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Single Mother's New Life Came on Easter?

Kate's life was a mess of drugs, drinking, and exotic dancing. She found she was pregnant, and considered aborting the child, but an Easter encounter turned everything around.? Read Transcript

ALICIA: Easter to me means new beginnings and new life.

The old is gone.

And I'm a new creation.

I get to think back to the day that I knew God was real.

NARRATOR: In 1994, Alicia was struggling

to provide for herself, when she took a job as a stripper.

Growing up, her life had been filled

with disappointment, an absent father, a mother who

worked long hours.

And she was being physically abused by a family member.

So my dad didn't want to stay, and then this man

was abusing me.

And so I just felt that it's got to be me.

I wasn't smart enough.

I wasn't pretty enough.

That's why I was always trying to fit in, and prove,

and be good enough, and not make anybody else go away.

NARRATOR: To fit in, Alicia began drinking in high school.

When I drank, it made me feel accepted.

It made me feel a part of.

I got attention.

Suddenly, that attention, the boys were all around me.

There were times when I was with boys

and I was too afraid to even say no to them.

Because I just was so insecure of what they would think,

or what they would say.

NARRATOR: When Alicia got pregnant at 21,

her child's father walked away.

I just always felt like I had to fend for myself.

And that I was never going to have someone

who was just in my corner.

NARRATOR: After giving birth, Alicia felt hopeless

and overwhelmed, and soon turned to partying and hard drugs.

She began stealing from her part-time job

to support her habit, and was fired.

That's when she turned to exotic dancing.

ALICIA: I met a customer, gave me about $800,

and then I was sold.

And I just knew that this was going to be

the answers to my problems.

And I was going to go to school for two years,

and quit, and get out, and life was going to be fixed.

NARRATOR: But Alicia stayed in the business for 13 years.

She thought her life was finally changing

for the better, when she fell in love and got engaged.

He was going to be my savior.

And one day, he called me on the phone and said he was done.

The next day I didn't even want to live.

For the next two years, it's a drunken blur.

NARRATOR: She threw herself even deeper into a life of drinking,

drugs, and dancing, then, over Easter weekend in 2009,

Alicia discovered she was pregnant again.

I'm just distraught, like what do I do.

Because I can't have another child.

I didn't know the father.

And it was just this embarrassing, shameful, just

moment of my life that I was like, what is going on.

How did I get here again?

And so I remember contemplating abortion.

NARRATOR: Alicia had gone to church as a child.

But now she only attended on Easter Sunday with family.

She joined her mother in church the following day.

ALICIA: It was someone introducing their production.

And I heard her say at the end, and the name

of our production today is called Eternal Choices.

And I knew in that moment, wait a minute, she's talking to me.

And this is God.

NARRATOR: When she returned home,

Alicia knew it was time to make her choice.

She reached for the Bible she had been given as a gift

the month before, and began to read about King Solomon

And I got on my knees on the floor.

I just cried out to God, and said, God,

I cannot make this decision on my own.

I need you.

I need your guidance.

And I literally opened up to first Kings 3:24.

And the first words I read was bring me my sword.

I'll cut the baby in half, and give one half to one woman,

and one half to another.

And I, of course, didn't know my Bible.

I was like what in the world.

You keep reading, and the King says do not kill the child,

give it to the woman that wants it to live,

for she is his real mother.

And I knew in that moment, for the first time in my life,

how real God was.

Because there was no other explanation as to why

I opened up to that page.

And I sat there probably for 15 minutes in tears.

God was calling to me of like, choose me, chose me this time.

NARRATOR: Alicia vowed to keep her baby

and surrendered her life to Christ.

For the first time, I felt truly

loved and accepted, no matter what I had done,

no matter who I had been.

And He had never left my side.

He was still there, despite everything that had happened.

NARRATOR: Alicia stopped doing drugs

and walked away from the strip club.

She began attending church and growing in her faith.

She is also a pastor and shares God's love

with women in the sex industry, as part

of As You Are ministries.

Today she is the mother of two beautiful daughters.

And every Easter, she is reminded of the new life

she has found in Jesus Christ.

I get to think back to the day that I

knew I was going to have this gift of my daughter.

And I tell her all the time that you saved my life.

You brought me Jesus.

And it's a time that I celebrate because everything changed.

Easter marks the day that everything changed.


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