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News on The 700 Club: March 7, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 7: Obamacare fines and Planned Parenthood? What's in the new health law; Trump hits reset on travel ban — will it stick this time?, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, folks.

In the midst of all this brouhaha

about who told the Russians what and who lied to whom

and who ordered wiretaps, Kim Jong-un

has decided he wants to play nasty over in the Far East.

He launched a trio of missiles into the Sea of Japan,

close into Japanese waters.

And the reason he was doing it was

to test the mechanism and the control mechanisms

for these launches, looking to have

a missile with a warhead capable of hitting Japan and ultimately


That's what he says.

He says, we're going to get you, and he's giving us warning.

So what is Trump going to do?

And I wish the people in Washington

would get their minds off this nonsense

that they're involved in and look at some of the threats

facing us as Americans.

However, I am pleased to report the Republicans have come up

with a very significant step toward fulfilling one

of the President's biggest campaign promises

by introducing a new plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Now Republican leaders believe that certainly in the House

they can get the votes to pass it.

Well, even so, that plan is going

to face roadblocks in Congress.

Democrats quickly attacked it, as expected.

And critics, including some conservatives,

have questions about it.

Charlene Aaron has the story.


President Trump called on Congress

to take action on Obamacare.

I am calling on all Democrats and Republicans in Congress

to work with us to save Americans from this imploding

Obamacare disaster.


is called the American Health Care Act.

Two of the House Republicans behind it,

including Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady,

say in a piece in the "Wall Street Journal" today

that it will "rescue those hurt by Obamacare's failures

and lay the groundwork for a patient-centered health care


Our fiscally responsible plan will lower costs for patients

and begin returning control from Washington back to the states.

The bill will improve access to care and restore

the free market, increasing innovation, competition,

and choice."

The plan gets rid of some of the most unpopular parts

of Obamacare, like trying to force people to buy health care

insurance, even if they don't want to.

The measure also eliminates Obamacare's taxes.

And it blocks taxpayer money from going to Planned

Parenthood for a year.

The bill gets rid of Obamacare's government

subsidies for health insurance.

It replaces them with federal tax credits

to help people buy insurance.

The plan also expands contributions

to health savings accounts, and it forbids tax credits

for any plan that covers abortion.

The bill keeps a couple popular parts of Obamacare,

like letting young adults stay on their parents' plans

until they're 26 and protecting people

with preexisting conditions.

But there are still many questions about the plan,

including how many people may lose insurance from Obamacare

and how much it will cost.

The Congressional Budget Office hasn't estimated that yet.

And many Republicans have questions

about parts of the plan, and Democrats

will oppose it because they don't

want to get rid of Obamacare.

But Obamacare has been unpopular in the polls for several years.

CHARLENE AARON (VOICEOVER): And even former President Clinton

blasted it on the campaign trail last year.

So you've got this crazy system

where all of a sudden, 25 million more people

have health care.

And then the people that are out there busting it,

sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled

and their coverage cut in half.

It's the craziest thing in the world.


is likely to be a starting point for discussion

on replacing Obamacare, and it may take a while.

It took the Democrats over a year

to pass Obama's health care plan in 2009 and 2010.

But Republicans are clearly determined to push ahead,

so they can then move on to their next big goal

for this year, reforming the tax code

and cutting taxes for businesses and individuals.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

You remember the President, "if you like your doctor,

you can keep him."

That was a lie.

"If you like your health care provider, you can keep it."

That was a lie.

He went around, and he sold this thing with just nothing

but lies.

They lied a lot.

And not one Republican joined in voting for that thing.

It was jammed through by a Democrat

majority in the Congress, and no Republican

was asked to participate.

Now it's time to change it.

And it's time, I might add, for the Democrats to get on board.

What was there is they were trying

to force younger workers into a plan that they didn't want,

and they were putting stuff on that would only

apply to elderly people.

And the guys at 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and so forth

said, we don't need this stuff.

Why should we buy it?

And so the exchanges were going broke.

All around the country, they're going broke.

And they point out to that thing out in Arizona

where the premiums have gone up over 100%.

I mean, it's just crazy what's been done,

and this thing has got to go.

