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Bring It On-Line: - April 3, 2017


It is time to bring it on with your email questions.

And Pat, this first one comes from a viewer who says,

"My sister is a heroin addict.

Last year I let my sister and her husband move into our home

when they were released from jail because they were clean

and wanting to stay off drugs.

Things went well for a few months,

but then my husband noticed strange behaviors

making him believe they were using again.

I prayed and asked God to reveal it if it was so

and it was revealed.

The one condition to them staying with us

was no drugs allowed, so we made them move out.

I feel guilty because they're homeless

and I'm scared I'll lose my sister to a drug overdose.

She also has three sons who miss her very much.

Did I do the wrong thing making them leave?

They were lying, had stopped contributing to the bills,

and my sister was sleeping all day and avoiding the kids."

No, you didn't do the wrong thing.

If they're in your house, and they are possessing drugs,

and all of a sudden there's a raid on your house,

they can literally confiscate everything you own.

And, I mean, they, the police, can.

So you just can't allow that to happen.

Now there must be agencies that deal

with this kind of behavior, and there are detox centers,

and there are others.

I don't know if you can afford to pay for something

or whether there's something available free.

But you certainly don't want them in your house.

No way, no how.

And you didn't do the wrong thing,

so don't feel bad about it.

You didn't bring it on them.

They brought it on themselves.

You gave them a chance.

They didn't take it.

So I recommend you pray for them,

that you get counseling if possible.

But that heroin addiction is really tough,

and they have to be willing to make up their mind

that they're going to kick it.

And it takes a while.

And the most thing you've got to do

is get them out of the environment

where those people exist who sell heroin, who deal

in heroin, who take heroin.

And you've got to get them free from that.

So it may be more than you can handle.

But don't feel bad about kicking them out of your house.

You did the right thing.


This is Ann, who says, "We know that if a non-believer commits

adultery and then accepts Jesus as his personal Savior,

God will forgive that person.

However, if a born-again Christian commits adultery,

then truly repents, will God forgive that person,

since the Bible says adulterers will not

inherit the Kingdom of God?"

When you see the Bible talking about adulterers, or this,

that, and the other, they're talking about people

in a continuous state.

They are continuously committing adultery,

continuously committing fornication,

continuing to whatever.

Unrepentant, Right?


The fact that somebody has committed adultery,

hey, all you got to do is look at David.

Look at what David did.

Not only did he commit adultery, he had the guy killed.

It was a terrible thing.

He paid temporally for what happened.

His family went all to pieces and he almost lost his kingdom.

But the thing is, God will forgive.

Forgave David, said it was a man after His own heart.

Same thing with you.

So if you've committed adultery as a believer,

God will forgive you if you repent, turn away from it,

and don't do it more.

It's the continuous activity that I think

the Bible's talking about.

All right.


This is Jamie.

This is an interesting question.

He says, "I think I accidentally summoned a demon last night.

I have prayed over it but he's still trying to possess me.

What should I do?

I'm very scared."

I don't know how you summoned that demon.

I don't know what you did.

But I tell you what.

The word is, "Satan, I rebuke you and the forces of evil,

and I command you to leave me in Jesus' name."

Now ask the Lord, if you want forgiveness, forgiveness.

But nevertheless, you have authority, speaking the word,

you have authority over demon power.

Now if it seems to be more than you can handle,

find people in some church that believe in casting out demons

and get together and take authority over that thing.

But I just caution you, don't spend

a lot of time looking for demons because, if you do,

they will come to you.

So do not magnify the devil.

Do not magnify demon power.

In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you Satan.

I bind your power and the forces of evil.

End of story.

All right.

This is Gina, who says, "Is it wrong to want

a word of knowledge or prophetic words spoken to you?

If you're facing something difficult in your life

and you just want encouragement and guidance, is it OK to

ask for that?"

Well, it's OK to ask for it.

But I tell you what, if you're looking for somebody to bring

you some message that's going to deal your life,

we all want some supernatural word.

People go to fortune tellers, they go to soothsayers,

they go to a seances, they go to all these people

trying to get the word.

The word you should be seeking for you is from God himself.

And he will speak to you out of the Bible,

out of various circumstances, out of your life.

Submit yourself to him and then let him speak to you.

Don't be looking for some third party channel

to bring you a word.


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