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Tornadoes Delay Life-Saving Surgery

An artery burst in Jerry's stomach, but due to bad weather, he couldn't be life-flighted. With slim chances of survival, Jerry's wife reached out for prayer and believed for a miracle. Read Transcript

It was a hot morning, and-- cause it was in April.

And we had been out trimming our azaleas.

But it had started raining, and it was starting to get dark.

NARRATOR: On April 29, 2010, the Florida panhandle

was under a tornado watch, when Jerry Schofield and his wife

Carol cut their yardwork short.

Shortly thereafter, I felt a little nauseous.

And I said, I'm going into the room

just in case I do have to throw up.

The next thing I know, she had walked in there, and she said,

what's wrong?

And at this time, I had semi-passed out.

And I had fallen between the commode and the wall.

And she looked at me and she said, what's wrong?

I said, honey.

I said, I'm dying.

NARRATOR: Carol called 911 and then friends and family

to ask for prayer.

Her next call was to the prayer center at CBN.

She immediately began to pray for me.

She knew it was a serious thing.

And she quoted scriptures.

NARRATOR: Jerry was rushed to the hospital

in Fort Walton, where doctors discovered an artery had

burst in his stomach.

He was diagnosed with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm,

known as "the silent killer."

The doctor came out, and the anesthesiologist came out.

Everything they were saying to me

was he wasn't going to make it.

And I said to the doctors, in their eyes,

right in their face, you do everything you know to do.

You do everything you can do, because we're believers.

We're believing for a full recovery.

And I remember saying "full" recovery.

NARRATOR: Jerry needed to be life

flighted to a larger hospital.

But due to the tornadic weather, had

to be transported by ambulance instead.

Because his life-saving surgery would be delayed by hours,

the doctor gave the family one final piece of advice.

He had all of my family and all of my--

everybody-- line up in this hallway, where the ambulance

was going to come in at.

He said, look, tell him bye as he goes by,

everybody, because this might be the last time you see him.

NARRATOR: Carol again reached out for prayer, this time

to several area churches.

Jerry was still alive when he arrived at Sacred Heart

Hospital and went straight into surgery.

While he was on the operating table,

Jerry says he had a vision.

I was immediately enveloped in a golden mist.

And a set of huge golden hands just come towards me.

And everyplace his fingers, his hands,

or anything touched my body, it was like an infusion of heat.

And then he says, don't worry.

He said, it's gone well.

You're going to live a long time.

You're never going to have any pain from this.

And I knew that was God's voice.

I can't talk about this without starting to cry.

And I'm 83 years old almost now, and I still

cry every time I go through this,

because I knew that it was God and his angels taking

care of me.

NARRATOR: Jerry made it through the surgery just as promised.

He had beaten the odds by the narrowest of margins.

An aortic aneurysm still is a top-10 killer.

80% never make it to the hospital and perish

either at home or on the way.

Of the 20% that make it to the hospital, half of them

perish either in the operating table

and/or immediately post-operatively.

We were all praying just as hard as we could,

and saying, God, thank you.

We were praising God for getting Jerry back.

NARRATOR: During the surgery, one of Jerry's kidneys

was badly damaged and considered dead.

Carol continued to believe and pray for a full recovery.

At the time of his being able to be discharged from what

we call the acute care setting, he

had one kidney that was not functioning at all.

It finally began making some progress.

And over the ensuing months, completely came back

to near full function.

So that's a miracle in itself.

NARRATOR: Today Jerry leads an active life in Florida,

playing his trumpet in local ensembles.

And he and Carol are quick to tell others about a God

who still answers prayers today.

He wants the best for you.

He wants to heal you.

He wants you to be well.

DR. YONEHIRO: I believe that anything can be done in prayer.

You have to give all credit where credit is due,

not to us mortal physicians that know so little that we can't

even cure a common cold, but to someone

that's obviously the great healer and great physician.

Miracles are for whenever you ask for them

and really believe.

I have 100% belief in that God can do anything

because he proved that to me.

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