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2017 NCAA Final Four Champion Crowned

As cleanup begins in Phoenix, a new college basketball champion has been crowned. CBN Sports talks with teams from both locker rooms about the impact this experience will have on their lives. Read Transcript

SHAWN BROWN: Hello and welcome to University

of Phoenix Stadium, here in Glendale,

for CBN's coverage of the 2017 Men's Final Four.

Where the North Carolina Tar Heels

have captured their sixth NCAA National

Championship in school history.

And what a game it was, it's a classic tale

of David versus Goliath.

On the one hand you have Gonzaga,

a small Christian school out of Spokane,

Washington, who has never made it this far in the tournament,

going up against North Carolina a basketball powerhouse

with multiple championships.

But the Zags held their own, up until the last minute.

The Tar Heels appeared to come out

strong and aggressive with this dunk by Theo Pinson, then

here's big Kennedy Meeks for the jumper, followed

by Joel Berry for 3 But the Bulldogs

made a statement with this dunk by Zach Collins and this 3

by Josh Perkins.

Gonzaga leads the half up by 3.

Second half, the Tar Heels come out strong

again with this dunk by Kennedy Meeks.

But the Bulldogs weren't going away that easy.

Here's Jordan Matthews for 3, then with 13:14 left,

Isaiah Hicks nails this jumper, followed by another 3

by Joel Berry, 47-45 Heels.

Later in the half, Jonathan Williams

tries to close the gap with a 3 of his own,

followed by another by Nigel Williams-Goss,

but here comes Joe Berry again with the 3.

Then after this block by Kennedy Meeks,

Joe Berry finds Justin Jackson down-court, who throws it down.

And with 7 seconds left in the game,

Joel Berry goes to the line, he misses the first,

makes the second, and the North Carolina Tar Heels

are National Champs.

LUKE MAYE: Oh man, this is unbelievable,

we had like 6 or 7 guys this morning getting a little Bible

study and just have a quiet time,

just to be able to take it all in

and just keep the mindset on the Lord above.

That was the most important thing, and no matter

the outcome, we knew He was going to be there

and He's going to have our backs.

And we just went out there and wanted to play for him

and I felt like we did that tonight,

and luckily He blessed us, it was a great feeling.

THEO PINSON: Once that, once that ball went up,

I got the rebound I said, I can't even

explain it what happened.

ISAIAH HICKS: Not a lot of people

get second chances you know, this is our second chance

and I feel like that lit the fire up in us.

You know we just came out, you know, just wanted this.

JUSTIN JACKSON: For me always know God has a plan for me.

You know, whether it's to lose in this game again

or to win tonight.

So for me I put all my decisions based on that.

So for me, I felt like God was calling me to come back here.

I knew I had a great group of guys back here,

I knew we had a chance to come back and do some huge things.

And you know, God is good all the time,

you know all the time, God is good.

So, at the end of the day, I can't

do anything, but praise Him and thank Him for the abilities

that he gave me and the abilities

that he gave this team.


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