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Praying For Your Needs: March 29, 2017

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Now imagine being in pain for 50 years.

That's what it was like for Cathy.

She had a terrible case of TMJ, and she lived off Excedrin.

Nothing gave her lasting relief, until one day

she was watching this program, and the miracle happened.

It was difficult to eat at times.

It was constantly clicking.

NARRATOR: Cathy Paranzino suffered

with jaw pain for years.

It started with a pool accident when she was eight.

I went to jump in the pool.

I spun around, and the lower part of my chin

caught the concrete edge of the pool.

NARRATOR: The cut on her chin healed, but the pain in her jaw

never went away.

A few years later, she learned she had TMJ,

so the doctor ordered a mouthpiece for her

to wear to help align her jaw.

I was supposed to wear it as much as possible,

but it didn't work.

And the doctors suggested surgery.

And I was not going to do surgery.

NARRATOR: So Cathy figured it was something

she'd have to live with.

I was eating soft food.

I couldn't eat anything hard or anything

like ice or anything that was crunchy.

I was suffering with headaches.

I was taking Excedrin or aspirin just about every day.

I would have migraines at least once a week.

NARRATOR: The pain meds helped Cathy function,

so she kept taking them and ate soft food for nearly 50 years.

But one morning, she could barely move her mouth at all.

I couldn't even brush my teeth because I couldn't open it

enough to get a toothbrush in.

NARRATOR: For two days, the only food Cathy could eat

was in squeezable pouches.

Then, while watching "The 700 Club,"

Cathy saw Terry Meeuwsen praying.

There's someone else.

You have a problem with your jaw, and it's out of alignment.

God's healing that.

I claimed it immediately.

And then I put my hand on my jaw, and I opened my jaw.

And I was like, wow.

And I kept opening it a little bit more, little by little,

further and further.

It was like, oh, my goodness.

This is me.

This is me.

You know, God's healing me.

And it was a wonderful feeling.

NARRATOR: Cathy's jaw was healed.

The next day, and to this day, I've never

had any more pain with it.

I don't have the headaches anymore.

And I can open my mouth as wide as I need to.

Now I'll eat anything and not even think twice about it.

NARRATOR: Today, Cathy is so grateful

to be able to eat whatever she wants and enjoy life

to the fullest, free of migraines.

Don't be afraid to ask God for healing.

Don't think that you have to deserve it first

because God loves us all where we're at,

in spite of our shortcomings.

And he wants us to be healthy, and he wants us to be whole.

And first and foremost, he wants us to be happy.

Healthy and happy, she's got it right.

You're watching "The 700 Club."

We want to pray for you in just a minute.

But first of all, here is Sandy.

Sandy lives in Little River, South Carolina.

She developed a hip problem.

It would pop out of place.

And one day, she was watching our program.

Wendy, you gave a word about someone's hip

being out of joint.

A warm sensation came over Sandy.

And guess what-- no trouble since.

Praise the Lord.

Here's one, Beatrice of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia.

She was watching "The 700 Club" when the host began to pray.

And, Pat, you said, some people are being healed of bone spurs.

When you made that statement, Beatrice claimed her healing.

She cried out, that's me.

Immediately, she felt warmth go through her body.

Beatrice knew at the moment she was healed.

Today, she can stand with no pain.

Praise Jesus.

Let me tell you, when God created the world,

he spoke the words into being.

Let there be light.

Let there be the earth form.

Let the waters come forth.

Let the creatures come.

And when he spoke the word, those things happened.

Now that same creative word is given to God's people.

And in the power of the Holy Spirit,

when you speak that word and the words

are energized by the spirit, miracles take place.

That's what it's all about.

But it's the heritage of the believers.

OK, now we're going to join hands together.

And I'm going to pray with Wendy,

and Wendy is going to pray with me.

Father, we pray for these in this audience who

are suffering.

Somebody has a neck pain, something about bone spurs.

There's arthritis in your neck.

And, boy, it's really been sore.

And you have a hard time even moving.

Put your hand on your neck.

In the name of Jesus, touch.

Many people, you just watched this story

on the woman healed of TMJ.

And you're saying, that's me, too.

I need a healing in my jaw.

God is touching you right now.

Just start praising him.

You are healed.

Somebody, your breastbone, your clavicle,

it may have been broken.

And it's really sore.

I don't know if it's healed yet or not.

But if you'll touch that part of your anatomy right now,

those bones will knit together.

And healing will take place in Jesus' name, Wendy.

God's touching people with arthritis.

There's someone with a very painful bunion.

God's healing you right now.

And other people that are just suffering with arthritis, just

receive your healing in Jesus' name.

All over this audience, let the power

of God come into your life.

Receive an answer in Jesus' name, amen.

WENDY: Amen.

And amen.

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