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Gospel Artist CeCe Winans Talks Life and Faith

Grammy-winning Gospel artist CeCe Winans joins The 700 Club to discuss her faith and how she has seen God moving in her life. She will also sing from her newest album, Let Them Fall In Love. ... Read Transcript

CeCe Winans has had a storied career in show business.

She is one of only a handful of artists

to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

and also be a member of the Gospel Hall of Fame.

And while CeCe just finished recording her latest album,

her last few years have been spent working on something

far away from the limelight.





NARRATOR: She's the most awarded female gospel

artist of all time.

CeCe Winans has won ten Grammys, twenty Dove Awards

and a host of others.

CECE WINANS: [SINGING] You should praise Him!

NARRATOR: She's also the co-pastor of Nashville Life

Church in Tennessee.


NARRATOR: Along with her husband, Alvin Love.

After almost a decade, she's released a new solo album.

Her newest project, "Let Them Fall in Love,"

features inspirational music with a fresh new sound.

CeCe Winans is here with us now.

CeCe, welcome back to "The 700 Club."

Good to see you.


Good to see you, too.

Glad to be back.

Well, you were last here in 2011, I believe.

It's been a long time.

Since then, you and your husband

have started the church.


How did that come about?

Oh, a few of my son's friends actually came to the house

and we started doing a Bible study.

Yes, yes.

And that started our church.

I mean, it wasn't our plan but it was God's plan.

And they came in-- and probably about 30 young people--

and the Holy Spirit just transformed them

and then they came back and we did it again.

And there was about 80 young people at our church--

in our home and God birthed out Nashville Life.

I mean, it's well known that your church has a healthy base

of millennials-- of the young people.

That's what my whole church is made up of

and they're on fire for God.

We're making strong disciples and we're

excited about what he's doing there in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville is a great city.


All right.

Well this is your first album in nine years.


A long time.

What made you want to get back?

Your first solo one, I should say.


What made you want to get back into the recording studio?

Well, I never really wanted to stop

but when we started focusing on the church--

anybody who's a pastor understands

that you have to really focus and give it 100% of your time

and that's what we did.

And so probably towards the end of 2015,

I realized that I had a little bit more time and I could focus

and it felt like it was time for me to get back in.

And because it had been so long, my prayer was just,

Lord, just make it impactful.

Make it the best thing I've ever done

so that when people hear it, they

would fall in love with you.

So you mentioned that this album

has a bit of a different sound.


Tell us about it.

Well a lot of different styles--

we were talking about one of the songs that are on here.

Yeah, I like this one.

It's called, "Hey Devil."

[SINGING] Hey Devil, get behind me.



So sounds from the '60s-- so a kind of retro

throwback but yet it's really powerful.

I love the big band.

I mean--

Big band, all live music.


We had a 40-piece orchestra and my son is the producer

of this record.

I mean, he had the vision for it.

About six years ago, he said, mom--

What's his name?



He does have a--

Hey, Alvin, shout out.

[LAUGHS] Alvin Love III is his name.

And this is the first project that he did as far

as an entire project.

But it's pretty powerful.

I'm excited about all the songs that we have on here.

We have one called "Peace from God"

and our nation needs to experience peace.

Oh, yeah.

For sure.


Like you said, "Hey Devil," so you can dance to it.

You're going to cry.

You're going to worship.

You're going to do-- it's so many

different-- it's a ride so you have to enjoy the ride.

And the title is, "Let Them Fall In Love."


I love that.

So what is the message from that?

I knew I wanted that to be the title of the record

before I heard all the songs.

Because that's my prayer, when people

hear the music that their hearts would be turned towards

Him and they would accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Yeah, let them fall in love.

That is the secret to life-- being in love with the Father,

allowing Him to lead and guide you and live your life for Him.

That's the only way you're going to find peace, happiness, joy.

That's the secret.

Fall in love with Jesus.


Can you remember a time when you weren't in love with Jesus?

No, I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with Him.

I definitely had trials and tribulations throughout life

but because I fell in love with Him at a very young age,

I always knew that I had a place of refuge.

I always knew that I had a place that I could run to.

And He's always been there for me.

He's faithful and He's true.

And He's faithful not just to me, but even

through this record, I saw how faithful

He is to every generation.

To see and to hear the songs that my son wrote

for this record.

As a mom, I just would find myself

crying at night saying, Lord, I thank you.

I thank you because He's got it.

I only have two children and my prayer

is that they fall in love with Jesus.

And they both are in love with Jesus.

It's so nice to hear that there are so

many young people at your church because so many churches today,

you don't see that.


You see all the gray-haired people.


And that's OK, too, but--

That's great, too, but yeah, we

have to pass it to the next generation.

And Nashville Life is full of young people.

It's a diverse crowd.

It looks like heaven.

You're going to see different colors of skin

and different backgrounds and we have it there

and I'm excited about it.

It's heaven on earth.

It really is.

That's like my church here in Virginia Beach,

I think it's actually probably 60% African-American and maybe

40% everything else.


So, yeah, it's kind of like, OK,

Lord this is going to be [INAUDIBLE].

It's a good mix.

Good mix.



Would you describe your church as non-denominational?

Non-denominational, it is.

It's non-denominational.

And, yeah, we're just spirit filled.

We love the Lord and we're keeping it simple, making sure

the main thing remains the main thing

and that is we love God and we love people.

Well, speaking of the main thing,

you know we want you to sing, right?


That'll work.

Tell us about the song that you're

going to sing for us right now.

It's called, "Never Have To Be Alone"

and this is a song of encouragement, Wendy.

We all go through challenges but it's

wonderful to know that God is with you.

He gave us a promise.

He said, I will never leave you or forsake you.

So whatever you're going through--

no matter what people are facing--

when you know that God is on your side, if God's before you,

who can be against you?

You know that everything's going to be all right

so you never have to be alone.

That's so good.

That's so good.

Well, CeCe, we're going to let you go ahead and get ready--

All right.

--for that.

And we are going to be so blessed by that.

And you can see more of CeCe by going to our Facebook page--


And on there, you can watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes

interview that she did with our social media team

so you don't want to miss that.

And don't forget CeCe's latest album

is called, "Let Them Fall In Love."

It's sure to be a hit and it's available

wherever music is sold.

For a preview of that record, here's

CeCe Winans now with the song, "Never Have To Be Alone."



Waking up.

Another heavy heart and burdens I can't bear.

Does anybody care?

Seeing more of what I'm missing--

less of what I have to share.

Miles away from what I need and yet so

close when I'm in prayer.

That's when I close my eyes, I take some time

and realize that He was always there.

Truth is he never left.

That is what the Spirit says.

And I believe it so I never have to be alone.


Waking up.

Another cross today.

The weight's a lot this time.

So much is on my mind.

Lonely heart don't desert the one

you know will love you best.

Open up so He can breathe again and put the storm to rest.

That's when I close my eyes.

I take some time and realize that he was always there.

Truth is he never left.

That is what the Spirit says.

And I believe it so I never have to be alone.


Lonely heart don't desert the one

you know will love you best.

Open up so He can breathe again and put the storm to rest.


That's when I close my eyes I take some time and realize.

That He was always there.

Truth is he never left.

That is what the Spirit says.

And I believe it so.

I never have to be alone.


I never have to be alone.



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