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News on The 700 Club: March 21, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 21: Trump stumps to win his own party on health care reform; A tale of two hearings: Gorsuch and Comey on the hot seat, and more. Read Transcript

Well, folks, the news is coming at you fast and furious.

Man, hearings with Comey, and hearings with the new Supreme

Court nominee, and the president announced today

he's going to Capitol Hill with a message

for congressional Republicans.

It's time to fulfill a top campaign promise repeal

and replace Obamacare.

Well, the discussion today comes

after the president traveled to Kentucky last night

where he promised to move ahead with his agenda for America.

Heather Sells has the story.

(VOICEOVER) Thousands stood in line in Louisville

to hear the president talk about his push to repeal and replace

Obamacare, along with other issues

like jobs, trade, and immigration reform.


The president is pushing for a vote Thursday in the House

and his remarks last night conveyed a sense of urgency.

He promised to move quickly to other important matters,

but he says the health care bill has to be passed first.

Finally, we won a very big tax cut,

but cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal

and replace the disaster known as Obamacare.

The president blasted Democrats for jamming Obamacare

through Congress seven years ago,

but right now he must convince the most conservative House

members in his own party of the merits of his plan.

So Republicans are adding last minute revisions

to sweeten the deal.

They include a more generous tax credit for older Americans

and curbing the future growth of Medicaid.

The president says the Republican bill will also

lower the cost of medicine.

We're going to bring it down and we're

going to have a great competitive bidding process.

Medicine prices will be coming way down, way, way, way down.

And that's going to happen fast.

(VOICEOVER) The head of the conservative House Freedom

Caucus is already predicting that the repeal plan won't


Still, the president plans to court House Republican holdouts

on the Hill today.

He promised the Kentucky crowd victory in the end.

We're going to negotiate and it's going to go to the Senate

and back and forth.

The end result is going to be wonderful

and it's going to work great.

(VOICEOVER) Heather Sells, CBN News.

Well, the president is a tough negotiator

and I think he is going to win on this one.

The Republicans have got to pass this thing.

They've got to repeal Obamacare.

They've got to live up to their promises.

The American people want action.

They cannot continue this stuff.

I mean, there's only so many deals you can make

and only so many concessions you can

get before you become an obstructionist

and you don't need it.

But speaking of obstruction, can you

believe the Democrats are going to try

to smear this wonderful man, Neil Gorsuch, who's probably

the most extraordinarily qualified nominee

to the Supreme Court we've ever had?

He's unbelievable.

And on the second day of his confirmation hearings--

here's what the story is with John Jessup.

At today's hearing, expected to be

much tougher for Judge Gorsuch after an easier first day

of opening statements.

But the Trump administration had a more difficult time yesterday

in another hearing in the House where the FBI director

addressed Russia's attempts to influence last year's

presidential election.

Jenna Browder has that story.

In my decade on the bench I've tried

to treat all who come before me fairly and with respect.

(VOICEOVER) After more than three hours of listening,

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch finally

spoke at his confirmation hearing,

touting his family and Colorado roots.

To my teenage daughters watching out

west, bathing chickens for the county fair,

devising ways to keep our determined pet goat out

of the garden--

Monday was the first of four days of hearings for Gorsuch

who is likely to take on the legacy of the late Justice

Antonin Scalia.

Republican senators stressed the importance of this appointment.

Arguably the most important thing

the US Senate will do this year is confirm the next Supreme

Court Justice.

(VOICEOVER) Still upset about former President Obama's

high court nominee Merrick Garland, who

didn't get a hearing from Senate Republicans last year, there

were some tense moments for Democrats.

Your nomination is part of a Republican strategy

to capture our judicial branch of government.

That is why the Senate Republicans

kept this Supreme Court seat vacant for more than a year.

(VOICEOVER) In these opening remarks,

lawmakers questioned how Gorsuch would handle issues

like Roe v Wade, the Second Amendment, and immigration.

Republicans praised him as a staunch follower

of the Constitution.

He has the highest level of professional qualifications,

including integrity, competence, and temperament.

(VOICEOVER) But it's that same originalist commitment that

worries some Democrats who say that if we still

follow the Constitution word for word--

--then we would still have segregated schools and bans

on interracial marriage.

Women wouldn't be entitled to equal protection under the law

and government discrimination against LGBT Americans

would be permitted.

