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News on The 700 Club: March 23, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 23: London shaken by deadly attack, terrorist mowed down dozens of victims; Will it pass? GOP holdouts could nix Trump's health care overhaul, and more. Read Transcript

Well welcome ladies and gentlemen.

I have a prediction to make.

And you can hold me to it if I'm wrong.

You can say you missed it.

The health care bill is going to pass.

It's getting modified.

The Freedom Caucus is going to get the modifications they're

asking for.

We're going to talk to David Brody

to say what actually is there.

But my prediction is it's going to pass.

They are going to give a Trump a victory.

It is going to go through the Senate.

And we are all going to rejoice that we're

paying less on health care.

Now that's my prediction.

And wait until tomorrow.

You can prove me wrong if I'm wrong.

You heard it here.

You heard it here.

Well, you know, I knew that the Lord was

going to give Trump victory.

And I was arguing with people who were arguing with me,

no, no, no, he can't win.

Yes, he's going to be the next president.

Oh no, no, no, he's going to win.

Well we had this fascinating guest that talked about--

Oh yeah.

--you know, the Cyrus in biblically and how God used


I had it before the fascinating guest,

but I mean before the election, all right.

Well the British government is operating

as if yesterday's deadly terrorist attack in London

was linked to Islamic terrorism.

Surprise, surprise, it wasn't Methodist that did it.

It was Islamic.

That's the word from the British secretary of defense.

Scotland Yard believes the attacked acted alone.

But they're also looking into possible associates.

And ISIS is calling the attacker, quote,

"soldier of the Islamic State."

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): British police

have raided several addresses and arrested

eight people in connection with yesterday's attack

by a knife wielding man who used his SUV to mow down pedestrians

on London's famed Westminster Bridge,

then fatally stabbed a policeman before he was shot by police

and later died.

There was bodies literally--

Must have been like 10, 10 bodies.

At least 10 or 12 bodies.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): The driver then crashed his vehicle

into the gates outside Parliament.

And I see that one car, it smashed in the wall.

And just people started running all over.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): Among the victims,

a Romanian woman who was in London

to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday, shown here

either being hit or jumping from the bridge.

She was later pulled from the Thames River

with severe injuries but survived.

The dead-- policeman Keith Palmer, seen here

as officers and emergency workers furiously

tried to keep him alive; also, 43-year-old Spanish teacher

Ayesha Frade, who was on her way to pick up her children;

also a man in his 50s.

29 were hospitalized and seven were in critical condition.

The number of so-called walking wounded is around 40.

The attacker was British born and known to British security,

but his identity has not been released.

The attack came on the anniversary

of last year's suicide bombings at the Brussels International

Airport that killed 32 people.

ISIS claimed responsibility.

Britain hasn't seen as many terror attacks as some nations,

but it remains a factory of Muslim jihadist.

850 British citizens have left to join ISIS.

It dawned on one tourist that He had come to a potentially

dangerous place.

I'm from Brazil and Brazil is very safe.

In London, first day in London is today.

And my welcome is this.


How many incidents do there have

to occur in the cities of Europe before all

of us in Europe and the United States

realize we must crush ISIS?

It isn't a question about negotiation.

It isn't a question about a little-- little-- a little--

sooner or later they're going to be choked and expire.

They've got to be crushed and destroyed.

There needs to be a massive strike on Raqqa.

There needs to be a massive strike

on their Syrian strongholds.

There needs to be a massive strike to destroy them in Iraq.

And then all over the world wherever

they are found they need to be destroyed.

They need to be destroyed, not brought to trial.

They need to be destroyed.

They are killers.

They are monsters.

And they have one goal.

And that is to kill, maim, and wound innocent people.

And it's time that they be brought to an end.

Now that means we have to mobilize.

And I think people need to get behind the president

and his national security advisers to say, let's

hit these rascals where they are and where they hurt.

And let's wipe out their sources of money

and their sources of recruits.

And anybody here in the United States

that's playing games with them needs

to be brought to justice as quickly as possible.

I think this thing is is a cancer.

And look what they did in France.

The new game is drive a car into crowded civilians.

How can any of us survive if we're walking down a sidewalk

and all of a sudden an SUV or a high powered sedan

comes rushing at us at 70 or 80 miles an hour?

What are we going to do?

Well, you're going to get probably killed.

And we've got to stop this.

Well in the United States, it's an important day

for President Trump and the Republican leadership

in Congress.

You've heard what my prediction is.

And we're going to talk to, well, some of our reporters

to see whether I'm right or not.

