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Praying For Your Needs: March 10, 2017

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

When Andrea Mayfield arrived at the hospital trauma center,

she didn't quite know what to expect.

All she knew was that her husband Clint

had crashed on his motorcycle.

But nothing could have prepared her

for what she saw when she walked into his room.

During a motorcycle ride near Houston, Texas in June of 2006,

Clint Mayfield's leather jacket slipped off

the back of his bike and became tangled in the bike's chain,

seizing the rear wheel.

Clint was thrown over the front of the bike at 70

miles per hour, landing head-first on the asphalt.

Later that night, Clint's wife Andrea

got a phone call about the accident.

I was instantly worried, shocked,

and just kind of stunned.

I didn't know any details, so it was scary.

Emergency responders called for a life flight

to a trauma center in Austin, Texas.

Clint and Andrea's pastor, Don Norton, was also contacted

and drove to the hospital.

We were praying as we drove, and I was just

trying to hear the voice of God about the situation,

because I knew I would be walking

into a very difficult situation and wanted

to be an encouragement to them.

And the Lord spoke to me.

He said, when you get to the hospital,

I want you to tell them that Clint will recover all.

Don't worry about what's happened here.

Don't look at the situation.

Don't look at the circumstances.

Don't put too much stock in what the prognosis is.

Clint is going to recover all.

Clint had severely damaged the frontal and temporal lobes

of his brain and was in a coma.

Doctors said if he survived, he may need full-time care

for the rest of his life.

He was just bleeding and had all these IVs everywhere.

He was on a ventilator, and he was bleeding out of his ears.

It was probably the worst situation I had ever seen.

The medical community did not expect him to survive.

Their family gathered in prayer at the hospital,

and word went out to their church community

to pray for Clint's survival.

Whenever we felt like we needed to pray, we would.

That's what we needed to do to stay focused and remind

ourselves about our promise that he was going to be healed,

and that we just had to have patience.

Even though everything looked really bad, to stay hopeful.

Despite the prognosis they continued

to wait and pray for a miracle.

I know what I know, but I also know that anything's

possible with God.

They exhibited faith through this entire situation,

the likes of which I've rarely seen in 35 years of pastoring.

There's just too much prayer going up for him

to not come out of this.

Andrea clung to the Word of God for hope.

Church members gave her cards with Bible verses

about God's power to heal and restore.

I would read them to myself.

I would read them to Clint.

I would just kind of whisper them to him in his ear.

That would help to ground me and bring me back to--

I have to hold on.

That's my answer.

That's what God's Word said, so I have to believe it.

God's Word is true, and that it never comes back void,


His promise is

Andrea waited and prayed through days

of progress and setbacks.

His internal cranial pressures would go up,

or his blood pressure would get really high,

or he would have a high fever, things like that.

And they were afraid maybe he'd start to have

seizures, things like that.

Then it would constantly just go up and down.

He was doing good, and then things were getting bad.

Finally, after two weeks in a coma, they had a breakthrough.

While surrounded by his family, Clint woke up.

And he sat up, and his eyes got big.

And he was like, [GASPING].

I know them.

Over the next several months, Clint

recovered mentally and physically

beyond doctors' expectations, though he

says he had to relearn even the simplest of tasks.

I don't know if everybody's like this,

but you get brain damage, and guess what,

you might get to grow up again.

Having to re-learn all kinds of things again,

like how to do just about everything.

Clint and Andrea believe his recovery was miraculous

and an answer to prayer.

You just have to be able to know that God will take

care of you, whatever it is.

Trusting God with everything.

They were just steady.

They prayed, they walked in faith,

and they received their miracle.

And the fact that Clint was able to overcome

that kind of a diagnosis to even be functional as a human being

is just absolutely miraculous, let alone

be able to continue his job.

Before, he was kind of quiet, reserved,

didn't really talk much, and now he talks a lot.

He restored me.

I got back everything that I need and more.

Got two girls, I got a happy wife.

God has helped us to not just move forward, but to prosper.

If you just trust Him, He'll provide you

what you need and more.

Plans to give you hope and a future.

That's what the Word of God says.

And as you listen to Clint's story today,

I hope it's encouraging to you in whatever circumstances

you face.