(VOICEOVER) At the same time on the House side,

FBI director James Comey was in the hot seat

and confirmed for the first time publicly

that his agency is investigating potential links

between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

I have been authorized by the Department of Justice

to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence

mission, is investigating the Russian government's efforts

to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

(VOICEOVER) Comey testified before a congressional hearing

dealing with Russian meddling in the presidential election.

House Intelligence chair Devon Nunez

said they haven't found any proof of collusion

between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The head of the FBI and National Security Agency

also contradicted President Trump's claims

that Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump Tower

before the election.

We know there was not a physical wiretap

of Trump Tower.

However, it's still possible that other surveillance

activities were used against Presidents

Trump and his associates.

(VOICEOVER) NSA director Mike Rogers added

that they didn't uncover any evidence to back up

the president's accusation.

Both the FBI and NSA held back in releasing

details of their investigation until the reports are complete.

And in the Senate--

We hold different political and religious views,

but we are united in our love.

(VOICEOVER) The Supreme Court confirmation hearings continue

through Thursday with Gorsuch taking questions on the stand


A vote in the full Senate is expected in mid-April.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

Thanks, Jenna.

Pat, quite a busy week on Capitol Hill.

Well there's so much at stake.

This election was about the consequences.

The thing that people were concerned about

is the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has tilted to the left.

They have restricted religion.

They have opened the doors to every kind

of bizarre sexual activity.

They have literally destroyed the religious framework

of our nation.

It isn't they've given liberty, they

have given license to uncredible groups

and based on those decisions, educators, particularly,

have gone on a vendetta against people of faith

that is unbelievable.

And now is the chance to change the balance.

There will be at least two more vacancies on the court

without question.

One is talking about retiring, although he's

in relatively good health, but he's over 80

and he decides it's time to quit.

Another is an octogenarian, but also extremely ill.

And you just wonder, you know, she

sleeps during a lot of the hearings and things like that

and sooner or later this lady is going to have to retire.

And that means another vacancy, which would mean, folks,

for the next 30 years or so there

would be a Supreme Court that will uphold the Constitution

and uphold the founding principles of our nation.

It is a very important thing.

The Constitution was never intended

to be a living document.

It was at the mercy of the whim of the political correctness

of the day, whatever it happened to be.

And I know one judge some years ago

said the Supreme Court's whatever the judges say

it is, well, I mean, the Constitution

is whatever the judges say it is.

That, in my opinion, is wrong.

And Antonin Scalia was strong on this, Gorsuch is strong on it.

And there are other--

I think the next guy coming up is probably going to be William

Pryor, who is a distinguished jurist on the circuit down

in Georgia and in Alabama-- wherever it is,

it's in the South--

and I think that he would probably be the next in line

and, again, a strict constitutionalist.

We're talking about a major shift

in our country, a major shift.

And all kinds of good things will flow for you, which means

that the Dem--

I mean the Republicans in the Congress,

if it takes the so-called nuclear option

they've got to take it.

Whatever it takes to get that thing done they have to do it.

The same thing in the House and Senate,

they must take charge of the budget.

They must bring this incredibly profligate government

we've got under control.

They've got to do it.

Talk about draining the swamp.

It's got to be done.

And now we, the voters, have given them this opportunity.

And the American people are going to be looking at them

and say, now is your chance.

You've got to fight for it.

You've got to be strong and you've got to make it happen.

And if it takes tough work, then get tough,

and talk tough, and act tough, and make it happen.

So much for that.

All right, John what's next?

Pat, the United States is boycotting the United Nations

Human Rights Council session this week

dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.

The US says the regular review of Israel

shows the council's, quote, "longstanding bias

against Israel."

And UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made an even stronger statement

by pointing out that Israel is on the permanent review list

compared to which countries are not.

She said, "It is not Syria where the regime has systematically

slaughtered and tortured its own people.

It is not Iran were public hangings

are a regular occurrence.

It is not North Korea or the regimes--

where the regime, rather--

uses force labor camps to crush its people into submission,

rather it is Israel.

The only democracy in the Middle East."

The boycott was announced by the State Department and, Pat,

this comes as the Trump administration is considering

dropping out of the UN Human Rights Council

unless serious changes are made.

I think what's got to be done is budget.

We've got to cut their flow of money.

We pick up about 22% to 25% of the budget of the United

Nations and it's the sounding board

for hate against the United States and hate against Israel.

Let's cut the money.


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