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Bring It On-Line: - March 8, 2017


All right, welcome back.

It's time to bring it on with your email questions.

We're going to start with P.D. P.D. says,

do all born-again believers hear the audible voice of God?

If not, why not?

God is no respecter of persons and will

talk to whom he chooses.

But why do some hear from him often, some a little,

while others hear only silence?

The first thing is people aren't listening.

There used to be a song called "Turn the Radio On."

Do you remember that?

God was talking until you turn your radio on.

There are radio waves going out all the time right now.

And if you've got the right kind of radio, you turn it on,

you get some station coming out of New York

or you get one coming out of your local area or wherever.

The airwaves are full with the voice of the Lord.

God's here, and he is a still small voice.

But he's not under obligation to speak.

But the Bible says, as many as are led by the Spirit of God,

they are the sons of God.

And so there is a leading by the spirit of God

that all believers should expect, not

necessarily an audible voice.

God speaks through visions.

God speaks through dreams.

God speaks through the circumstances.

And it isn't up to you to tell God

he's not being fair because he didn't talk to you like he

did to Elijah or something.

We all have different work to do,

and in relation to what our work is, the anointing of the Lord.

He just isn't going to sit around and just give you

some chit chat.

He may have something for you to do,

and when he does he'll tell you about it.


All right.

This viewer says, dear Pat, I knew

that Jesus had a God-sent destiny

and had a specific time when his ministry would begin.

So my question is, why is the Bible

so silent about his early years and the things that may

have taken place as he grew up?

Luke 2:52 just says, and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature

and in favor with God and man.

Well, you've missed the part that

said he was home with his parents

and was subject to them.

As a teenager, he was subject to his parents.

So he grew up like a normal child.

And he was a carpenter.

He learned carpentry, and he was subject to his mother

and father.

And dad says, Jesus, bring the wood in for the supper,

and he brought the wood in.

He was working like a normal kid.

And some of these fancy things that

had him moving water uphill, flicking his finger and doing


We don't have any of that.

The anointing of the Lord came about when

he hit 30 and was baptized.

And then the power of the Holy Spirit

came, and he began to enter into his miraculous ministry.

All right.

And remember the one story when I think he was 12,

and his parents, he was in the temple.

Talking to the--

that's right.

But it said he went home and was subject to his parents.

But he said, don't you understand,

I must be about my father's business,

when he was 12-years-old.

So we got a little, tiny insight, yeah.

Again, went home to be subject to his parents.


As a kid.

Just keep that in mind.

All right.

Anthony says, hello Pat, I recently went to a planetarium

with my daughter's class.

We learned how there are billions and billions

of galaxies, stars, and planets.

I was reminded how truly awesome God

is to have created the entire universe.

Do you think God will use us to help take care of the universe

when we come to heaven?

It's entirely possible you and I will each have a planet.

I don't know what's out there.

According to our expert at Regent,

there is a billion trillion stars the size of our sun,

I believe, in the spiral galaxy, which is what we are part of.

A billion trillion stars the size of our sun.

Billion trillion.


Have you noticed this winter how bright and sparkling

the North Star is?

I don't know if we talked about that before.

We did indeed.

But it has been--

That's Venus.


Oh so it's the North Star.

All right.

Well, this viewer says, Jesus was baptized

when he was 30-years-old.

In my church, parents really push their children

to get baptized when they are in middle school and high school,

and it is rare to do otherwise.

It has become part of our culture

to get baptized by a certain age.

Why do people get baptized as children when

Jesus was baptized as an adult?

How should I know?

It's a custom.

I don't know.

It's like circumcising a kid when he's a little baby.

It depends.

There's some who sprinkle babies and bring them

into the covenant when they're babies.

There are others who say they have

to reach the age of accountability,

which they would mark down as 9, 10, 11, 12.

It's a sign of moving into the covenant

that you're buried with him at baptism

and raised in newness of life.

You are not Jesus, and I am not Jesus.

And so the thing that Jesus was doing about his ministry

does not necessarily apply to you and me.


All right.

Rodney says, Psalm 103:12 says, as far as the east

is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions

from us.

And Isaiah 43:25 says, I, even I,

am he who blots out your transgressions for my sake

and remembers your sins no more.

So what is meant by 2 Corinthians 5:10,

for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,

that each one may receive the things done in the body

according to what he has done, whether good or bad?

Can you please clarify for me why

we will be judged if we've repented of our sins?

All right.

Let's make two things clear.

One is the Great White Throne Judgement.

At the end of time, God will bring before him

all of the people in the world.

And those not written in the Book of Life

will be put into hell.

That's the Great White Throne.

Now there's something called the Bema, which is

the judgement seat of Christ.

Those of us who are serving him--

I hope if you've been doing some good stuff for him,

you'll get a reward.

That's what it says.

And if you haven't been, you may have

to bear some guilt for what you've done.

But it's not going to be--

you'll be in heaven, but you'll be before the Bema.


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