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Praying For Your Needs: April 6, 2017

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Brynn Border was looking forward

to being part of our live 700 Club audience, right here

in our studio.

But before the family came to Virginia Beach,

they traveled to Williamsburg to do something Brynn was not

looking forward to.

And I'm kind of with her on this, riding a roller coaster.

NARRATOR: Brynn Border and her home schooling family

were vacationing in coastal Virginia,

just as they do every June.

On the first day of their trip, they

went to Busch Gardens Theme Park and headed straight

for the roller coaster.

I do not normally ride the roller coasters.

In fact, our oldest son Robert, for his senior year graduation

he said, mom you cannot--

I'm graduating.

You have to go on the roller coaster, please.

And I, that's why I did.

It was very scary.

And I think because I wasn't used to it,

I was just very tense.

NARRATOR: Brynn was shaken up by the impact of the ride

but otherwise felt fine.

It wasn't until late that night that she

began to experience intense pain in her arm.

The pain worsened the next morning.

BRYNN BORDER (VOICEOVER): The pain was sharp.

So tight that I could barely move it.

The only way that the pain would subside a little,

is holding it as tight to my chest as I could.

NARRATOR: Brynn and her family prayed for a healing.

A few times a day, she forced herself to extend her arm.

BRYNN BORDER (VOICEOVER): I just felt that I had to do that.

I guess it was instinct that it felt like it was freezing.

I thought the more that I moved it maybe I

would be able to loosen it up, but I was not able to do that.

NARRATOR: Brynn took Tylenol to help manage the pain.

She didn't want to interrupt their vacation with a doctor


So she decided to tough it out.

BRYNN BORDER (VOICEOVER): As the week went on,

I did get more and more frightened

because the pain was worse.

I think the pain was getting worse

because I was forced to hold it in one position all week.

And therefore, the pain would travel up to my arm, shoulder,


NARRATOR: Later that week the family went

to a taping of "The 700 Club".

Brynn had the opportunity to meet the host

and share her testimony.

BRYNN BORDER: I do remember saying to Gordon

that I rededicated my life to the Lord

at 20 by watching The 700 Club.

And it was through one of his prayers, a Sinner's Prayer

that he led on TV.

And I thanked him for that.

It was amazing to be on the set.

To see where everything happens that I've

been watching for so long.

NARRATOR: During the taping, Gordon and Terry

led a time of prayer.

GORDON: Someone else with an injury on your right arm.

And that's both the elbow and the shoulder

and gods restoring.

No more pain.

Begin to move that arm and realize the great miracle

that just happened.

He is able to restore.

He's able to reattach tendons.

He's able to do all these things because He loves you,

He cherishes you.

I honestly thought, well, oh my gosh, that's me.

That is exactly what happened to me.

I just took it and said, Lord, I thank you that my arm is healed

and I believe that that prayer is for me.

And I accept it in Jesus' name.

NARRATOR: After the taping, the group took a tour of CBN.

BRYNN BORDER (VOICEOVER): They're walking up the steps

and I noticed that I was not struggling

as much as I was earlier in the week when

I had to walk up steps.

So what I would do is just move it very slowly,

the way that I was trying to do throughout the week

and it wasn't as hard.

It was much freer.

At that point, when I was able to move it,

it barely hurt at all.

And by the time I went up to my husband and my mom

to tell them that the pain was gone, it was totally gone.

It was totally normal again as if it was,

it had never happened.

NARRATOR: Brynn has been pain free ever since

and has full mobility of her arm.

She says that the healing was a reminder of God's promises.

BRYNN BORDER: My family learned, by seeing it happen to me,

that God does answer prayer.

And I'm so glad that we visited "The 700 Club" that day.

Not even knowing or thinking that a healing would take

place, just excited to come.

But we got doubly blessed, not only by being

here in the audience, but Jesus healed my arm that day too.

Most of us believe that God heals.

And we read stories in "The Bible" of God healing,

but when it comes to rest on you it

deepens your faith in a way that just is different forever.

And so we rejoice with Brynn in her healing.

That is so wonderful and that it happened right here

in our studio.

Yeah, so exciting.

I mean it really is.

--Even more wonderful.

God bless her.

Well, we've got to pray for some folk.

Well, you've got some answers.

I've got some reports here.

Go ahead.

This is Suzanne.

She lives in Aiken, South Carolina.

She was suffering with knee pain and the pain actually

prevented her from walking.

Well, one day she was watching "The 700 Club" and Pat you

gave this word of knowledge.

You said, you twisted your knee and you pulled a tendon.


your hand on the knee that is hurt.

God is healing you right now.

The tendons are coming back together.

Suzanne also knew that word was for her.

She claimed it and now has no pain.

Here's somebody that's got a issue with blood.

She lives in Honolulu and she was praying

and you had that word about it.

And Annelyn felt with heavy warmth, suddenly felt lighter.

10 minutes later, the doctor came in

and said the bleeding she had had has stopped.

She's had no problem with bleeding since that day.

And she had had this stuff for years apparently

and they couldn't stop it.

It was like that Roman with the issue of blood

and God set her free.

So we're gonna pray.

Got a few moments to pray for you.

Father, God, there's somebody, you're

like sensing spirits like some kind of a demonic thing.

And you see these things at night and they torment you.

In the name of Jesus, right now we bind these spirits

and command them to leave you in Jesus' name, now.

From this moment on, you declare the name of the Lord Jesus

Christ and the blood of Jesus.


Somebody else, you've had a corneal transplant

and you've had trouble with the healing of it.

But right now, God's just moving all

of what needs to be moved right into place.

Healing what needs to be healed and you are totally

going to be fine from that.

And someone else, you have an issue with your aorta.

God's touching that, healing it.

Opening things up, restoring proper flow there.

Thank you, Lord.

Somebody's got, a you ripped a tendon in your neck.

I don't know what it was, a jerk.

And it's very inflamed and sore.

And just put your hand on that right now.

In the name of Jesus, touch.

Heal you.

One more, Terry.

Someone else, you have a lot of mental confusion lately.

You're very, very concerned about it.

You think it might be something long term but it's really not.

You're having a reaction to something.

And God's healing that for you right now.

Wherever you are, raise your hands and praise God.

Receive the answer that God has given you.

TERRY: Thank you, Jesus.

Thank Him for what he's done.

Praise him for it.

Continue to believe his stripes.

You all ready are healed.

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