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Giving When You Have Nothing

After suffering through a tough childhood, domestic violence, and divorce, Vicky found herself nearly $80,000 in debt. But despite her hardships, she chose to give...and got back much more. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Vicki Villanueva has been through a lot

in life, a tough childhood, domestic violence, and two


And I was buying groceries on a credit card.

And I was juggling money around, just trying to make ends meet.

NARRATOR: At one point, Vicki was nearly $80,000 in debt.

I wasn't able to manage it.

And there was a lien on the house.

They came after my house.

They were demanding payment.

I didn't have the money.

And so I was forced into bankruptcy,

foreclosure, lost the house.

NARRATOR: Vicki managed to find some peace watching

Christian television.

She especially enjoyed the stories

of people who found a way out of financial misery.

She also started reading the Bible.

It really hit me.

It really got a hold of me.

And so the word of Malachi says "test me in this."

And so I said, "OK God, I'm going to test you."

NARRATOR: Vicki started tithing in spite

of how difficult it was.

At the time, she needed a car.

Hers was in bad shape, and she thought she needed every penny.

And I thought, God, there's no way, if I tithe.

There's no way.

Because I need a car.

And if I were to tithe, that would be my car payment.

NARRATOR: It was difficult at first,

but Vicki gave every paycheck.

Then she noticed something she didn't expect.

I still have money to spare.

So this is totally God.

I can't wrap my mind around--

how is this possible?

And that's what I feel the Lord pressed upon me was,

"because you were obedient."

It wasn't my testing God.

It was my being obedient to the tithing,

and to releasing what God, biblically,

says to do in His word.

NARRATOR: While she was tithing, she

was able to replace her old car.

And then, after years of no advancement at work,

she got three raises.

It's the favor and the blessing of God

when you walk in His obedience.

NARRATOR: Today Vicki owns a home.

She loves her job, and she's enjoying life.

Best of all, she doesn't have to worry about money, all

because she trusted God with her finances.

I can't wrap my mind around it.

I'm not lacking.

I'm not in need.

It is God.


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