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Discover How To Have A Deeper Relationship With God

Author Katherine Ruonala discusses living life with the Holy Spirit, and how it leads to a deeper relationship with God. Read Transcript

People were coming from all around for healing.

Those words open Katherine Ruonala's book.

Throughout its pages, she shares stories

of the power of the Holy Spirit and reveals

how you can harness it as well.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Imagine being at a concert

and wearing a badge with full access into all areas.

Katherine Ruonala says that kind of all access power

is available to us when we pray.

Katherine and her husband, Tom, pastor a church

in Brisbane, Australia.

She's also the host of her own TV show.

Together, they've seen miracles happen around the world.

In her book, Life with the Holy Spirit,

Katherine shares how God moves in our lives

and how we can experience a genuine encounter

with the Holy Spirit.

And Katherine Ruonala joins us now.

Katherine, welcome to the show.

Good to see you again.

It's so good to be here.

Thank you for having me.


Well, let's talk about when you first met the Holy Spirit,

you were introduced to the Holy Spirit.

You were only 23 years old, what happened?

Well, I had heard about the person of the Holy Spirit,

but I didn't really understand it.

I didn't know if you could talk to the Holy Spirit,

whether that was even legal.

The more I looked into the word of God

where he talks about being our comforter and our teacher,

I figured, well, I must be allowed to talk to him.

And so I just began to say, Lord, I want to know you.

Help me to know you, Holy Spirit.

I went through just a massive deliverance

as the spirit of God just came and set me free from fear,

and insecurity, and began to reveal

to me the love of the Father.

And it just began a love journey, actually,

of having someone who knows my deepest needs, who

speaks my love languages so perfectly, walking with me,

affirming with me, comforting me, helping me all the time.

It's just been so beautiful.

And he set you free from an irrational fear

of your husband's demise, right?

Well, that's so true.

I had been brought up in an abusive background as a child

and I was very insecure.

And my husband and I got married when I was 20

and I thought, hooray, I've got someone

who signed a piece of paper saying

he'll love me until he dies.

And then the next thought was, what if he does die?

It was just this deep, secret fear.

And I said to the Holy Spirit one day, I said,

Lord, set me free from this fear.

And that night he came and, I didn't know,

but it was just the tip of a big iceberg

of all sorts of insecurities and lies I believed.

And he came and did such a powerful thing.

He showed me a vision--

Firstly, I saw myself as a child with my head on His lap

and He was stroking my hair.

Do you know that the Lord is affectionate?



And then I saw myself as a little girl with this ugly face

because I believed myself to be ugly and shameful.

And this face just peeled off like a mask.

The devil's such a liar because you're gorgeous.

And then I saw myself as a woman walking in heaven,

just looking so dignified.

And the Holy Spirit just restored my dignity,

and ever since he has been helping me understand

my identity in Christ.

Well, you write that the Holy Spirit reveals

our identity and our destiny.

How does he do that?

Oh, he keeps reminding us of the great news

of our salvation.

When we've been born again, we actually

become new creations in Christ.

Old things have passed away.

The way we used to view ourselves, the way people have

viewed ourselves no longer counts when we reckon ourselves

dead and alive to God in Christ, and become the righteous who

actively live by faith.

Putting faith in the fact that even if our hearts condemn us,

he's greater than our hearts.

As he is, so are we in this world.

And knowing that and knowing the love that he has for us

helps us to walk in a humility and a holy confidence that

lets us really do the works of Jesus.

Katherine, you devote a whole chapter to forgiveness.

Why do you do that?

Well, I really believe that as we let the Holy Spirit help

us know the love of God, he gives us power

to share that with other people.

And instead of needing an apology from other people,

I'm able to let go of the emotional debts I

think people owe me and walk in true freedom.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of liberty and freedom

and he wants to give us power to forgive the unforgivable

in the natural.

And sometimes ourselves.

That's so true and that's probably

one of the biggest ones.

Really is, we forget that.

Do you talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit in your book?

Oh, very much.

I really believe that the Father wants

us to be walking with the same power

that Jesus was walking with on the earth.

I remember once hearing Kathryn Kuhlman

speak about the Holy Spirit.

And I remember her saying that everything Jesus did

on the earth, He did as a man utterly dependent

on the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit will never

let you down.

And that was such an encouragement to me.

How do we harness that power that is there?

Well, the Bible says that if a son asks a father for bread,

he's not going to get a stone.

Or if he asked him for a fish, he

wasn't going to give him a snake.

How much more will your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit

to those who ask?

When we get born again, we have the spirit

of God living on the inside of us,

but there is a clothing with power from on high.

God wants to fill us, and overwhelm us, and baptize us

with the Holy Ghost and fire so that we

can walk with boldness to witness,

to share the good news of the gospel,

and to take His word to the world.

I like what Sid Roth who endorsed your book says.

He says, "Welcome to the greatest

adventure of your life."

It is an adventure.

How has your experience with the Holy Spirit

changed over the years?

My trust in Him has grown.

The more He's revealed his love for us--

I spend a lot of time talking about how faith works by love.

That when we know the love of God, the Holy Spirit

wants to strengthen us and empower us

to walk in a revelation that's beyond human understanding,

beyond our capacity to even emotionally understand

or comprehend.

As we get a revelation of His love,

we then have a holy boldness to believe that such as He is,

so am I in this world.

And that we can lay hands on the sick, see them recover.

We can approach Him and not be afraid of being rejected, not

any longer feeling like orphans on the outside trying

to get Him to do something.

But we can ask like Jesus asked at the tomb of Lazarus

when he prayed.

He prayed with such confidence saying

I know you hear me father, but just for their benefit.

Just for them.

That's what fellowship with the Holy Spirit looks like.

And I think if people will take time to discipline themselves

every day just to be aware of the presence

of the Holy Spirit.

Like it says in Proverbs, acknowledge Him

in all your ways, I believe as we acknowledge His presence,

He is here with us now.

He's here.

Then as we walk with Him, and acknowledge His presence,

and spend time fellowshipping with Him as the spirit

of wisdom, the spirit of truth.

Read our bibles with Him and let Him lead us.

And as we understand our need for Him,

then we really can see the works of Jesus done.

Well, I could talk about this all day with you,

but we are out of time.

Katherine's book is called Life with the Holy Spirit.

It's available nationwide.

You want to get a copy of this.

It is anointed and so are you.

God bless you.

God bless you, Wendy.



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