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Standing for Life, Marriage and Gender

Popular blogger Matt Walsh says it’s now or never for the church to take a stand as life, marriage and gender are under attack in our culture. Read Transcript

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Matt Walsh is a nationally recognized writer,

blogger, and speaker, whose columns and contributions

to The Blaze website have gained him a large national following.

Walsh's provocative writings on politics and culture

are read by millions of people a month.

And he engages with hundreds of thousands through social media.

Walsh is known through his writing and his speeches

as a fierce and articulate defender

of truth, moral values, and the Christian faith.

With his new book, "The Unholy Trinity: Blocking

the Left's Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender",

Walsh lays out a plan to defeat the progressive social agenda

and reclaim American culture.

Well, joining us now is Matt Walsh.

Matt, welcome to the show.

MATT WALSH: Thanks for having me.

Your book title, "The Unholy Trinity", very provocative.

What's the meaning behind it?

MATT WALSH: The unholy trinity I talk

about is the three pronged assault on our culture.

To, the efforts by the left to redefine human life, marriage,

and gender.

Primarily through abortion, gay marriage, and transgenderism.

And this is the center stage.

These issues are the center stage of a, of the culture war.

I would say, they are the culture war.

And if we're going to engage in fighting for the culture,

we have to be engaged on these issues.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Matt, I'm told that when you write a book,

you should always open with a hook to keep people reading.

You start your book with, the first liberal

was named Lucifer.

Why, it had me hooked, I went out and read.

Why do you feel that liberalism is so dangerous?

MATT WALSH: Yeah, I didn't just say that to insult liberals.

I guess it's not a compliment--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: I meant it, right?

MATT WALSH: Yeah, not exactly a compliment

to compare them with Lucifer.

But here's the point, that liberalism

today, no matter what it was 200 years ago,

today it is the rejection of objective truth,

of absolute truth, of God.

And in that, once they've thrown that out, in the void

they put themselves.

They put, and everything becomes relative to themselves.

So I would say to liberalism today is self-worship.

And that is what Satanism is, it's the worship of self.

You're a very, very staunch supporter of life.

I mean it's powerful and your arguments are powerful.

And I think for Christians too, you give a great reminder.

This is a huge important issue that a lot of Christians

kind of ignore.

Tell us about that.

MATT WALSH: Yeah, this is, we cannot,

we've got 50 million dead human beings over the last 40 or 50


If you want to look across the entire world, it's 50 million

a year, across the entire world.

So, we are seeing the world population shrink precipitously

because of the genocide of the unborn.

So just when you look at the sheer death toll,

how can we skip over this, or say

well, it's a, that's an issue but it's a side issue.

If that's a side issue, then what's

the issue bigger than that?

I would challenge anyone to tell me

what's more important than the murder of 50 million people.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Yeah, it's hard to grasp.

You know the numbers are so large that the impact isn't

always quite as personal as it should

be, for something like that.

We want to show a disturbing Planned Parenthood

video that was released hours after felony charges were filed

against pro-life activists.

It shows what could be a cover up infanticide.

Let's roll that clip and take a look.

DR. DESHAWN TAYLOR: Matter of how

I feel about it coming out intact,

but I've got to worry about my staff,

and about people's feeling about it

coming out looking like a baby.

We have the people who do out paperwork for the fetal death


They email us calling them babies.

Baby this, baby that, baby-so-and-so.

And I'm like that's creepy.

INTERVIEWER: Is there any standard procedure

for verifying signs of life?

DR. DESHAWN TAYLOR: Well, the thing is--

INTERVIEWER: That doesn't go on a chart?

DR. DESHAWN TAYLOR: I mean the key is you need pay attention

to who's in room, right?

My biceps appreciate when the dig works.


It's in the biceps when you're doing a D and E?

DR. DESHAWN TAYLOR: It does not take me any longer to complete

the procedure, but it is--

It takes more force.

Oh I have to go to the gym for this.

I need to hit the gym.

INTERVIEWER: Let's go to the gym.


I mean it's just hard to understand--

The laughter?


What's your reaction to that?

MATT WALSH: The first reaction is just disgust and anger.

I mean, if you don't feel anger watching a video like that,

I don't care how many times we've seen videos like this,

if you don't feel anger over that then you're dead inside.

You're as dead inside as that woman is.

And that's one of the things I worry about.

That we're becoming so desensitized.

Even Even those of us who are pro-life,

are so kind of used to it that, oh there's an abortion

clinic down the street, where people, they just kill babies.

It's like a normal thing, right?

It's like the DMV.

And I worry that it's become such a normal part of our life

that we don't react the way we should.

But that is, what you're seeing there

is someone who is just as, their soul is just dying inside them.

