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Bring It On-Line: - March 23, 2017


Well, we want to take some time

to respond to some of the questions

that you have emailed to us.

And Pat, this first one comes from Jennifer,

who says, "Dear Pat, I was a pretty bad teenager

and young adult. When I was having troubles,

I unfortunately heard that Bibles won't burn.

So in one of my bad times I challenged God

by burning my Bible.

I begged for forgiveness soon after,

but before I was mentally mature enough to know

you can't blame others or God for your problems.

I felt deep down that all my problems were the direct effect

of that horrible deed.

I'm 37 now and still suffer in all areas of my life.

I know God forgives.

But was that too much for Him to forgive?"

Oh, look, the Bible is a book that can bless.

It's the words.

But it's not some magic book.

It's pages.

And so you burn some pages.

I know that our Hebrew friends feel

a little scroll, a Torah scroll, is very sacred

and it has all kinds of consequences.

But I don't think we feel that way about the Bible.

It's the impact of the words.

But the biggest thing is God will forgive you.

And you need to get before Him and say, God, I sinned.

I sinned because I was rebelling against you.

And I ask you please to forgive my rebellion,

and I submit to you.

Now, look, one of the things that I recommend

that's so important is spend a day or two, if need be,

before the Lord, get a piece of paper, a yellow legal pad,

and a pen, and pray.

And everything that comes to your mind

that you've done wrong, I want you to write it down--


And say, Lord, here's what I did.

I confess it.

I did it, and I'm sorry.

Write it down.

And when it's all over with and you've cleansed your heart,

then say, Lord, I receive your forgiveness for all of this.

Take that paper, ball it up, take a match,

and set it on fire, and it's gone.

And it'll be gone before the Lord

because He will have forgiven you all this,

and you'll start a new life.

Listen, He wants your conscience cleansed from dead work

that you might serve the living God.

That's what the Bible says.

He doesn't want you tormented because of some childhood


He wants you for service.

He wants you to get busy and serve Him.

That's what He wants.

So how does He get you that way?

Well, your conscience has got to be cleansed [INAUDIBLE].

He'll cleanse you.

OK, next question.

This is Holly, who says, "I would

like to know how long Job's ordeal went on

until all was restored to him.

Was it days, months, or years?"

I think it was years.

He had a long time.

He was sick.

He saw the destruction of his family.

He was rejected.

He was despised.

The sons of people who he wouldn't even

put to feed his flocks were out there making fun of him.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Even his wife.

Of course, his wife cursed God and died.

I mean, it was a horrible mess, It took years.

But the thing of it is God just gave him back everything,

double, double, double, double, so.

This is Alberto, who says, "is it

OK to split the tithe between different ministries,

or does it need to go to one place?"

Look, I want to tell you again,

God is not a Philadelphia lawyer.

He's not an accountant.

It's what's in your heart.

Where does God lead you?

The giving is according to His love for you.

And yes, if there's several ministries that

bless you, well, by all means, participate in all of them.

It's smart, though, to focus your giving into two or three

or one or two sources.

You have a lot more impact than if you just spread it out

to about 10 people.

The little bit doesn't help that much.

I would recommend that you focus on what really touches you

and what the Lord's really speaking to you.

What else?

This is Darlene, who says, "Hi, Pat.

A few years ago, I attended an event

that my boss asked me to go to with her.

There were many members of local churches there.

It was like a revival meeting.

After the meeting, a minister came up to me

and said that God wanted me to know that He hears my prayers.

At the time, I was really praying a lot for something.

Does this ever happen?

Can I believe that this was God speaking?"


God's speaks to people.

That was just a word of encouragement.

And the Lord probably told that man this lady is praying

and let her know that I'm with her.

God speaks to His servants.

And you've got to be careful about being

led by somebody else.

But that's legitimate what you just told me.

Anything else?

Yes, Charlene says, "our daughter

is dating someone who is an apprentice in the Freemasons.

As a Christian, are the Freemasons

a bad thing to be a part of?"

If you read Pike and some of the stuff

that is written about them and what they believe,

they believe the reverse.

They believe that Satan is God and that the Father

in the Bible is Satan.

It's very confused.

There's a lot of stuff in there that is not wholesome at all.

Now, whether that Pike writing represents current Masonic--

some of them say, no, not true.

But the Illuminati, illuminated Freemasonry,

was really the underlying source of the French Revolution

and the Communist revolution.

It's really some bad stuff.

Whether American Freemasonry has adopted

all that is hard to say because guys like George Washington

were Freemasons.

But in my opinion, I don't think it is biblical.

And I would avoid it.


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