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Praying For Your Needs: April 11, 2017

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Well, we have some others we'd like

to share with you, before we pray for you and for your needs


This is Phyllis.

Phyllis lives in Gastonia, North Carolina,

suffered with constant dizziness and stumbling for 28 years.

She was watching this program on February 1st

this year when she heard you, Pat, give

this word of knowledge.

"Oh, the dizziness is bad-- the vertigo.

And you've been crying out to God, "please help me".

Right now, that inner ear is being

healed in the name of Jesus."

Well, Phyllis claimed that word.

Immediately, the heaviness, the pressure,

and the constant sensation of motion were gone.

She has not had a problem since that day after 28 years.

Praise God.

I tell you, that's an incredible miracle.

Oh, you know, That's wonderful.

Well, anyway, here's another one.

11-Year-old Stephanie from Vancouver, British Columbia

had been suffering with a clogged left ear from an ear


And one day, she and her mother were watching

and they heard you, Terry, quote somebody,

"Your left ear is stuffed up and you had trouble hearing.

This is just opening now, in Jesus' name."

And Stephanie and her mom both said, that's us,

and within 24 hours, that sweet, 11-year-old Stephanie

was completely healed.

God is good.

All right, folks, we want to pray for you.

Whatever the need is, there's some tragedies,

there's some good times.

We're coming up on Easter, the time

we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

And Terry and I are going to join together,

and we're going to pray.

Father, we thank you.

Together, we thank you.

Lord, we worship you.

We offer to you the praise of Thanksgiving.

We give you an offering of Thanksgiving and praise.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Lord.

Somebody has got a left foot-- it's twisted in,

and it sort of dragged and crippled.

At this moment, the power of God is

going through that whole joint; going

through your leg, your knee, your hip, and all the way

up to your foot.

It's straightening up now, and you plant your foot solid.

In the name of Jesus, touch!

And someone else, this is going to surprise you,

because you've had this problem since you were a child--

you're a stutterer, and you just learn to live with it

and to try to deal with it.

But today, you are set free from that.

You can speak clearly, in Jesus' name.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Lord.

[INAUDIBLE], the Lord is just setting you free.

You will see clearly from this moment on.

Your whole life is going to come into focus.

You've been saying, Lord, I don't know what I can do,

my life is unfocused.

And God just said, right now, your life is focused.

I'm giving you laser focus, in Jesus' name.

Terry, one more.

And there is someone else.

You have a blockage in your heart,

and your due for surgery.

God's opening that for you right now, in Jesus' name.

Your energy is back, you're not going to feel any palpitations


You have been made whole, in Jesus' name.

Receive it, in Jesus' name, amen.

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