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News on The 700 Club: March 9, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 9: Whodunit? Feds on the hunt for mole in CIA hacking; Congressional delegation: Move US Embassy to Jerusalem, and more. Read Transcript

GORDON ROBERSTON: Welcome to the 700 Club.

The FBI has launched an investigation

to find out who is responsible for the leak of CIA secrets.

The leaks showed how the CIA could

use smart-phones, computers, and even TVs for spying.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: WikiLeaks could be publishing

more secret information and experts

worry that future leaks could be even worse.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: Was it someone inside the CIA?

A mole, who gave nearly 9000 pages

of files about the CIA's use of hacking tools to WikiLeaks?

Or was it a foreign government?

Various news reports indicate that the likely source are

outside contractors for the CIA, and current

and former intelligence officials

say the leaks were harmful for national security.

Even if the person acted out of a misplaced sense

of idealism, it just created a great deal of harm

and I can not think of it in any other terms

than criminal activity.

DALE HURD: One source said whoever was responsible

had to have access to one of the highly classified US spy

networks, such as the Joint Worldwide Intelligence

Communication System.

White House press Secretary, Sean Spicer,

said the CIA leak was serious and different

than the Russian hack of the Democrats during the election.

There is a massive, massive difference

between those two things.

DALE HURD: One of the leaked files

reveals a program called Weeping Angel, which can remotely

turn a Samsung TV anywhere in the world

into a secret listening device.

They could turn it on remotely,

but it wouldn't put the power light on.

So, anybody in that room would then

be discussing or talking and being

monitored without their knowledge or consent.

It's a great spy utility.

DALE HURD: And WikiLeaks has more information

it can release.

Experts worry that might include the computer code

behind the spy programs that would give everyone the ability

to build the same tools the CIA already has.

Since people depend on smart-phones, computers,

and tablets so heavily, does that mean goodbye to privacy?

FBI director James Comey basically says, yes.

There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America.

There is no place in America outside of judicial reach.

DALE HURD: And the WikiLeaks revelations

show the CIA already has the ability

to gain access to messages before they

were encrypted by popular apps.

Experts say it's a reminder that anything

connected to the internet has the potential to be hacked.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

GORDON ROBERSTON: And the real issue here

is there a warrant behind all of these searches?

All of this secret intelligence gathering,

which is not so secret anymore.

It's causing a lot of people, like me,

to consider unplugging and getting away from anything

that has a microphone.

Because that can be used to listen in on every conversation

that's happening in the room.

You can imagine a smart TV actually spying on you,

George Orwell wrote about that.

He wrote about it in a book called 1984

and it's the start of a surveillance state.

Who's surveilling the surveillors?

Who's watching over this to make sure our personal liberties are

not at risk?

I would say no one's watching over it.

And if you look at what NSA is collecting on all of us,

it's literally every phone call, all the metadata

on every single call.

All of the e-mails, and now it looks

like they have the ability to hack into these smart devices

and actually listen into conversations.

It's a very chilling prospect and we

need to have Congress act to say,

what can we do to protect individual Americans

and their privacy.

I don't see the Congress acting though,

because security concerns about Islamic terrorism

are going to trump any other kind of consideration.

Well in other news, the Republican plan

to replace Obamacare has cleared its first important vote

in Congress.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


JOHN JESSUP: Thanks Gordon.

The House Ways and Means Committee

approved the health care bill put forward

by the GOP leadership.

Democrats dragged out Wednesday's hearing,

which lasted until after 4 o'clock this morning.

But Republicans say they're committed to making the change.

We are on a mission to repeal and replace Obamacare.

It's a rescue mission to save families and patients

all across this country.

JOHN JESSUP: The bill is a long way from becoming law.

Many conservative Republicans oppose the replacement plan,

calling it Obamacare Lite.

Democrats are also speaking out against the legislation.

President Trump hasn't yet made an official announcement,

but a congressional delegation visiting Israel

says it believes the administration will transfer

the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, its capital city.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The delegation led by Congressman Ron Desantis

came here to explore moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

A lot of people thought maybe Donald Trump

would do this on day one.

He did not do that.

Some were disappointed.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Desantis made it clear

that, while Trump did not send the group,

they would report back to him.

I thought it was important to come out and get

some knowledge in the Congress about where

this thing will actually be.

He's in a position where he's either

going to follow his campaign promise,

or he's going to actually have to sign this waiver.

CHRIS MITCHELL: In 1995, Congress

passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act,

requiring the US embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv

to Jerusalem.

Which, according to Israel, is its true capital.

