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Bring It On-Line: - March 29, 2017


And welcome back to "The 700 Club."

it's time to bring it on with your email questions.

We're going to start with Tiffany.

She writes, "first, I just want to say I love you."

Well, we love you, too.

"I have been extremely ill for almost seven years.

I pray.

I read the Bible.

I've asked for healing and have been prayed over many times.

What hurts the most is that I feel

abandoned by God when I have loved him so much.

I have MS. I am chemically and environmentally sensitive,

which means I am allergic to many everyday things.

There are only a few foods that I can eat.

I feel forsaken.

I've been watching your show for a long time

now, waiting for my name to be called when

you have a word of knowledge.

And I'm so happy for those who say they are healed, but is

healing not for everyone?"

You know, when Jesus was here on earth,

he healed everybody who came to him.

There was not one person who came

to Jesus who he turned back.

He gave them some tests sometimes.

He made them struggle sometimes.

But every single one was healed that came to Jesus.

Now, listen.

I have dealt with MS. I have seen MS miraculously healed.

I know this sounds strange.

But I do believe that there is a spiritual component in MS

that's like a daemonic.

And it's one of those things that you literally

have to cast out.

But I have seen people with MS get up out of a wheelchair

and push the wheelchair out of the room where we were.

I mean, I've seen it.

I've been involved in it.

But it is a horrible thing.

It's a wasting disease.

It just eats all the energy and the fiber and everything.

I would recommend, among other things,

that you check with an endocrinologist

to see if there's something, some chemical

or something, that could be done that would build up

that immune system that you've got,

or something that you're eating that's causing the problem.

But you need, in the name of Jesus, to rebuke that thing

and to say to your body, you will be whole, all right.

Amen, all right.

Rachel writes in, "I am following the Wiccan Pagan


Does this make me evil?"

No, it doesn't make you evil, but it is evil.

It's so-called white witches.

They say, well, we're good witches.

The others are black witches.

They're the bad ones.

We're the good ones.

There's no such thing as good witchcraft.

I mean, you either are with God, or you're not.

You're either for him, or you're against him.

And it, quote, "doesn't make you evil."

But if you pursue a path of evil,

evil will come and take you over.

So I would recommend that you turn away from Wicca

and turn to the living God and read his word

and give your life to Jesus, all right.

I just got back from Haiti.

And they have what they think is good voodoo and bad voodoo.

You know, even the so-called Catholics

in Haiti, they believe that, that there's good and bad.

You know, Aristide declared that voodoo was

the official religion of Haiti.

Voodoo is the worship of dead spirits.

It comes from Africa.

And, you know, it's terrible, OK.

All right, Jillian says, "I've been

married for more than 20 years.

I had an affair about 10 years ago.

But I never told my husband, who is a real good man.

I really regretted it and asked God to forgive me.

I never looked back at this other man,

but it still comes to my mind that it was a horrible offense

against my marriage.

I understand that God would have forgiven me

when I asked for forgiveness.

But I'm still having a hard time forgiving myself.

Has he forgiven me, and how do I move passed this?"

Well, I think the Bible talks about having our conscience

cleansed from dead works to serve the living God.

All right, you sinned.

You committed an act of adultery.

Look at David.

Not only did he commit adultery, but he

had the husband killed in order to cover up

the fact that the wife was going to have a baby.

I mean, it was murder.

It was adultery.

It was everything you could imagine.

Now he had to go through some tough times.

He really did.

His family rebelled against him.

I mean, it was awful.

But when it was all finished, he said,

you know, restore unto me the joy of your salvation

and take not your Holy Spirit from me.

The Holy Spirit was with him all the time.

And the joy had left, but the joy came back.

And what you need to do is confess to the Lord.

You already have.

I don't think after 10 years you need to go to your husband

and say, hey, listen.

10 years ago, I had a fling with this guy on a weekend.

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

Don't do it, exactly.

I mean, yes, before the Lord, it's done.

And accept God's forgiveness.

Accept his love.

Read the 51st Psalm, for example.

Read it over and over again.

"Restore unto me the joy of your salvation

and take not your Holy Spirit from me."

And begin to praise God and worship God

and receive the forgiveness that he has offered to you for this.

And get on with your life, all right.

Because, you know, sometimes it might make us feel better,

but it makes the other person feel way worse.

And so you've got to ask yourself if this is really--

All of a sudden, the husband who

loves you and has been having a great time, and you've

been living together in marital bliss, all of a sudden

after 10 years he starts being suspicious of you.

You just don't need that.

It's too late.

I mean, don't reopen that can of worms, all right.

All right, Porsche says, "I have suffered and struggled

with evil thoughts since I was in my early to mid 20s.

I am now 30, and the devil still torments me daily.

I was abused verbally as a child by my older brother.

I pray to God every day for healing and deliverance,

and I rebuke Satan on a daily basis.

What more should I say or do to get the evil one away from me


You know, I think in your case,

you need to get out of your zone, whatever it is.

You know, I know it sounds mind over matter.

But I think you ought to get out and start running.

I think he you ought to start jogging and running.

And get to the gym and start doing serious exercises.

And see if you can change your diet and eat more healthy food

and open your mind and begin to praise God

because what you're doing is dwelling on something that

happened when you were a kid.

And the more you dwell on it, the more it's got you.

If you focus on evil, evil will come to you.

And you're focusing on evil.

Turn your mind on the Lord.

Every day, start the day off with a psalm.

Read a psalm.

"This is the day the Lord hath made.

I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Begin to praise the Lord.

But, seriously, get to a gym.

Get to a spinning class.

Get to some place where you can get a personal trainer,

something or other to get your mind off this stuff

and get your hormones flowing and your melatonin flowing

and all the other things that you need

to get flowing in your life.

Get outside.

Get in the beautiful out of doors that God's given you.

Enjoy this world you live in and get out of the darkness.

Go hiking.

Get in the mountains.

Go hiking.

Yeah, go to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Well, you don't have to do that.

But hiking can be very therapeutic.

Yeah, I'm sure it can be, if you don't die in the process.

That was tremendous practical advice.

Thank you so much, Pat.

OK, well, thank you for those questions.


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