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Praying For Your Needs: March 30, 2017

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Sheer panic.

That's how Amy Otteson felt when she

discovered that her two-year-old son was missing.

Minutes later, that panic turned to horror

when his tiny body was found down in a ditch.

911, what is your emergency?

Yes, I have a little boy that's drowned.

And I think we're too late.

Amy Otteson and her family were

vacationing in several cabins on the Gunnison River in Colorado,

just as they did every 4th of July.

But as Amy was getting her three children ready for bed,

she noticed two-year-old Gore was missing.

I kind of went out to the porch when he didn't, you know,

hear my call or answer me, and that's

when I saw that the screen door latch had been undone.

Amy called out to the family, who spread out to search

the 40-acre property.

I was having such a feeling of just sheer terror, panic,

my worst fear.

You know, we're not going to find him,

and I'm never going to know what happened.

After 25 minutes, Amy heard a cry

coming from the irrigation ditch that ran behind her cabin.

But it wasn't her son's.

And I rounded the bend to--

on the far side of the irrigation ditch,

and I could see my cousin holding Gore in his arms,

and just he was limp.

Just white as ghost.

He found Gore trapped under a log in the ditch.

Amy's mother called 911.

Amy's father, a retired surgeon, and her cousin Suzanne,

a nurse, began CPR.

He was not breathing.

He had no heartbeat.

He was notorious for rosy cheeks,

and he did not have that.

He was completely pale.

He was-- he was dead.

When the ambulance arrived 15 minutes later,

Gore still had no heartbeat.

It's over.

It's over.

I remember even hearing the ambulance sirens and thinking,

it's so silly that there they even have their sirens on,

and they're coming out here.

It's been too long.

What made it even harder for Amy

was that her husband, Dave, was in Denver

working four hours away.

He remembers getting the call from Amy's mother.

"Gore may have drowned" was the only thing that she said.

And the call got disconnected.

In my car, alone, not really being

able to talk with any relatives about anything that

had happened, because I didn't know at that point,

it was really between me and my windshield

and God, where I literally found myself screaming,

don't take him.

Gore was rushed to the local hospital, where

friends and other family had gathered

in the waiting room to pray.

So, immediately, people were praying that he would even

begin to breathe again, that his heart would

start to beat again.

And a nurse came in, and she said, we've got a heartbeat.

I was so shocked.

After all this time of almost an hour

of thinking that he wasn't even alive, I thought to myself,

he has a heartbeat.

He has a heartbeat.

I think I was so relieved and also maybe scared, scared

of being hopeful.

Then Gore began breathing and was life flighted

to Children's Hospital in Denver.

While Amy and her parents were making the long drive,

Dave arrived at the hospital.

There were three doctors in that ER scene,

and each one of them came up to me and said some type

of variation of, well, Dave, there's--

let's say there's less than a 1% chance

that he will ever walk or talk again.

It's unlikely that he will have any normal brain function.

End quote.

To hear that, that your kid's going to be taken away from you

and be brain dead, it is the biggest punch in the gut

that you've ever seen.

By the time Amy and her parents arrived,

Gore was on a ventilator with little hope of survival.

Doctors told Amy and Dave the only thing left to try

was therapeutic hypothermia, an experimental treatment where

they would lower Gore's body temperature for 48

hours in an attempt to reduce brain swelling.

Amy reached her breaking point.

And I ended up in this parking lot near the hospital,

and I just kept saying, God, I need to understand this.

I need to understand.

I mean, we were literally at this point

thinking we were going to be donating his organs.

At that moment in time, I just started thinking, Lord,

I want total healing.

I don't want to be faced with this decision.

Lord, I need you to come in and just heal him completely.

I, as clear as day, felt an overwhelming sense of peace

that I've never experienced since, and I felt God saying,

I am in complete control.

I am in complete control.

Over the next 48 hours, friends and family

across the country prayed for Gore.

With the treatment over, Amy and Dave

waited as medical staff slowly brought Gore's body temperature

back to normal.

Then, finally, he opened his eyes.

It felt like, gosh, God, I know you were big,

but this is huge.

This is huger than anything that we can, in our human minds,

even imagine.

I thought, Lord, you have heard all these hundreds if not

thousands of people praying for Gore, and you've responded.

You know, just to see him open his eyes again

was something I thought I was never going to see again.

The next day, doctors took Gore off the ventilator

and ordered an MRI.

And we received a phone call.

