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News on The 700 Club: April 6, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 6: Showdown at Mar-a-Lago: Trump's blind date with Xi; Down to the wire: Inside the stand-off over Neil Gorsuch, and more. Read Transcript

Well, some of you may have jealousy and envy

you'd like to be Donald Trump.

But I think in today's world, I'm not sure I'd want to be.

This world we're living in is so chaotic.

And President Trump is faced with ISIS insurgency.

He's faced with a terrible barbaric gas attack in Syria.

He's faced with mounting threats of South Korea.

He's faced with disintegration of the EU.

I mean, it just goes on and on and on.

And the Russians are doing stuff.

I mean, it's not easy.

But if you need to pray for somebody [INAUDIBLE].

But we're going to talk about what

the problems facing the president--

and also the big news which has to do with the Supreme

Court of the United States.


Well today, President Trump is meeting

with the leader of China.

And they'll be talking about that deadly nuclear threat

from North Korea.

Dale Herd has the story.

There's no mystery over what will be on the agenda when

the leaders of the US and China meet for the first time today

at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

North Korea will be one.

On Wednesday, the nation known as the hermit kingdom

launched another medium range ballistic missile.

North Korea-- we have a big problem.

We have somebody that is not doing the right thing.

And that's going to be my responsibility.

Clearly, Trump would like to see China putting

more pressure on North Korea.

As you know, China would like to see

the US opening direct negotiations with North Korea.

And the other big issue on the agenda is trade.

Trump has already tweeted that the US

can no longer have massive trade deficits with China.

And then you've got a long list

of issues of common concern.

All the way from the South China Sea to Taiwan.

And in another foreign policy challenge,

the chemical weapons attack that killed at least 72 people

in Syria seems to have changed President Trump's perception

of the war there, and the Russian-backed Assad regime.

Before becoming President, Trump had

said Syria is not our problem.

But now, he says--

That attack on children yesterday

had a big impact on me.

Big impact.

My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.

At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council,

Russia continued to deny that the Syrian government was

behind it.

And the Syrian foreign minister said today

his country never used and will not

use chemical weapons in Syria.

But US ambassador Nikki Haley said the facts were undeniable.

There are times in the life of states that we are compelled

to take our own action.

But President Trump was noncommittal

over whether the US would take action against Syria,

and told reporters if he were, he's certainly not

going to tell them.

Dale Herd, CBN News.

Thanks, Dale.


He's down and negotiating with China.

And here, we've got to face this chemical attack.

Senator John McCain had a good point yesterday.

I think he's well-spoken on this one.

We can set up a no fly zone over Syria.

And just say look, if you put any aircraft in the area,

we're going to shoot it down.

And just tell the Russians, get out of the way,

unless you want a shooting war.

Because we are going to be in there in force.

I think we can do that.

And just say, look, you don't fly anymore.

And then we start clamping down on trade.

Which Bashar Assad is trained as a doctor in Europe.

You think he's a man of medicine, a man of healing.

He's turned out to be a butcher as bad as his father.

And this chemical attack is an outrage.

So we've got to do something.

Well, there's something else going on,

a showdown being imposed upon the president.

And looks like there's no way out.

The Senate votes tomorrow.

Republicans are going to have to use

was called the nuclear option to confirm Judge Neil

Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Our CBN News White House correspondent Jennifer

Wishon on brings us there.

It looks like Republicans will have to go nuclear.

Or at the very least, get creative if they want

to fulfill their promise to put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme

Court .

Democrats are unwavering in their resistance,

employing tactics like long dramatic speeches on the Senate


This is an extreme nominee from the far right who

doesn't believe in the fundamental vision of we

the people, and makes decision after decision

through tortured, twisted, contrived arguments defined

for the powerful over the people.

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway

tells CBN News, Democrats are playing political games

with Gorsuch despite his first rate qualifications.

We're talking about Neil Gorsuch, an appellate judge

in the US circuit court whose academic credentials,

judicial temperament and judicial record

are beyond reproach.

