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A Life of Global Reach: Celebrating Pat Robertson's Birthday

With little money and no experience, Pat Robertson responded to God's call and began a broadcast that has shaped Christian television and continues to touch millions of lives. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: The year was 1960.

With little money and no experience,

Pat Robertson bought a vacant television station

with one goal in mind: to fulfill a vision from God,

to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus

Christ, a vision that began with a signal that barely made it

around the block.

PAT ROBERTSON: I don't know if I was tenacious, or didn't have

any better sense, or I trust in God,

but I felt this is what he wanted me to do.

NARRATOR: From that broadcast came the 700 Club,

a program that would shape Christian television

for the next half century.


Thank you.

We've got a wonderful audience and a wonderful program.

NARRATOR: Today, the 700 Club stands

as one of the longest running programs in TV history.

Pat's life has touched so many millions

of people with this power of God, the gospel of the Lord

Jesus Christ, that has transformed

and change lives by the millions.

NARRATOR: As Pat's audience grew across the country,

he emerged as an influential voice for Christian values

and the ever changing moral, cultural,

and political landscapes in America and abroad.

But it was his bid for the Republican nomination

for president in 1988 that brought Christian conservatives

out of their pews and changed the face of American politics.

For the first time, the world had to take the church

seriously, in a way that heretofore,

they had relegated us over the stained glass window

[INAUDIBLE] pews, said stay in your little corner and go no


NARRATOR: Today, Pat is still making headlines.

Pat's work and influence has been felt beyond television

ministry and politics.

Would you like me to pray for you?

NARRATOR: Inspired by God's word,

Pat founded a humanitarian arm of CBN, known today

as Operation Blessing International.

Thank you so much for everything you're doing.

Oh, bless your heart.


NARRATOR: Since its inception in 1978,

Operation Blessing has provided food, medical care, disaster

relief, safe water, and many other services

to more than 246 million people in the US and around the world.

That same year, Pat opened the doors to Regent University,

to 70 students.

Now a global center for Christian thought and action,

the university offers 110 degree programs

to nearly 9,000 students.

But more than the institutions and accomplishments,

Pat Robertson's profound legacy is

the hundreds of millions of lives

that have changed through them.

We have probably seen more people come to the Lord

through CBN than any other organization in the world.

But it wasn't me.

It was God.


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