Since then, each president has signed security waivers

to prevent the move.

The most recent one, signed by former President Obama,

expires in May.

I just think knowing the president,

he's been a man of his word.

I don't think that he is going to, on the same month, where

people here in Jerusalem are celebrating

the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem Day, sign the waiver.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The group toured possible embassy sites here.

Desantis said he didn't meet with Palestinian or Arab

leaders this time, but based on past meetings,

he doesn't expect an uproar if the embassy moved.

My sense is, if you look at some of the issues

that bind our country with, say some of the Arab Gulf states

who may not philosophically agree with this.

Their main concern is not Jerusalem right now.

It's Iran's influence, it's some of the other security

threats they face.

CHRIS MITCHELL: According to Desantis,

there were three benefits for moving the embassy.

One is truth.

We have this historic connection with the Jewish people

and the city of Jerusalem.

CHRIS MITCHELL: He noted that Jerusalem is one of the world's

most ancient capitals.

According to the Bible, King David

made Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish people

3,000 years ago.

Two, I do think it's important that the president having

made the pledge that he follow through with it.

And then third is, I think it really

show that America is standing four square behind our allies

here in Israel.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

JOHN JESSUP: Thanks, Chris.

Well the Christian island in Indonesia

called Nias Island had been neglected until 2005 when

it was hit by a powerful earthquake.

That's when CBN responded to help rebuild its villages.

Today, CBN is still working to improve the lives of the people

there and as Lucille Talusan shows us,

that's especially true for its children.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: The students at SD Barawanu Public school

are excited, because on this day,

they get a free medical checkup.

Children like Novita and Mona Lisa

are deprived of medical attention

because their families are very poor.

Living in Nias Island is hard, because it

is one of the districts with the highest poverty rate.

Here, families live on a $5 weekly income

from planting rubber trees.

For Novita and Mona Lisa, big dreams seem far fetched.

But CBN's projects to empower children like them

give even their school principal a glimmer of hope.

Manati Zai is grateful that CBN humanitarian workers

travel several hours through rough zigzag roads

just to reach their school.

TRANSLATOR: The programs of CBN has changed

the spirit in our school.

There is more hope for the students.

The fathers of most of the students

are not good models, because after harvest, they just

sit in front of their houses and drink alcohol.

It's the programs of CBN that helped instill in our students

the values from the Bible to help them have a better life.


Riupassa checks the children, Pastor [INAUDIBLE]

shares the gospel to all 150 students and prays for them.

The children are also given free vitamins and medicines.

When I saw lots of children, how they live,

it just really touched my heart.

And I know that this is what God's calling me to not only

to help them.

But the give them love, to show them

love, to give them attention.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: CBN also conducts feeding programs

in the villages.

More than 100 malnourished children

are being fed these nutritious meals until they gain back

their normal weight.

And in addition to that, these mothers

are given health education and also livelihood trainings.

These mothers are taught how to make floss out

of bamboo shoots.

TRANSLATOR: My children were always sick and cannot go

to school.

I am thankful to CBN because of the feeding program,

they are now healthier.

I am also happy that we are taught how to make

floss, which we can also sell.


LUCILLE TALUSAN: The highlight of the medical mission

was the Superbook fun night, where children

watched "The Giant Adventure."

Novita's mother, Ratna, is happy about the changes

that Superbook is making in her daughter's character.

TRANSLATOR: My daughter used to be rebellious.

Her character is changed after watching Superbook.

Now, she always prays and respects me.


to mold the next generation, the future of Nias looks bright.

One day, Nias Island will be changed.

One day, in the future, Nias will be great.

Because God has a love in this island.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Nias island,


JOHN JESSUP: CBN making a positive impact

on the lives of people around the world.

Gordon, back to you.

GORDON ROBERSTON: Well, if you're a member of The 700

Club, thank you.

It's through your gifts that all of that is made possible.

The work began in 2005 and it continues to this day

and we're working generationally to change.

That's what leads to long term change, not some blitz effort,

some let's do some sort of short term thing.

Let's go in there and let's live with them,

let's provide for them, let's show them a better way.

Let's teach them the stories of the Bible

so they can have hope in the future.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

you're part of all of that.

A portion of every gift goes in the work of Operation Blessing

to provide humanitarian aid.

Another portion goes in to the work of CBN international

to preach the gospel around the world.

And if you're not a member, join with us.

Join in everything we're doing, it's just $20 a month.

That breaks down to $0.65 a day and you

join with tens of thousands of people

that want to make a difference, that

want to see the gospel go around the world.

If that's you, call us now, 1-800-700-7000.



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