And it is a sad thing but it's also infuriating.

Matt, this isn't a book that just takes on

the left so to speak.

I mean when you talk about issues

like gay marriage, one of the things you take on,

is how Christians in this country

really have been a part of the breakdown of marriage.

Talk about that.

MATT WALSH: Yeah, this is the aspect

of the marriage discussion that we don't want to discuss.

But look, the left has accused Christians

of being hypocrites on marriage.

We care about the sanctity of marriage,

but then we say nothing about divorce

and all these other things that's,

pornography, all these other things that sully marriage.

And the thing on that, they're right about that.

They're right when they make that point

and I hate it when they get to be right about something.

But they are right.

That we abandoned the notion of a sacred marital covenant

decades before gay marriage came along.

So gay marriage was just a progression.

It was a logical progression of what had started with us,

I would argue.

And here you are very recently, in the news again.

Because of something you wrote.

And who would have thought now here,

Mike Pence is under attack for saying

he will not go out with another woman alone,

other than his wife.

He comes under attack for it and you're pretty passionate

about this issue, defending him.

MATT WALSH: Well, I am outraged that he respects his marriage.

Apparently, you have a lot of people are,

they hear about a man respecting his wife and his marriage

and they and they feel angry about it.

I mean this is where we are in our culture.

That I think people are, have no respect for marriage.

And they see monogamy, and this is all

that they were talking about is, that they're monogamous

and so they protect that monogamy.

And they put these protections in place

so that they don't teeter on the edge of infidelity.

But I think, people in our culture

see the monogamous marriage as kind

of this relic of a patriarchal past.

And they're, so they're opposed to it.

Yeah, because, if I may Terry?

Remember Billy Graham had the same thought process.

I don't-- I have not read of him being criticized for it.

As the generations have gone on it's

become more foolish to be holy.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Actually, we've seen his wisdom in that time,


MATT WALSH: I would think I--

Even, I guess I'm still kind of naive that I--

Even after writing a book called "The Unholy Trinity",

I'm naive about our culture because I didn't, I

thought that this was pretty standard operating

procedure for a marriage.

I had no idea that it was controversial.

So, but I'm surprised every day by the way things are going.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: You say that gay marriage is actually

a contradiction in terms.

Talk about that.

MATT WALSH: Well this is what we have to,

the point that we should be making about gay marriage.

It's not that we want to ban gay marriage or make it illegal.

What we're saying is that gay marriage is an impossibility

because marriage is a certain thing.

It's like geometry, right?

It's, a triangle is a triangle.

I'm not, I don't want to ban a square from being a triangle.

It just isn't.

And I wouldn't be in favor of a law that

says we have to call triangle's squares

because that makes it really, things confusing.

So a marriage is, there are two elements of it, permanence

and that it's procreative.

In principle, right?

And if you take those elements out, then it's not a marriage.

You can not remove, in principle,

the procreative aspect of marriage

and still have a marriage.

You have something, but it's not marriage.

Matt, when it comes the transgender issue,

if you read the news you would think most people walking

the planet are having transgender issues and concerns

and struggles in their own life.

But statistics would show that's not the case.

Why do you think the transgender issue has

taken over the culture so much?

MATT WALSH: Yeah and that's the thing.

You've got 12 people in Portland who call themselves transgender

and all of a sudden it's become this national, international


But I think the reason is, it's not about the quote unquote

"transgenderism" itself.

It's about, if we can get people to accept,

if the left can get people to accept that philosophy,

think about the power gives them.

Then we've accepted the idea that we

have so much power over reality, over biology,

that we can change our sex.

So even if we decide not to change our sex,

it's kind of nice to know that we have that power.

And that, so that's what I think the left is trying to establish

and why we should, why we should oppose them.

Even if transgenderism itself is kind of a small,

that there aren't very many people who subscribe to it.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: "The Unholy Trinity".

Life, marriage, and gender are the issues you address.

Why those three?

MATT WALSH: Because these are the foundational issues

of any civilization.

Any civilization is built first on human life, sacredness

of human life, on the family and families are built on marriage.

And then gender.

The fact, and this is one that we didn't even

think we'd have to talk about.

But yeah, the fact that human society

is built on two people, the man and the woman.

And when you start breaking down those definitions

and those barriers, that pillar starts to come down.

So that's why it's, those are the issues that anyone who

calls themselves a Christian, anyone who

calls himself a conservative.

these are the issues that we need to be focused on.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Be knowledgeable.

Listen, this book will help you to do that.

If you want to hear more, pick up a copy of Matt's new book.

It's called "The Unholy Trinity".

It's available wherever books are sold.

Highly recommend that you read it.

Matt, great to have you with us.

Thank you so much.

MATT WALSH: Thank you.


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