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Bring It On-Line: - March 20, 2017

Is it legal to tell children that they can't pray over their lunch at school? How do I stay patient in the midst of God's work? God promised that i would be together with someone if I pursued her; did God lie or willfully mislead me? Read Transcript

All right.

We've got time for some e-mail questions--

We do.

--that you've sent in.


This first one comes from Andrea, Pat, who says,

"Can my child prayed over his lunch at school?

While covering for a 5th grade Bible class today

I found out the kids that were, quote,

caught praying over their lunch at school

were sent to the back table.

Of course, my initial thought was, they can't do that!

Is it legal to tell children that they can't pray over

their lunch food, and if they do,

they will be punished by having to sit at the back table?"


This is one of the most outrageous things.

Let me tell you something, we have

rights if we are willing to fight for them.

And if we are not, those who hate us

will take away our rights.

The idea that a child would, in any way,

be punished because he or she prayed

as he or she does at home over their lunch is an outrage.

It is a violation of religious freedom.

It is a violation of the First Amendment.

I can go down the list.

Now listen-- call the American Center for Law and Justice.

Get one of the lawyers to write a demand letter to that school.

If they will not comply immediately,

bring an action for damages.

I think it's time we start putting the hurting on some

of those left-wing teachers who are

denying children their rights.

That enrages me.

It should enrage you.

And I know we're not supposed to go away angry

and fire coming out of our nostrils and everything.

But we've got to stand up.

In a case like this, please call the American Center

for Law and Justice.

Ask for a lawyer.

And then go after that school system.

And let them--

I mean, I think it's time we started asking for damages.

We start making those school systems know, if they take away

the rights of these precious little children,

they're going to have to pay for it.

Once that happens, they'll begin to back off

and say, oh, oh, oh, we can't do that.


You know the interesting thing about this

is she was covering for a fifth grade Bible class.

I mean, how did those two things exist in one school.

I don't understand what they're talking about.

I don't know.

It's strange.


This is Elizabeth, who says, "I'm

a college student, completely lost,

and I graduate in such a short time.

My boyfriend and I just broke up,

and life feels like a complete mess.

I'm pursuing Christ daily, but depression and anxiety

have completely taken over my life.

How do I stay patient in the midst of God's work?"

The apostle Paul said of the truth, in Christ,

[INAUDIBLE] I die daily.

I think it's time that what you do is die to self--

spiritual, I'm not talking about physically.

It's time that you die to all the stuff that's

going on in your life, and say, look, I

am crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless, I live.

You've got so many things going on.

You've got love for your boyfriend, who's

just walked away from you.

You've got ambition, but you don't know what it is.

You're completely unfocused.

So you need to focus on the Lord,

and say, Lord, I am yours.

Take me.

And then lead me in the course that you have for me.

And then surrender.

Let go.

You haven't done it.

You're holding on.

Let go.

All right?

This is an interesting question.

This is from Michael, who says, "In 1 Chronicles

21 it says that Satan incited King David to take

a census of the fighting men, and this angered God,

so he struck them with a plague.

Now my question is this-- what was so wrong about taking

a census of the fighting men?"

You know, welcome to the club.

I've struggled with that one for a long time.

I really have.

And I just said, God, what is the deal?

Because, if you go into the Old Testament, in Numbers,

they numbered the people.

And God said go out and number, and count

the numbers of fighting men.

Count the numbers of Levites.

Count how many children the Levites--

how many was-- count how many first-born animals.

I mean, it was a counting, a census.

So, for some reason, the only thing I can think of it

is, is that instead of being God's army,

it became David's army.

And it was a thing of saying, I'm

a big king in the middle of the Middle East.

And I want to show off my power.

And here's how I do it, by counting the troops.

And this is the army I'm going to use to advance my career.

That's the only thing I can figure.

That was wrong.

The other is isn't.



This is Pete, who says, "God promised me

that I would be together with someone if I pursued her.

That person has returned to her own country

and is in a serious relationship with another person.

Did God lie or willfully mislead me?

I may have met--

I may have not heard God correctly,

but I have been a Christian for a long time,

and I believe I did.

I'm confused."

I'll tell you, old buddy--

God don't lie.


The Bible says, God is not a man that he should repent.

God is not a liar.

God never lies.

He is truth.

He is yea and amen.

You heard wrong.

You imposed your will, and made it the voice of God.

You were praying and your will said, that beautiful girl

is going to be my wife.

And that's it.

And, yes, I heard God.

You didn't hear any such thing.

Get over it.

She's gone on.

She's getting married.

Find yourself somebody else.

And don't blame God for the fact that you didn't-- you

weren't mature enough to hear him.

Surrender to him.

What's next?

This is Sonia, who says, "Can I

sow my tithe into a ministry online or on television

and receive the same blessing?

I'm not currently under a ministry, although I

want to join somewhere.

Also, the Lord has called me into ministry,

but I want to make the right decision

and work with the right people.

How do I find the right relationships in ministry?

I've been ordained, so I know it's all right to get started."

You hear those words--

I'm going to sow into this ministry.

And I've got to be under certain authority.

You've got a concept of the body of Christ

that's a little bit in error.

The body of Christ includes everybody

who loves Jesus, who is committed to Jesus.

And all the ministries they're doing--

their schools, and their missionary organizations,

and their humanitarian organizations,

and their churches--

and they're all part of the body.

And so rejoice in that part of the body.

And don't be saying, well, I've got

to find exactly the relationship.

The relationship is with Jesus, not with a piece of his body.

And there are plenty of it out there.


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