The American Bar Association gave Gorsuch

its highest possible rating.

Now conservatives are asking if Democrats

will go after a nominee as qualified

as Judge Gorsuch then who will they

accept from President Trump's list of potential nominees.

What's unprecedented here in the 228 year

history of the institution of the United States Senate

is a partisan filibuster.

It's very, very unfortunate.

A number of Democrats now against Gorsuch

were first for him.

Those who were in the Senate in 2006

when President George W Bush nominated

Gorsuch to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals,

and he was confirmed unanimously.

Despite the political games, Republicans

say they're not deterred.

Conway says the president knows his commitment

to appoint a nominee with fidelity to the Constitution

is one of the reasons evangelicals supported him

in record numbers.

Neil Gorsuch is qualified.

He will be confirmed.

He will sit on the United States Supreme Court very soon.

We are confident in that.

We'll all find out Friday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, the White House.

It's gotten so bitter up there.

I tell you, if John Marshall was put up for the Supreme Court,

they'd vote him down as being unqualified.

If James Madison was up there, they'd vote him down.

Anybody that Trump proposes would be voted down.

And the Republicans recognize that the Democrats are just

playing the rawest kind of politics.

And for that man to rant on about how

far off the mainstream-- this man is

one of the best qualified judicial nominees

we have ever had for the Supreme Court.

And when you think that the decisions he's made

have been backed up by his fellow judges almost all 95%,

98% of the time, it's unbelievable.

So anyhow, it's coming up tomorrow.

And I think it looks like the Democrats only kill themselves.

I mean, if they force the Republicans to use

this nuclear option, the next judge

is going to be a whole lot more conservative,

a whole lot less qualified than Gorsuch.

And they can put him through with a simple majority.

Well, Jay Sekulow of the American Center

for Law and Justice is with us.

And Jay, do you have idea into the mind of the Democrats?

Why are they doing this?

Well, they're getting a lot of pressure, Pat,

from the groups on the left.

From Planned Parenthood and others

to do this really suicide mission regarding

this filibuster.

I mean, the fact of the matter is-- we all know this,

you and I know this-- that tomorrow evening,

Judge Gorsuch will put his hand on the Bible--

sometime tomorrow night--

and be sworn in as the justice of the Supreme

Court of the United States.

Because the Republicans will change the rule--

and it's not really a rule, the precedent on the cloture--

60 vote cloture precedent-- they'll change it,

the so-called nuclear option.

Which is nothing nuclear about it, by the way.

It's-- the Constitution doesn't mandate that 60 votes to get

something to the floor of the Senate.

So here's what we're going to have.

The Democrats have decided-- and you said it so perfectly just

a moment ago--

they are attacking Judge Gorsuch and his credentials

for a seat fulfilling that was lost

by the passing of our friend, Justice Antonin Scalia.

So the net effect of the voting, if you look at it a block,

is no different.

This is just replacing Justice Scalia.

So they're going to utilize the filibuster now.

And then when we have another vacancy--

potentially even this summer--

then they're done.

So this will be the Supreme Court for way

beyond my life and your life.

I mean, this could be Supreme Court

from the next 40 or 60 years.

And-- you know-- as it starts playing out here.

I mean, certainly the next 40 years.

And I-- to me, it makes no sense what the Democrats are doing.

But they're getting pressure from the left.

And that's why they're doing it.

Jay, again, I'm baffled.

But it may be they don't see the strategic plan.

I mean, the plan is laid out--

the thing of it is Harry Reid said this thing into motion.

They can't blame the Republicans on this nuclear option.

Reid did it.

You're exactly correct.

And here's what you've got.

You look at the age of the justices being nominated now.

So Judge Gorsuch is in his late 40s.

Others that are now just turning 55 when you think of Kagan.

Sotomayor just turned 60.

So let's say President Trump gets three more

selections in the next four years--

it will be more than in eight.

