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The Fight Against Planned Parenthood

Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, discusses her efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. Read Transcript


It's important to remember, too,

that the services that we provide

through the federal programs are family planning, cancer

screenings, prenatal care.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) We don't have prenatal care here.

Planned Parenthood offers abortions,

so they do not offer prenatal care.

WOMAN: OK, just abortions.


WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Unfortunately, no, we

wouldn't provide any type of prenatal services

here at Planned Parenthood.

Checkups, cancer screenings and prevention, contraception,

prenatal services, and STD testing--

that comprises the majority of services Planned Parenthood


No, see, we don't see pregnant women

as a way of giving prenatal care.


We see pregnant women-- you know,

if they are considering other options.

When we're talking about defunding Planned Parenthood,

we're talking about cutting funds for breast cancer

screenings, for cervical cancer screenings, for prenatal care.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) No, we don't do prenatal services.

I mean, it's called Planned Parenthood.

I know it's kind of deceiving.

Prenatal care!

That is what we want to focus on.

That is what is so vital.

WOMAN: I was just asking what kind of services

you offer for pregnant women.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Pregnant women?


WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Pregnant women who want

to continue with the pregnancy?


WOMAN: (ON PHONE) We don't offer services.

Planned Parenthood does so much other than stuff then

the one thing you're thinking about right now.

I know what you're thinking.

They offer prenatal services.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) We're not a prenatal care provider.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) You know, we don't have prenatal services.

We don't have services to--

you know, for people who want to carry through to delivery.

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) We don't offer prenatal care

at Planned Parenthood.

We specialize in abortions.


Well, joining us now is the president of Live Action, Lila

Rose, joining us via satellite.

And thanks for being with us.

Thanks for having me, Gordon and Terry.

What do you think the new administration is going

to do with Planned Parenthood?

Well, they've made it very clear,

President Trump, that he would stop the forced taxpayer

funding of Planned Parenthood because they

are the biggest abortion provider in the country.

They commit over 320,000 abortions every year.

And just last week, President Trump

said if they stopped doing abortions,

maybe they could be eligible for even more taxpayer money.

But as long as they're doing that, and making

that the priority at their corporation,

then they should not be given the over half a billion dollars

in taxpayer money that they get every single year.

What do you think about the shift of taking that money

and saying it's going to go into community health centers?

I think that's an excellent solution.

I think that you look at Planned Parenthood's claim to care.

They say that we provide breast cancer screenings.

We provide all of these cancer screenings.

They don't provide any mammograms.

They've never had a single mammogram machine

at any of their facilities.

They provide less than 2% of all annual manual breast

exams and PAP tests and they provide 34% of abortions.

So that money is far better deserved at federally qualified

health centers that provide more holistic care

and are not ideologically and politically pushing an abortion


That also includes abortion through all nine months,

which is what Planned Parenthood advocates for.

Most people don't agree with that.

And that's why there's a huge call right now

to stop the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

Lila, what's your take on Planned Parenthood's hope

to bolster their PR in the new million-dollar campaign

that's focusing on cancer screenings?

Well, they're in a life or death struggle right now,

Terry, because everything that they have built up--

their public image is at stake and they get this taxpayer

money so they are targeting the White House.

Planned Parenthood is trying to make

it look like they're all about cancer screenings-- they're

benevolent-- and they're trying to hide

what their real agenda is, which is abortion.

But at the same time, they're in this really tough position

because President Trump has said, hey,

if you stop doing abortions, maybe you

can get even more money, and they're saying,

well, that's insulting.

So they're holding onto abortion and saying

we will never let it go and be the biggest abortion

provider, which is what they are-- the biggest abortion


But at the same time they're saying,

really look at all these other things.

Don't look here.

Don't look at abortion.

Don't look at the fact that we have negligible prenatal care.

Don't look at the fact that pregnant women find no support

for us here except for abortion and trying

to distract with these stories about cancer screenings

when really this is about abortion

and Planned Parenthood knows it.

Well, on the other side, what are

some of the biggest challenges facing the fight for life?

Well the fight for life is very strong right now.

People are outraged that we have a Congress and a president

and we're still funding Planned Parenthood with $1.6 million

a day-- $1.5, $1.6 million a day.

And so there's calls to Congress.

There's letters going out.

There's rallies that are being held

across the country of folks standing up and saying, look,

we elected this president.

We elected at least this Congress

and we want a change here.

If this money is going to be spent at the federal level,

it should go to real health care providers that

provide more holistic care--

not a group that kills literally one child

every 97 seconds, which is what happens at Planned Parenthood.

And that's lobbying politically for abortion on demand

through all nine months and taxpayer funding of abortion,

which most people disagree with.

So pro-lifers are standing strong.

I think the heart of the battle is education

and that's happening across the country and increasing.

Live action's latest video campaign

has over 55 million views online in just the last two months.

More and more people are becoming aware and saying

this has got to stop.

We need to protect the pre-born and not

be funding Planned Parenthood.

GORDON: You started Live Action at the age of 15

and I find that incredible.

You've moved the needle more than practically anybody

else in my generation.

What would you say to young people-- how

can they get involved?

Well, Gordon, I would say young people

can play a huge role in this battle.

I mean, it's on us.

Millennials and teenagers today are

more pro-life than their parents and they

understand that life in the womb has dignity.

They recognize human rights.

We really care deeply about that.

And we care about social justice.

And I think increasingly, young people

are taking on the mantle of saying, look,

we want a country that recognizes

fundamental human rights.

We don't want a country that literally kills our kids

and sees them as a threat to our future--

sees them as an antithesis to women's empowerment.

We recognize that that's a lie that we've

been sold by the sexual revolution

and we reject that increasingly.

And I think that young people also can make a huge difference

in standing up for life.

Amazing young people are leading a lot of pro-life groups across

the country right now and heading up rallies--

heading up events and that's just

going to continue as more and more of the truth comes out.

All right.

What's next for you?

What's next for Live Action?

What's next is to get this message out to--

it's already reaching millions of people

but we're not going to stop until every single American

and beyond knows what abortion actually

is-- knows how it's the tearing apart of a child

who is defenseless, who is growing.

And that every woman has the opportunity to know that there

are other options for her-- that there's help for her--

and that we can do better as a country than abortion.

Well, if you want more information on Live Action--

how you can get involved-- how you can get involved in what

they have next, all you have to do is go to

And Lila, thank you.

I can't thank you enough for what you've done.

Thank you.

And again, I just applaud you.

You have absolutely moved the needle on this conversation.

And for the first time in my life,

I think there's actually hope that we can defund Planned

Parenthood and we can make right to life

an absolute national priority.

So congratulations.

Thank you.

You've done everything right.

Thanks so much.


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