But Abigail Robertson starts with this story

from Capitol Hill.


leadership is fired up and ready to repeal Obamacare

through the bill called the American Health Care Act.

But getting enough support to pass it has been far from easy

for the GOP.

Skeptical congressmen like Jim Jordan

voiced their concerns to CBN News

soon after the bill was released.

Look, we-- we're united on repeal, Republicans are.

But right now some of the, quote, replacement

and some of the things they're putting

in with the repeal in the leadership plan we don't think

is consistent with what we told the voters we're going to do.


Freedom Caucus argues the bill won't do enough to lower health

care costs.

An asset is a missed opportunity in replacing

Obamacare the right way.

We didn't tell the voters we're going to repeal Obamacare

but we're going to keep some of the Obamacare taxes.

I know I didn't tell them that.


no votes would prevent the bill from passing.

And a source told CBN News Wednesday

that at least 27 GOP members were a no on the health care

bill the White House supports on the eve of the scheduled

vote in the full House.

There's plan A and plan A. We're going to get this done.


visited the Capitol in a closed door meeting with Republicans

this week to try to win over conservatives on the fence

and to lay out the political stakes

if they're attempt at overhauling the health care

system fails.

He left the meeting hopeful he'll get the votes.

MARY BRUCE: Can you get the votes Mr. President?

Think so.


been other drama on the hill.

Just two days after FBI Director James Comey

confirmed they are investigating ties

between Trump officials and Russia,

House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes

said a source had shown him information

that Trump transition team members had

come under apparently legal surveillance after the election

during the final month of the Obama administration.

I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions

the intelligence community incidentally

collected information about US citizens involved in the Trump


Details about US persons associated

with the incoming administration, details

with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value,

were widely disseminated in intelligence community



didn't share his information with the ranking Democrat

on the committee, Adam Schiff, before announcing it.

He says that names of the officials

were unmasked or revealed improperly,

and that they're going to conduct an investigation

into who was aware of it and whether any laws were violated.

Nunes briefed President Trump, who

had said that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Obama


And he says he feels somewhat vindicated by the findings.

I somewhat do.

I must tell you I somewhat do.

I very much appreciated the fact that they

found what they found.

But I somewhat do.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON (VOICEOVER): And over in the Senate,

Judge Neil Gorsuch's hearing on his nomination to the Supreme

Court is moving forward smoothly,

with witnesses now appearing before the Judiciary Committee.

I think that Judge Gorsuch will

be an excellent associate justice on the Supreme Court.


two time Supreme Court clerk and member

of the Becket legal teams that defended

clients like Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor

is one of the people testifying before the committee.

He's written 800 opinions.

And of those 800 opinions, the majority of them by far,

about 98%, have been unanimous opinions,

which just shows what a consensus builder he is

and how he has written opinions that all of his colleagues

can join.


are certain Judge Gorsuch will be the next justice

on the Supreme Court.

Why anybody in this body would vote against you

I'll never understand.

After the hearings conclude, the Senate Judiciary Committee

will vote on whether to send the nominee

to the whole Senate with a positive, negative,

or neutral rating.

Reporting from Capitol Hill, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Well our CBN News political correspondent

David Brody is with us now from Washington.

David, I know there's been a lot of horse trading going on.

Can you tell us specifically, what

did the Freedom Caucus want and have they gotten it?

Have-- have there been changes in the bill

and can you tell me a few of those details?

You bet Pat.

Look, I've been burning the midnight oil.

I have been on the phone quite a bit

with many of those Freedom Caucus members,

and matter of fact, spoke to one about an hour ago.

Look, they want two things.

They want the essential health benefits insurance regulation


They want it gone.

Now that doesn't mean they want the essential health

benefits gone.

You know, you might hear from the mainstream media,

oh, the Republicans, horrible, they

want essential health benefits gone like maternity care

and pediatric care.

That's not what they're saying.

They're saying that, right now, obviously,

in all of those Obama plan--

Obamacare plans there is-- are these essential health

benefits, which in essence drive up the cost of premiums.

Because if you're 20 or if you're 65 years old,

you don't need maternity care.

And so-- so that's what they want.

They want that out of there.

There is a second part.

It's the title one regulations.

Not to get in the weeds, but basically

these are all of the other insurance regulations

that they believe drive up the costs of these premiums.

Now this is where the wiggle room

comes in between the White House and Paul Ryan and the Freedom


Because they don't just want the essential health

benefits repealed, they want many of these title one

regulations repealed.

And so the wiggle room is how many of these title

one regulations will be repealed.

All of this will be discussed today

at a White House meeting between the Freedom

Caucus and the White House.

