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CBN Global Update: March 27, 2017

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is partnering with Superbook to reach kids in Cuba with the Gospel message. Read Transcript

Well Orphan's Promise is partnering with Super Book

to reach children in Cuba with the gospel message.

After the recent warming of US-Cuba relations,

Orphan's Promise began operating on the island last year.

It has reached more than 13,000 kids in that time,

and 1400 of them have accepted Jesus Christ.

Children who attend the events receive school supplies, Super

Book DVDs, and a warm meal.

They also receive Christian mentorship

and get connected to a local church.

This year's Gizmo Tour is hoping to launch 200 more academies

and Super Book clubs that will reach

30,000 Cuban children in 2017.

Well if you'd like to learn more about what CBN is doing around

the world, simply go to

Pat and Terry will be back right after this.

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