And so if the Democrats want to have a last ditch battle

and say, we'll hold onto this fading ship,

the ship is going down but we will go down with it,

well, good for them.

But it's time the Republicans say,

we cannot stand it any longer.

It's got to be changed, and it's got to be repealed.

They can't do Obama Lite.

They've got to get rid of it and then put it in.

And this is a patient-centered deal so you can have it.

It's portable.

You can go from state to state, that's good.

And if you've got a kid at home, say

a kid's 26, he can stay on your policy until he gets to be 26,

that's OK.

If you are having difficulty paying your premiums,

they were taking Medicare and Medicaid to do that.

I think they'll still have to have some kind of a subsidy.

They cannot just dump a whole bunch of people.

It will be an outcry of massive proportions.

So if people are, you know, on the other program,

they've got to have a legitimate transition period.

Then they're going to have health savings accounts, which

are wonderful things.

They will double the amount that can be put

into a health savings account.

So it's a patient-centered free market type of program

that can commend itself to the thinking people in America.

But the Democrats will scream and yell.

And you know what, we are sick of that screaming and yelling.

It's time to stop and get on with it.

Let's do something good for America.


Now the President has also signed a second executive order

on immigration.

It's intended to keep out possible terrorists.

It is not a quote, "anti-Muslim ban."

And I'll point out one more time.

It does not include the largest Muslim country in the world,

which is Indonesia.

Nor does it include Egypt, which probably is the second-largest.

Nor does it include Pakistan, all of these countries.

What is included here are failed states,

where the government is unable to vet any of their people

and give a satisfactory answer.

So it means extreme vetting.

It means that people from those countries

are going to have to be vetted.

And I must say, the ACLU is already bringing lawsuits.

And they're claiming it is a violation

of the quote, "establishment of religion"

clause of the Constitution.

The American Center for Law and Justice

is going into court every time they do

and coming up with an amicus brief against them.

The Justice Department will also fight them.

But the American Center for Law and Justice

will have the answers to this nonsense

that this somehow establishes religion

to keep people from Yemen from coming into this country.

This is just insane.

But we're dealing in a world of insanity.

Well, John Jessup has more about this whole story.


Pat, the President's White House executive order

also loosens language on providing help

for Christian refugees.

And it's written to withstand a legal challenge in the courts.

The move comes as the administration is also

taking on a major foreign policy challenge.

White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon

brings us that story.


is hitting the reset button after the President's

first immigration order was shut down by a panel of judges.

This time, there was no fanfare, no big bill signing.

Instead the cabinet secretaries responsible for carrying it out

handled the details.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says, like the first executive

order, it's perfectly legal.

This executive order responsibly

provides a needed pause so we can carefully

review how we scrutinize people coming here

from these countries of concern.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): Travelers from Iran, Libya,

Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are banned from entering

the country for 90 days.

Iraq, which was included in the first order,

has been removed after the country made improvements

to its vetting system.

People traveling for medical care or foreign nationals

working for the US government are free to enter the country.

The rollout is delayed until March 16th

to give travelers and agencies a chance to comply and to appease

the courts.

We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using

our immigration system to take American lives.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): So what about Christians

and other religious minorities facing persecution?

Instead of giving them priority, the departments

of State and Homeland Security have been given the power

to grant waivers if being denied status as a refugee

would cause someone undue hardship, like Christians

and others facing genocide at the hands of ISIS.

Despite the administration's efforts,

the new order could face challenges from opponents.

Meanwhile, the White House isn't

saying much about President Trump's charge

that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

They say they're waiting for the House and Senate Intelligence

committees to begin their investigations.

He would ask that they additionally

look into this issue of leaks of classified and other

information coming from the government.

He believes that it undermines our national security.


is also dealing with a major test

in foreign policy, the growing threat of North Korea.

During the nation's ballistic missile test

this weekend, three of the missiles

landed in Japanese waters.

Imagine someday one of these North Korean missiles

accidentally doesn't stop in the Sea of Japan

but accidentally detonates or hits somewhere in Japan.

I can tell you, Japan would respond.

Imagine if the same thing happened in South Korea,

South Korea would respond.

And we're talking about nuclear weapons being

possibly introduced to this.