That's where a top leadership aide just told me, moments ago,

that's where the deal's going to go down, at the White House


And then we wait and see.

Well from what I gather from the Freedom [INAUDIBLE],

they really want to give the president a bill that will look

good three, four years from now.

And they're not trying to hurt him,

they're trying to help him.

Am I correct on that?

Pat, you're absolutely right.

They call it a death spiral, that if you don't get rid

of these insurance regulations-- not just the essential health

benefits but those title one insurance regulations we talked


if you don't get rid of that and you just

do some of the other stuff where you're repealing some

of Obamacare, it's not going to matter

and you're not going to have a good bill.

Now of course though the Republican leadership,

Paul Ryan has said all along, look,

we're not going to be able to get some of these insurance

regulations that the Freedom Caucus wants repealed.

We're not going be able to get it through the Senate because

of parliamentarian rules.

Well now we're understanding, well,

that might not necessarily be the case at all because the--

excuse me, the parliamentary may decide

that because this is a budget reconciliation bill,

you only need 51 votes in the Senate,

that if something's not related to taxes and spending, then

it won't pass the Senate.

But the Freedom Caucus members are saying give me a break.

Of course some of this--

all of this is related to taxes and spending,

so it would pass the Senate.

We'll see.

Is Mitch McConnell ready to push it through regardless do

you think?

Yeah, in terms of the health care bill,

yeah, absolutely he is.

Look, Pat, this is-- if I can do-- can I do a food analogy?

Do you mind?

Can I do this food analogy?

Go ahead brother.

So here's the thing.

If you're a kid, right, Obamacare

is like-- now I'm talking about if you're

a kid, not if you're Pat Robertson who

eats very healthy.

But if you're a kid, Obamacare is like broccoli.

And the Freedom Caucus wants ice cream.

And right now with the Freedom Caucus is getting

is like grilled chicken without the seasoning.

They're not getting much, but they're not getting broccoli.

They're getting something better.

They're getting some of Obamacare repealed.

So right now they've got grilled chicken.

Now here is what Trump and Paul Ryan are saying.

They're saying, look, grilled chicken is just phase one.

We've got phase two coming, which

is maybe some bacon on top of the chicken.

We've got phase three coming, which is melted cheese.

And then at the end you're going have a beautiful meal, so you

know, a huge, big league meal.

And that's kind of the scenario right now.

Now, I think they going to pass it, don't you?

I don't think they can deny the president this victory.

I think you may be right, Pat.

They're very close.

My sources are telling me they're about three votes

shy right now.

Earlier it was about 27 nos.

I think it's about 25, 24 nos.

They're allowed about 22 nos.

And then if they're at 23 nos, they lose.

So there are about 25 right now.

I think you're going to see movement.

I think this bill is going to pass.

But I think it's going to be a long night watching C-SPAN

until about maybe 3:00 AM in the morning where we just watched

the clock tick until they get that final vote.

Pat, you know the deal in the House.

They can open a vote at 7:00 PM and they

can keep it open for seven, eight, nine hours, as long

as they want, until they get that final vote.

Last question-- of course the next thing that most Americans

are concerned about is tax cuts.

I don't think they're going to try

to overhaul the entire code.

Can't they just cut some brackets and get on with that?

Yeah, I don't think they're going to go necessarily

for the whole enchilada.

But they are going to try to make actually systemic tax cuts

as it relates to middle class tax cuts.

And the Trump administration is calling

these what they hope to be the largest in a very, very

long time, since Reagan.

And so we'll see.

Now whether or not if health care hits a snag,

then the tax cuts may hit somewhat of a snag.

But then again let's remember, Donald Trump's bread and butter

all along has been economics.

It has been not just "The Art of the Deal"

but he's a businessman.

He knows the tax code very well.

And so this will be in his comfort zone going forward.

Great analysis.

Keep it up David.

Thank you so much.

You got it.

Interesting Terry, they've going to get it.

I mean, they're going to give it to the president.

Mark my word, it will pass.

They'll get those extra votes.

It'll do through and everything-- you know,

they're going to work together to give a tremendous health


But the whole idea of mandates, of you have to have maternity

care for a 60-year-old, you've got to have, you know,


It's the structure.

--care for a 20--

How they structure it is--

Yeah, well I mean, everybody's got

to have health insurance for all the diseases

that they will not ever have.

And then they're going to change it.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the way you do it.

They're making sausage.

You don't want to watch them making sausage.

You just want to eat the sausage when it's finished, all right.

Yeah, sausage, enchiladas, and ice cream.

I'm getting hungry.



You had breakfast yet?




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