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News on The 700 Club: April 18, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 18: North Korea: Nuclear war with U.S. may be near; Children of Ohio man killed live on Facebook have extraordinary message for murderer, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to this edition of "The 700 Club."

We've got some great things for you.

But I tell you, overseas--

maybe the Asians are used to inflame rhetoric.

And certainly, dictators just like

to blow off steam in front of their people

to get them all steamed up.

But the guy that's in charge of North Korea

is saying some things that have got us all steamed up.

They say, well, it's just a war of words

between the US and North Korea.

But the North is threatening to turn it

into the ultimate battle, a thermonuclear war with atom

bombs falling on the west coast of the United States

of America.

That's serious business.


Well, North Korea says it's prepared to fight if the United

States takes military action to stop its ballistic missile


Still, President Trump isn't backing down from his move

to finally end Kim Jong-un's threats.

Efrem Graham has the story.

EFREM GRAHAM (VOICEOVER): In the aftermath

of Vice President Pence's visit to the Korean demilitarized

zone, North Korea's deputy representative at the UN

gave a stern warning to the world body.

The thermonuclear war may break out

at any moment on the peninsula.

EFREM GRAHAM (VOICEOVER): How great is the North Korea


Despite this weekend's missile failure,

last month the country launched four ballistic missiles

more than 600 miles.

They dropped into the Sea of Japan.

Three of them in Japanese territorial waters.

That was followed by more threats

to launch missiles, and maybe even

a nuclear one against the United States.

North Korea is not backing down.

TRANSLATOR: We'll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly,

monthly, and yearly basis.

Any message for North Korea?

Got to behave

EFREM GRAHAM (VOICEOVER): In Japan, Vice President Mike

Pence said the US will be reaching out to North Korea's

neighbors to help shut down Kim Jong-un's

missile and nuclear development programs.

The era of strategic patience is over.

And while all options are on the table,

President Trump is determined to work closely

with Japan, with South Korea, with all her allies

in the region, and with China.

EFREM GRAHAM (VOICEOVER): China wants to cool tempers,

and would like to see a return to multilateral negotiations

with North Korea.

But Pyongyang has a long record of bad behavior,

and it broke a previous agreement negotiated

by President Bill Clinton.

In 1994, the Korean government agreed

to shut down its nuclear development program.

Five years later, CBN News obtained satellite imagery

showing a plutonium production site still

in operation near [INAUDIBLE].

North Korea is a problem.

The problem will be taken care of.

For now, the president isn't saying

how he intends to deal with the North Korea problem.

However, the United States is in the first phase

of deploying the thermal high altitude area defense

anti-ballistic missile system, THAAD, in South Korea.

And when asked what he plans next,

President Trump said, wait and see.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

Well, you're watching "The 700 Club."

Our international correspondent, Gary Lane, is with us.

Gary, you were actually in North Korea.

You've seen some of these things.

Tell us what's your reaction is.

Well, I think we have to take him

at his word, what Un is saying.

Does he have the capability to launch a nuclear missile

against the US?

Maybe not at this time.

But if he continues down the road,

yes, he will eventually do that.

Well, you know, the thing is so odd.

I was stationed in north of the 38th parallel

and I was in Korea.

And I'm familiar with the mountainous region.

But Seoul, it amazed me.

Seoul, when I first saw it, was kind of

like this sleepy little Korean village,

where they had the papasans, and they had the honey buckets

for the-- they didn't have any sewers.

I mean, it was unbelievable.

Come back, and it's one of the most modern equitable cities

with millions of people living there.

And the north has targeted them.

What kind of armaments does the North

have that they could aim at Seoul, for example?

Well, as you know, they've got these missiles

that they've been launching with a range of 600 miles.

I don't know that they can put a nuclear device on that,

but they could put some power behind it.

They have a thrust of about 80 tons,

so that's a pretty powerful missile.

Those could strike there.

But they also have armaments along the border,

and as much as a million man that they could deploy.

And just cross over the border.

It would take them probably less than two hours to get to Seoul.

PAT ROBERTSON: And we just have a little trip wire.

We've got some thousands of people, where it's trip wire.

GARY LANE: 29,000.

We have about 29,000 troops there.


Well, that wouldn't stand up against a million men,

wouldn't it?


And the South Koreans have about a half a million.

Well, they are about their business.

What are they doing?

I mean, it's an extraordinarily prosperous country.

South Korea?

PAT ROBERTSON: Yeah, yeah.

Oh, yes it is.

I mean, many of their cars are driven here in the US, right?

Hyundai, and KIA, and so forth.

But they're a tremendously prosperous.

But what North Korea is doing now,

they're trying to put on a show.

The Pyongyang is this up and coming city

now with new buildings and modern shopping centers,

and so forth.

But it's all for show.

