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Beth Nimmo finds healing after Columbine

In 1999 Beth Nimmo’s Daughter, Rachel Scott, became a victim of the Columbine shooting. Beth shares her personal journey of healing, and why she turned her daughter’s journals into the feature film, I’m Not Ashamed. Read Transcript

After Rachel's death in April of 1999,

we discovered journal writings that she had been writing

quite a bit in her journals.

In the early 2000s, I felt God put it in my heart

that someday I would do a movie.

So a few years ago, we started working on the movie

"I'm Not Ashamed."

REPORTER: Nine parties, five students.

It is the largest school massacre in US history.

Police are still sifting through the remains

of Tuesday's shooting spree in a Colorado high school.

The two gunmen are dead, reportedly by their own hands.

But for the community of Littleton,

the ordeal is far from over.

It's hard to watch an enactment of what

possibly could have been exactly what happened.

It was a teary process, a very emotional process.

Well, I really want kids to be inspired,

to be strong in their beliefs.

The two shooters of Columbine had

planned to commit this massacre on April the 20th of 1999.

They were celebrating Hitler's birthday.

Columbine is an open campus.

And as seniors, they had a lot of liberty

to go on and off the campus throughout the day.

And so they had spent the morning placing pipe bombs.

When the bombs didn't go off, they started opening fire.

Rachel was outside with one of her friends.

They spotted Rachel, and she initially had taken two bullets

to her body from a distance.

When they saw who it was, they walked up to her.

They put a gun to her forehead and started

mocking her for her faith, and asked her,

if you still believe in God?

And when Rachel answered, you know that I do,

the shooter said, in a very cruel way,

well, then, go be with Him.

And he pulled the trigger.

And of course, I believe Rachel went

from the face of evil right into the presence of the Lord

in that split second.

For Rachel, April the 20th of 1999 was a life sentence,

and I did not want it to be my life sentence.

And forgiveness is that key.

And without it, you just keep reliving that moment

again and again and again.

But your heart becomes healed, if you allow it to.

If you allow the Lord, He will heal the brokenness

of your heart and show you purpose, even

in the midst of the trauma and the loss.

That's what I think we've experienced as a family.

We've experienced healing.

We need to touch the hearts of our children.

A lot of kids go everyday to school--

day in and day out--

and they wear the mask that camouflages what's

really happening in the heart.

I want kids to know that there's something worth living for.

We have heart trouble in America,

and we don't know how to fix our hearts.

We don't know how to heal ourselves.

But there is a God that is a healer of the brokenhearted.

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