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Bring It On-Line: God's Leading - April 4, 2017


Well, it's time to Bring It On with your email questions.

And, Pat, put your matchmaker hat on

because today Stella wants to know, "I'm in a relationship.

And recently I've been wondering if he

is the man God has for me.

I don't know how to know if he's the right man for me.

How do you separate your own feelings from God's leading?"

Oh, man.

I'm supposed to tell you if that man is yours?

And if I tell you wrong and you get married to him,

you're going to blame me.

You know, I really don't know.

But here's the deal.

The Bible says, don't forsake wisdom.

All right, you have an attraction to this guy.

You feel it's an emotion.

You feel it's love.

All right, you find him handsome.

You find him engaging.

You find him entertaining, all right.

The big thing is, does he love the Lord?

Does he know Jesus?

Is Jesus first in his life?

Well, surely, if he talks about Jesus,

if he thinks about that, if he wants to pray with you,

if you share your deepest spiritual feelings,

that's important.

The other thing you've got to remember,

you need to be compatible intellectually.

You just can't marry if you've got a graduate degree

and you want to marry some guy with high school or grammar

school education.

It isn't going to work out.

If you're from a totally different

so-called social strata where you're used to one thing

and your beloved is used to something entirely different,

it won't work.

So God knows all that.

He said, don't forsake wisdom.

But I can't tell you whether that's God's man for you

or not.

But, certainly, you can read the Bible.

You can find out.

But how does he act?

How does he act under pressure?

How does he act when he's, you know, mad?

Does he forgive easily?

Is he somebody who holds a grudge?

You can go through a whole litany of things.

All right, what else?


This is Kelly, who says, "I am a Christian.

And my 'Christian' husband is physically, verbally,

and mentally abusive.

Is divorce biblical in these circumstances?

What am I supposed to do?

I can't take it anymore.

I'm depressed."

PAT ROBERTSON: You know, I get a lot of those questions.

People marry the wrong ones.

I know what the Lord said about divorce and remarriage.

He gave one excuse, and that was adultery or, you know,

fornication and immorality in marriage.

The apostle Paul had what's called a Pauline Privilege

about the unbeliever departing.

I think there's something, I believe,

called constructive desertion.

If a person makes it impossible for you to live with them,

then they have essentially deserted you.

If they beat you up physically, if they beat you up mentally,

God doesn't want you to be in a torture chamber

forever because of some verse in scripture.

I mean, really.

And the question is divorce and remarriage,

but certainly separation is in order.

God is also on the side, always, of restoration.

It may be that this husband, with proper counseling,

will change.

It's possible.

You could hope so.

But all I can say is, you don't have

to live in torment forever.

Break it off.

And don't feel guilty about it.

All right.

OK, Pat.

This is Gabriel.

And he doesn't say how old he is.

But he says, "Hi, Pat.

I've been watching 'The 700 Club' for years,

but I don't know if I can anymore.

My parents and all my siblings recently converted to Islam,

but I want to stay a Christian.

They don't want me to have a Bible anymore and would rather

me live by the Quran and deny Jesus as God's son.

Since this has happened, I've felt all the Lord's blessings

leave our house.

What can I do to save my family from this

and bring them back to the Lord Jesus Christ?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I don't think the long-range future

of your family's in your hands.

It's in your parents' hands.

But I do think that, you know, like the apostle Paul said,

[INAUDIBLE] what is right in the state of God to obey you,

you've got to realize we cannot but speak the things we've seen

and heard.

They can't stop you from witnessing.

They can't stop you from loving God.

They can't stop you from reading your Bible.

And if they do, the curse of the Lord

is going to descend upon them.

And it's going to be terrible.

You may find, if my mother and father put me out,

the Lord will take me up.

You may have to, you know, move out.

That may be.

But you have to put your relationship

with Jesus ahead of the other.

But you didn't say what country you were from.

So I presume you're talking about America.

If you were in a Muslim country, you'd get killed for what,

you know, you want to do.

This is America, and you have a great deal of freedom.

You may have to ask for some help.

Other than that, I don't know what else to say.

But I think the thought that one day you

may have to leave home in order to serve

Jesus is not so far fetched.

All right.


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