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Carla Porter

Children in a corrupt orphanage were not receiving the care they desperately needed, until a local church and Orphan’s Promise teamed up. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: They have come from utter poverty and despair.

They liken their journey to the Israelites

breaking out of bondage.

And it's a fitting comparison.

Their orphanage was run by a group of corrupt individuals

who were pocketing the money instead

of providing for the children.

The orphans were eating stale and moldy food,

had no uniforms to go to school, and were

always fearful of the drunken night guard who would hit them.

All this combined with their own issues

with childhood abandonment and loss.

Eric's father died when he was three.

A year later, his mother committed suicide.

Alice lost her father at age three.

That's when her mother started beating her.

Eunice's parents died when she was four and nine.

She was passed between relatives,

but nobody seemed to have the money to care for her.

I felt like I was nothing.

And even when I see other children,

I saw them better than me.

NARRATOR: Eunice remembers she wished then

that she had never been born.

Eric's aunt used to beat him because she didn't want him

in their home.

One day, she dropped him at the orphanage.

Understandably, he had a lot of anger inside.

At that time, I wanted to be a police officer,

to beat people thoroughly.

I thought of being a teacher so that I

can beat up children the way my mom used to beat me.

NARRATOR: Alice lived with beatings for eight years

before social workers brought her to the orphanage.

But conditions there weren't much better,

and she planned to run away.

I was thinking of going and living there on the streets,

instead of living such a horrible life.

NARRATOR: Conditions at the orphanage

reached a crisis point.

One night, the drunken caretaker allowed a rapist gang

into the compound.

But neighbors heard, the police were called,

and the attack was stopped.

Without any knowledge of the ongoing abuse and neglect,

members of a local church came to visit.

When they saw the extent of the need,

they reached out with food, clothing, and encouragement.

In a very unusual decision, authorities

asked the church to take over the orphanage.

Orphan's Promise came alongside the local church,

providing immediate funds to get the children into school.

The partnership of Orphan's Promise

has helped us take these children out

of a very deep pit.

We could not believe our ears when the pastors

made this announcement.

Like a dream, things started changing.

Good meals, new uniforms, new shoes, new clothes.

And we were able to go back to school.

And that is when we started living, not surviving.

[INAUDIBLE] in my class.



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