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Bring It On-Line: - April 6, 2017


Well, let's bring it on with some of the questions

you all have sent in.

And Pat, this first one comes from Daniel, who asks,

"Is there any evidentiary support for the idea

that once accepted into heaven, we

will be assigned a duty or an otherwise specific purpose?"

Well, there are some things in there.

The apostle Paul said the saints will judge the angels.

So apparently there will be some courts.

Angels will be brought before the saints,

and that will be one of your tasks.

Jesus said, your reward will be great in heaven.

Great is your reward in heaven for those who are persecuted

here for their faith.

But evidentiary support, you know,

we just don't have a road map that lays all this stuff out.

You just got to pick up little pieces like that.

But on this one, it's not comprehensive at all.

OK, this is Angie, who says, "When Jesus comes back,

is He coming back as God or as both God and man?"

Well, He's coming back as who He always is.

He's the second person of the Trinity, Father, Son,

and Holy Spirit.

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God

and the Word was God," read John.

And He is the Word of God.

And In the beginning, God expressed Himself

so that's who He is.

And He's going to come back as that,

and He will come back in power and might.

And He said, you'll see the Son of Man

riding on the clouds of Heaven, and sitting

at the right hand of power.

So He called Himself the Son of Man

so I tell you, wait till He comes back,

and then you get the answer.


And then Willa asks, "Is coconut oil good for you?"

Extremely good for you.

It's a good thing to have.

It's a good thing to cook with.

It's very tasty.

And it's also, we think that it helps

in relation to Alzheimer's and some other neurological

disorders, which have been plaguing mankind.

This is Louis, who says, "Who created God?"

I have to ask how old is Louis.

If he's under 12, I know that, you know--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: You don't answer questions from--

Really, we don't ask that.

People under 12.

Where did He come from?

The Bible says, "In the beginning, God"--

so before there was anything to begin, God was there.

But it doesn't say who created Him, where did He come.

It says from everlasting to everlasting thou art God.

But we don't have anything in the Bible

that says, OK, I'm going to tell you where He came

from because it's not there.

What's in the Bible is what we need

to know to find salvation in the God

who is the author of the universe

and how we can please Him.

That's what the Bible is.

And it isn't an explanation of His origins.

But all I know is the Bible says, "In the beginning, God"--

before anything could begin, God was already there.

That's all I know.

OK, this is Susan, who says, "The church I have attended

my whole life, 59 years, believes in blasphemy

against the Holy Spirit.

I was taught if you habitually reject Christ's call,

He will no longer hear your call.

It's been taught that if you call God names

or are saying untrue statements about Him,

it's considered blasphemy.

Please explain this to me."

Well, the commandment says, "Thou

shall not take the name of Yahweh, your God,

over a false oath."

So that's blasphemy.

You shall not take the Lord.

We use it, the Lord your God in vain,

but it's not in vain, over vanity, over a falsehood.

And that is going to court and swearing

by God's name over something you know to be false.

There's so much more about this whole concept of blasphemy.

And you know, I don't give you a Greek lesson,

but there's the aorist tense, which

means it happens one time.

We don't, the only explanation we

can have with some of those things in the Bible

is that He's talking about a deliberate rejection of Jesus.

Because the Holy Spirit is leading you to Jesus,

and if you reject the wooing of the Holy Spirit,

then there's no hope for you.

Because the only hope is in Jesus.

All right.

This is Darla, who says, "My husband knows the Word.

He has so much memorized.

But when it comes to living it, it's a different story.

He's been to Bible college.

He is a licensed pastor.

We sing together and go to church together every week.

Is it right that he goes to church

and still wants to go to the casino three or four times

a month?

We paid off our credit cards, then he took a card

and got $200 cash to blow at the casino.

He says he'll pay it back out of his paycheck,

so I shouldn't be stressing about it.

He actually blames me for being upset.

Please help me.

All I want to do is live for God.

I'm really frustrated."

What is it about gambling?

The Bible says, you shall not tempt the Lord your God.

So when you take a bunch of chips, $200,

and push them out into the table and say,

I'm putting this on 16 red, and the wheel goes around,

and it comes up 32 black, you lose.

Comes out red, you win.

But are you asking God to control the wheel?

Are you asking him to control the cards

when they flip the cards?

Are you praying that you hit an inside straight?

Are you playing for another heart to get a flush?

I mean, are you, it's just a game.

I mean, if it's just a game, like who cares.

I mean, you got a couple hundred dollars,

you want to have a party, I mean,

so that's your recreation.

Instead of go riding on the Ferris wheel,

you're riding on the roulette wheel.

I don't think that type of thing is a quote, "sin."

I think what's the sin is you're praying

to God that He intervene.

And if you don't win, you know, He's let you down.

But in this case, is your husband looking after you?

Is he paying the bills?

Does he love you?

Is he taking care of your children?

Is he faithful?

Do you have a good life together?

Is he romantic?

Does he love you and hug you and kiss

you and all those good things?

Do you have enough food to eat?

Have you got a house?

All right.

So if he does all that, I mean, chill out.

If he wants to blow a couple hundred bucks at the casino,

let him do it.

I mean, you know, for him, it's recreation.

Maybe you'd rather him go fly fishing or shooting

skeet or something.

But that's his recreation.

If it gets to be more than that, that's where the sin comes in.

All right.

Well, we thank you for your questions.

PAT ROBERTSON: I'm sure I'm going to get

a lot of calls on that one.

Yeah, address that to Pat Robertson.

Thank you very much.

Terry Meeuwsen.




All right.

Go for that.


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