JENNIFER WISHON: Of course, both of those countries

are US allies.

Absolutely, so that would draw the United States

into any conflict.

Harry Kazianis with the Center for the National Interest

expects to see North Korea launch more missiles

more frequently as it works to strengthen

its offensive capability.

North Korea, for example, could put biological weapons,

they could put chemical weapons, they could even

get some crude radioactive material

and stick it on a missile on lob it at the United States.

That would have a very, very, very scary effect on the United

States, its allies.

So it doesn't have to be a nuclear weapon.


Kim Jong-un knows the US won't invade his country as long

as he has nuclear capabilities.

The Trump administration is considering tougher sanctions,

even resuming stalled negotiations, to combat

North Korea's aggressions.

And the "Wall Street Journal" reports

a White House review of strategy includes the possibility

of using military force or regime change against the North

to blunt its nuclear threat.

Last week, a senior White House official

called North Korea the greatest threat facing the US.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, the White House.

Thanks, Jennifer.

The number of new babies hit a record low in Italy last year,

according to a report by Reuters,

citing government statistics.

2016 saw the lowest level of births

since the unification of Italy in 1861,

and it's not the only European country

facing demographic shifts.

"The New York Times" reported officials in Denmark

have been so concerned that they offered sex education

classes focused on having babies rather than birth control.

And Spain recently appointed a sex czar

to encourage having more children.

And Pat, other European countries like Germany

have also faced serious low birth rates.

You know, I've been monitoring this for some years.

The whole thing is the number of people in the world,

say there's six billion people in the world,

and Europe's percentage of those people

used to be about, I'll say 30%, which

gave them a significant voice.

All right.

Now, we've got over seven billion people in the world,

and Europe's population, instead of increasing, is diminishing.

So their percentage of the people in the world

has dropped from 30% down to probably less than 10%.

I don't have the exact statistics.

I asked for that, but I wasn't able to get them here

by this program.

But the idea is it's a tiny, tiny minority, which

means that the influence of Europe in the world

is no more than South Korea or North Korea, well,

certainly not India or China, which

have got huge populations.

So they're trying now, they've been told the thing to do

is to let women work, don't have babies, use birth control,

and abort babies recklessly.

Well, we've done that here in America.

The thing that's keeping America going

is the enormous amount of influx of immigrants.

If it weren't for the immigrants,

America would be in the same plight as Europe

because you have the maintenance is about,

what, two births per 1,000 women or whatever it is.

I mean, whatever that number is, and when

it begins to fall below the replacement rate,

then your population begins to shrink.

It doesn't shrink in America because of immigration.

We've had a lot of immigrants.

So it's demographics, folks, demographics.

And the thing that is shifting here in America demographically

and in Japan and other countries are getting older.

So if you don't have babies coming along,

and the percentage of the young diminishes,

and the percentage of the old grows.

And the old people need more health care.

They want to retire.

They need more social services, et cetera.

So the percentage of our population over 80

is growing faster than any other percentage.

Now if that bores you, I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

It may bore you, but it will affect you.

It's going to affect the daylights out of you.

But when I talked about this years ago,

I was laughed at by some of the liberals.

Oh, who do you-- you think a woman's womb is

part of the national, you know, apparatus.

No, no, no, no, I don't think that.

But if you start killing babies, and you figure how many of them

got slaughtered, and we've killed how many babies have we

killed now?

50 million, it's over 60, isn't it?

60 million?

I think so.

Much worse than the Holocaust, much worse than anything

we've ever heard.

The slaughter of the young here in America has been shocking,

and think of all those people, all the wonderful things

they could do.

They could be writing symphonies.

They could be writing plays.

They could be inventing new ways of doing things.

They could be founding businesses.

They could do all these things, but they won't be there

because they're all gone.

That's what unlimited abortion has done.

And were it not for immigrants, we

would be in the same condition as Europe.

So did I talk too much?

No, but it's, you know, that's the broad look at things

that people sometimes don't think about.

We get a very narrow day to day perspective.

Europe is no longer significant

because demographically they are no longer significant.

And you've got the rise of China.

You've got the rise of India.

You've got the rise of these Muslim countries.

They're all much, much bigger and much more significant

now on the world stage than Europe is.



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