it's a question of faith.

Abraham believed God, and God counted for righteousness.

It's the question of, do you say "amen"

to God and you believe what He says is?

You believe that He's who He says He is.

That's what He wants.

And the fact that you fast or don't fast

is not going to have any impact, I think, on God.

It may change you.

It'll get you to a point where you're

more spiritually attuned.

All right.


This is Sharon, who says, "You talk often

about joining hands and praying in agreement.

I do truly believe in the healing,

and I know that God is certainly able to heal.

Is praying in agreement the only way for healing to come about?

I'm disabled and suffer from excruciating chronic neck pain

and muscle spasms and cannot afford the surgery I've needed

for almost 16 years now.

I pray for healing, but I don't have anyone

to pray in agreement with me.

Could this be a reason I've not yet received healing

and have been in pain for so many years?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I don't really know all the reasons.

But I do know this, that the Bible says, where two of you

agree as touching anything and that you ask in prayer,

it will be done for them by my father in heaven.

There's something that happens when there's an agreement.

It has nothing to do with holding hands.

I mean, just the fact that I'm sitting next to a former Miss

America may cover my faith.

But you don't have to hold hands.

You don't have to be in physical proximity.

You can agree with anybody.

And you can find, certainly, somebody in a church

who will pray with you and believe God with you.

There's so many people who are kind hearted and loving.

And if you let them know and call a church, call a pastor,

say I need a prayer partner.

But you don't have to be in proximity and hold hands.

I mean, we do it because you see what's here.

And it shows, where two of you will agree on earth

as touching, it'll be done for them by my Father in heaven.


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