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Rebecca Bender

After being manipulated into serving in Vegas’ sex industry, Rebecca Bender speaks out to increase awareness of human trafficking and bring healing to it’s victims. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Rebecca Bender fell in love

with a man who eventually coerced her

into the world of prostitution.

And he said, this is how it works in Vegas.

I've spent a lot of money to get you here.

I put first and last on an apartment.

I filled your fridge up with food.

And you're going to need to earn that money back.

NARRATOR: Rebecca feared for her own life,

but more so for her young daughter.

REBECCA: When you have a trafficker that's

waiting at home with your child and says

if you don't bring home $1,500, you're

going to find your daughter out on the corner--

NARRATOR: But what happens in Vegas is now

coming to light through the Rebecca Bender Initiative,

an organization that equips first responders,

teaches communities to bring healing to the broken,

and mentors victims of trafficking,

turning Rebecca's story of survival into hope for others.

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