We also have some other stories of victory here.

This is Teresa, who lives in Springfield, Ohio.

She had what she described as a, quote, "black space,"

in her left eye.

One day, she was watching this program

when the host began to pray.

She placed her hand over her eye, and Gordon,

she heard you say, you have a detached retina

and you have your left hand over your eye.

Remove your hand, and you'll be able to see clearly.

When Teresa moved her hand, the black spot had disappeared.

She could see perfectly.

Immediate healing.


Here's Judy from Illinois.

I was watching "The 700 Club."

We began to pray.

Terry said, there's someone who's

been suffering with alopecia for a long time,

and you've really given up on believing on being healed.

God's healing you, and your hair is going to grow again.

Well, Judy's husband was struggling with this,

so she claimed the Word for him.

And now today, his hair is growing back.


I didn't know you could cure baldness.

It's encouraging, huh?

As my forehead increases.

Let's just believe God.

And what a wonderful story, and what a wonderful miracle.

How God restores what the enemy seeks to take away.

He always wants to rob from us.

He wants to steal.

He wants to destroy.

He wants to kill us.

But God wants to bring us life.

That's why Jesus came, that we might have life and more


He doesn't want you in pain.

He doesn't want you disabled.

He doesn't want you living a life of hopelessness.

No, He came that you might have life.

So let's pray that.

Let's believe that, and when we believe together,

here's what the Bible says.

When two or more agree touching anything.

So Terry and I are going to agree.

We've got a wonderful studio audience.

They're going to agree.

And God is going to honor His Word.

He's going to do miracles today.

Let's pray.

Lord, we just lift the needs of the audience

to You, and as people are reaching out in faith,

believing Your word, believing the promise

that You came, that we might have life and have

it more abundantly.

We just speak to those things that are dead,

and we say, come to life now, in Jesus' name.

For those prayers that are no longer being prayed anymore,

we speak hope into them, faith and strength.

May they have renewal, Lord God, restoration in their bodies

and their minds, everything concerning them.

You number the very hairs on their heads.

So Lord God, do miracles now, in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you have a severe pain in your upper right

breast, and it's--

I don't know.

I don't know the cause, but it's like a burning sensation

deep within the tissue.

And God is just healing you right now.

In Jesus' name, He is taking all of that away.

It's going to depart from you and never return.

In Jesus' name, Amen, and Amen.


And there's someone else.

You've had loss, hearing loss in one of your ears

from an injury, and you've just accepted that it

will never, ever be restored.

But today, God is taking what was dead

and bringing new life to it.

And now in Jesus' name, your ears opened.

There's someone, you've got swollen lymph nodes.

It's primarily in your right arm,

but it's elsewhere in your body.

And you're extremely worried about it,

and you're even afraid to go to see a doctor about it.

God's healing you.

He's restoring your immune system,

taking all of that swelling now, in Jesus' name.

Don't be concerned about it anymore.

Just cast all your care, all your anxiety, all your worry

on Him, for He cares for you.

There's a young man, you've been diagnosed

with testicular cancer, and you are so fearful for your future.

God is touching you right now, and you

are being completely healed.

Just lift up your hands, receive it, and thank God.

God is just speaking to people that

are barren, couples who are barren,

and just He's giving you the power to give life.

Just claim it for yourself.

Just lay your hands on your abdomen.

Lay your hands, and just believe God for a creative miracle.

He's giving you the power to give life, in Jesus' name.

Someone with chronic kidney problems,

healed in Jesus' name.

Lord, we thank You.

We thank You for what You've done.

You came to us while we were sinners.

You came to us to give us life, to give us salvation,

to give us wholeness, to give us forgiveness,

to give us healing.

We thank You for it, in Jesus' name.

Amen, and Amen.

If you've been touched by God, we

want to share your good report.

We want to tell others about the miracles

that God is doing today.

So give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

And we remind you, we believe in prevailing prayer,

the prayer that gets an answer.

That's why Jesus gave us the story

of the importune widow, who knocked on the door

until she got the answer.

And we want to knock on the door with you.

So it's our honor, our privilege to pray with you.

All you have to do is call us, 1-800-700-7000.

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