We received a phone call of the MRI results,

and they said no abnormalities.

To hear that there was no abnormalities for a child that

had been underwater for over 20 minutes and without a heartbeat


I think they finally decided it was somewhere between 50,

55 minutes without a heartbeat, and not

have a single abnormality in his brain was--

I mean, I knew it was God.

I knew he'd answered our prayers.

After a month of rehab, Gore walked out of the hospital.

The family believes there is only one way

to explain his recovery.

No brain damage with the worst scores of all time--

trauma score was zero--

is definitely a miracle.

Today, Gore is just shy of his eighth birthday.

He doesn't remember what happened that day

but tells his friends the one thing he is certain of.

I fell in a ditch when I was almost two,

and it was a miracle, so-- and they're like, but if you died,

how are you right here now?

I'm like, because it's a miracle.

We feel like our prayers were answered 3,000 fold.

He's a joy in our lives, and he's still

a handful, which a lot of seven-year-old boys are.

And so he's just a pure joy to see him smile and live

a normal life.

Seeing a miracle firsthand to the degree that we saw this--

I always believed I had such a strong faith

and knew that God performed these miracles,

but I just thought, Lord, wow.

That is incredible that you didn't just give us him living.

You gave us our son perfectly whole.

Perfectly whole.

They called it a miracle.

It was a miracle.

And we've got some other reports,

and then we want to pray for you.

Why do you think Gore is special?

Of course he's special, but so are you.

So is your child.

So are we as his children.

Now, here's good news.

This is from Bradenton, Florida.

Bud had suffered from irregular heart beat for many years.

He was watching "The 700 Club" March 7th of this year,

and, Terry, you gave this word, "Sometime, you

have a recurring A-fib.

God is healing you."

Bud had just praised the Lord for his healing.

He woke up the next morning.

He noticed he had a regular heart beat.

He had regular heart beat ever since.

And they call it, in the technical term,

he's in sinus rhythm.


Good for you, Bud.

God bless you.

You're going to love this.

This is Kathryn.

She lives in-- I think I'm saying this right--

Chehalis, Washington.

Had suffered 50 years with an essential tremor

similar to palsy.

She was watching this program.

Pat, you get this word of knowledge,

and I remember you saying this.

You said, somebody has got a nervous palsy.

Your hands are shaking.

I don't know if it's Parkinson's.

It may be something else, but there's the palsy.

Right now, the shaking is stopping.

You are completely healed.

She claimed the word, after 50 years,

the tremor completely stopped.

Totally healed.


Ladies and gentlemen, God is real.

There's no question God is real.

He's real.

He created everything.

And He's all powerful, and He says, will you believe me?

Will you trust me?

Well, the answer is, yes, Lord.

I trust you.

So why don't you lay before him whatever the condition is?

It may have been 50 years got healed just like that.

It may be just the last week or two.

It may be a year.

It may be like that sweet little boy

who was dead for so many hours.

Terry and I are going to join together.

We're going to believe God.

Father, I join with my sister in Christ, and we believe God.

Thank you, Lord.

There's a muscular weakness in the shoulder right now.

It's the right shoulder.

And, God, you'll feel, like, a bolt of electricity

going through that shoulder right now,

and the weakness is completely healed.


There's someone named Gretchen.

You are praying very specifically for something,

and God has heard your prayer, and it

will be answered, Gretchen.

Somebody has got stuttering.


Mikey, you've got stuttering?

Had a hard time speaking?

All of a sudden, you're going to be speaking fluently.

The stuttering will leave, and all the embarrassment of speech

is gone.

You are speaking clearly from this moment on.

Yes, Terry?

Someone else-- you've had cleft palate surgery,

and you're having some kind of complication in the roof

of your mouth.

God's healing that for you completely.

It's going to be strong and solid,

and you'll not have a problem anymore.

A neck and throat condition.

There's a constriction in your neck.

Just reach up there and touch it.

In the name of Jesus, touch!

From this moment on, you're whole.

Now, may the power of God go through the people

who are praying right now.

May you know the touch of God in your life.

May you have an answer to your prayer in Jesus' name, amen.

And amen.

Call us.

Tell us what God has done.

We'd love to hear from you.

Telephone number is easy to remember.

It's a toll free number, doesn't cost you anything.

It's 800-700-7000.


Easy to remember.

And tell us what God has done.

If you need further prayer, we're here with it,

and you won't have any problem.

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