You're talking about judges that would be going on the court

now in the next three years in their late 40s,

mid to late 40s.

So what do you you've got?

Judges that are going to serve probably for 30 or 40 years.

So this is the Supreme Court for two generations.

And the Democrats are playing with fire here.

But you know what?

They do it good.

Let's get this guy confirmed.

We don't have to put up with this nonsense the next time


What Reid put in was for circuit court.

So I understand there may be some openings on the DC

circuit, which would be a major, major coup if Trump could

put some on that court too.

Yeah, because the DC circuit is the second most powerful

court in the country.

And this because a lot of the regulatory issues,

governmental issues, our case involving the IRS where

we beat them back on those Tea Party

attacks and won that case, it was at the the DC Circuit Court

of Appeals.

So that's-- no-- you're exactly correct.

It's the second most powerful court in the country.

And I think with more vacancies coming there,

you're going to see-- you could see a shift dramatically

over four to eight years in the federal courts.

No question about it.

I guess we're all concerned about this thing with Susan


How do you-- you wrote an op ed about it.

What's your take on it?

You know, Pat, I think a grand jury may well

be done right now.

I think a grand jury needs to be impaneled by the Justice


They need to be looking at violations of the FISA laws.

But also, you know, simple espionage and conspiracy

to commit espionage.

The unmasking of this material is one thing,

but the leaking of it is the crime.

And-- but for Susan rice's action,

this would have not been put into play.

So when you're looking at that as a former government lawyer,

what I look at is who are the various players,

and what did they do collectively?

So I look at their individual actions,

then I look at what kind of communications

they've had with each other.

And that's how you put a conspiracy case together.

I was talking to one of our senior lawyers--

who you know of course, Andy [INAUDIBLE]

was a former US attorney-- and we said,

this is a conspiracy case.

That's how you start this.

It's a violation of the espionage, specifically 793--

18 USC 793 F--

if the facts prove out to be the way they look.

But I think-- look, I think Susan Rice

is going to take the Fifth Amendment privilege.

I think she's going to try to claim executive privilege.

She's going to do everything she can to not have to testify.

She unmasked it.

She put it in motion.

Need to be looking at her and others

to see where this conspiracy goes.

How do you see it?

Do you think she might wind up doing some time?

Well, that's going to be-- you know--

will the Justice Department impanel a grand jury?

That's question one.

Hopefully, that's already being done.

And we don't need to know about that.

That needs to just be happening.

Number two, the various intelligence committees

are going to talk to her.

I heard yesterday from some of our friends

on Capitol Hill, Pat, friends of yours

and mine in the United States Senate and the House

that they are planning on bringing

Sally Yates, who was that acting attorney general in.

They're talking about bringing Loretta Lynch in.

They're talking about John Brennan.

They're talking about a number of--

Clapper, James Clapper-- so a number

of intelligence officials to find out what in the world

was going on.

Because people keep calling this surveillance.

But it's starting to look like to me

like spying on the opposing political party.

And that, you know--

in a constitutional republic, we shouldn't

be taking-- we should not be accepting

that as normal behavior.

That's not normal.

That's not the usual politics of the moment.

That's spying on your opponent.

Oh, my dear brother on a personal level,

I understand that there's a blockage in one

of your arteries coming out of your heart,

and you're still on Hannity and you're on this show.

Are you ever going to rest and get that thing fixed?

Oh yeah, we're going to be fine.

Thank you for asking.

No-- everything is going to be fine.

We'll be good.

I am going to--

I'm going to-- I'll tell you this-- my--

Pam said to me yesterday, you know, a break would be good.

Taking a break might be good.

So, we'll see.

Please know we're praying for you.

God bless you.

Tremendous job, Jay Sekulow.

Wonderful attorney, wonderful voice

for reason, Head of the ACLJ, and my dear friend.

I guess I'm the head of it, I'm the president of it.

He's the general counsel.

Well, we will be praying for him.

He's a distinguished lawyer.

And boy, he's on top of this one.


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