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Developing Your God-Given Gifts

Founder of Lifeline International Ministries, Vernon Falls, shares updates on his ministry and discusses training and activating Christians in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Read Transcript

Well, joining me now is a man who's

ministered in over 70 nations, but he's also ministered to me.

I met him, boy, over 20 years ago,

and he has been a mentor to me.

He's taught me a great deal about the gifts of the Spirit,

and he's a dear friend.

So welcome back, Vernon Falls from Malaysia,

and it's great to have you here.

Praise the Lord, brother Gordon.

Wonderful to see you again.


You're looking good.

You're looking great.

You've lost all kinds of weight, but the anointing

is just awesome on you right now.

I love that.

Tell us about America right now.

I know you've got a word for the nation,

and it seems we're incredibly divided,

and we can't seem to ever get together, get our act together

and say, so what's God say?

Well, for the Body of Christ, it's back to Jesus.

Back to Jesus.

Look unto to Jesus, who's the author

and finisher of our faith.

And the scripture that the Lord gave us

for this particular year is James 4:8.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.

And what we must confess is God is close to me,

and I am close to God.

And that's what the Lord is saying.

He's saying back to Jesus.

It's all about Jesus.

He is the author.

He's the finisher of our faith.

He's the healer.

He's the miracle worker.

He's the alpha.

He's the omega.

There's only one mediator between God and man,

and that's Christ Jesus.

And there's salvation in no other name given among men.

All right, well let me be the other side of that.

All right.

When you see headlines today--

for me, it just seems like things are accelerating.

And the pace of both terror attacks, unrest,

uncertainty in our government, it just

seems to be accelerating.

And when you see these headlines,

you can't help but get disturbed in your spirit.

What does it mean?

I hear you, draw near to God.

I go, OK.

But it's hard to do that when you're looking

at these kinds of headlines

Well, the Lord said that this particular year in the world,

there would be more turmoil in the world

than the previous year, 2016.

But nevertheless, God's going to bless his people.

And he's going to bless his people amazingly beautiful.

And what we have to do is we have to focus on the Lord.

Sure, these things are overwhelming,

but God is more overwhelming.

And we are going to see that the Lord himself is

going to do things.

One of the things the Lord brought

to mind that I'm sorry I didn't bring to you

was the Welsh revival.

We're actually going to experience

that in different places in the United

States, that type of revival.

That was an incredible revival, if people don't know.

That was 1905, and they literally

emptied out the jails.


The prison courts stopped functioning because there was

no one charged with a crime.

And then on top of it, the donkeys in the mines,

in the coal mines, didn't understand the directions

anymore because the men weren't cursing them.

Society changed.

VERNON FALLS: Yeah, yeah, complete change.

And the bars were emptied, and the churches were full.

No one preached the sermon.

It was the Lord's move.

And that's what we're getting ready to experience here

in the United States, the Lord's move.

Won't be a man preaching.

Won't be a conference.

It will be the Lord's sovereign move upon the nation.


Would you pray for people for that?


To have that right now?

I need you to look into that camera right there.

All right.

GORDON ROBERTSON: And just pray for them,

and let's do that right now.

OK, as I've got handed to the Lord, those of you who can

lift your hands, praise God.

Heavenly Father in the precious name of Jesus,

the name which is above every name.

We glorify you.

We magnify you.

And Lord, we ask right now, in the name of Jesus,

that you touch the hearts of people.

Where they will hunger, hunger for you, and the things of you.

We ask right now, Lord, for a spirit

of revival, your revival, that you revive us with your word,

that you revive us with your spirit,

that you revive us in every area of our particular lives.

And we thank you, Father, that this nation

will see a new fire.

That will be the fire of the Holy Spirit.

We thank you for it right now in Jesus' name, and in Jesus' name

we break the power of darkness over this nation,

in every place in this nation.

In the name of Jesus, we loose right now

that anointing, that special anointing, and we

loose the ministering angels to go forth right now

in Jesus' mighty name.

Amen and amen.

VERNON FALLS: Hallelujah.

If you want to hear more from Vernon,

we've got something special for you.

Tonight, Vernon and his wife Margareth

will be joining me for a night of prophecy,

right here on Regent University in the Regent University


The time is 6-9 PM, and you can join.

If you live in this area, you can join with us.

And if you want more Vernon, we're

going to have a Facebook Live with him

today, a web exclusive interview on our Facebook page.

All you have to do is go to

And then another bonus on Monday.

You can watch an extended interview with Vernon

on the "700 Club Interactive" on the FreeForm channel.

So a lot of different ways you can get it.

Come tonight.

I know you will be blessed.

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