Because if you go into the countryside, many of the people

are starving.

Have you had a chance to actually go up there and visit?

I haven't been to Pyongyang.

I walked across the border of the DMZ.

And I had a North Korean guard--

if looks could kill, I'd probably be dead.

But I soon crossed back into South Korea.

But you know, our vice president was there,

and he stared them down at the DMZ as well.

Well, they talk about that bus--

what is it?

GARY LANE: Mother of all bombs?


I'm trying to get.

A bunker buster.

GARY LANE: It's a powerful weapon.

Well, we could use that against Pyongyang

if they could identify where the nuclear facilities are.

It's about 11 tons of TNT.

That's a very powerful bomb.

We used it in Afghanistan.

I think the concern has been, Pat-- as you know,

because you've been there.

You spent time there.

It's a densely populated area.

You can't use tactical nukes.

Because if you do, the fallout would

go into China, into Japan, South Korea, Russia, and so forth.

So what you have to do is minimize civilian casualties

any nuclear fallout.

The mother of all bombs would do that.

You could hit some missile launch sites, also

some nuclear development sites.

What do people-- you've talked to people.

What do they say?

You know, I've personally been wrestling with the solutions.

And I'm sure we've got any good solutions.

Look, the president has said he's tired of this.

We've gone for 25 years.

And what has happened time and time again--

it happened under Bill Clinton, then again under Bush,

under Obama--

they make agreements, and then they violate those.

They only go a couple of years, and then they

start building their nuclear facilities and their missiles


There is some indication that they have a missile program

right now with Iran.

In cooperation with Iran.

The Pentagon last January, expressed concern

about a missile that was North Korean design

that the Iranians fired off, about 630 mile range on it.

So we know that they're working with the Iranians on missiles.

Are they working on them with them

on these secret nuclear weapons program?


There's been some talk of seal team six

being ready to do an assassination job on that.

Do you think that's at all possible?

It's very hard to penetrate that country.

I don't know that Un--

yes, it's hard to penetrate the country.

And I don't know that you could get to Un.

He's surrounded by a lot of military people.

And he stays hidden.

PAT ROBERTSON: They're talking about a regime change

with China, a midwife regime change.

Have you had any talks about that?

I haven't heard about that.

But I know at this point, China is trying to cooperate with us,

and help us out by doing things like sending coal back

to North Korea, and also stopping the flow of oil

back and forth.

So economic measures.


They put 150,000 men on the border

of North Korea and China.

Whether they'll use them or not, I don't know.

They would like to see tempers cooled,

and some kind of negotiations restarted.

But have those ever worked?

For 25 years, they have not stopped North Korea

from doing what it wants to do.

The big mistake was when Truman kept MacArthur from

going to the [INAUDIBLE] and sealing off that peninsula.

We could have sealed it off, put in a democratic governor,

and it would be fine.

But no, we didn't do it.

GARY LANE: What did you think of that time?

Because you were there.

Well hey, I was just a lowly lieutenant.

I didn't have much to do.

But we were all glad to get it over with.

I mean, they were going back and forth in those negotiations,

you know, at Panmunjom.

And they weren't going anywhere.

But we were just glad to see the fighting over.

I mean, it was a nasty place.

It was cold.

And those mountains were terrible.

And people get killed.

I had a father-in-law who served over there.

And 1/3 of his unit never came back.

And they had some brutal fighting.

It was terrible.

And the thing is they started trading.

I'd get a hill.

Here, this is our hill.

No, this is your hill.

Let's go fight.

And they'd fight over the hill.

Then they'd go get another.

And these Marines and others would

die to take this peace of real estate, which would then

be given back at the negotiating table.

It was just nonsense.

And you know, most Americans do not realize that we never

had a peace treaty with them.

There was an armistice--

or a cease fire agreement, but never a peace treaty.

We're still technically at war.

Endless negotiation.

Gary, thank you for being with us.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there was something to pray about,

this is it.

Well in other news, the manhunt is under way

across several states for the murderer who killed a man

and posted the murder on Facebook.

The victim's family has a message.

Wendy has that story.

Thanks, Pat.

The children of the 74-year-old victim

say they forgive their father's killer,

because the Bible tells them to.

Just want him to know that God loves him.

We love him.

Yes, we we're hurt.

But we have to forgive him.

Because if we don't forgive him, the Bible says your Heavenly

Father won't forgive you.

Steve, I forgive you, man.

I said, I'm not happy what you did, but I forgive you.


Godwin was the father of six girls and four boys.

They say he took them to church every Sunday.

The killer, as you see there, Steve Stephens,

is still on the run.

Well, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

hit the ground running on his first day on the high court


He asked more questions than any of the other justices.

That's unusual for a rookie member.

Now that Gorsuch has been confirmed,

the court is back to nine members

after Justice Antonin Scalia died 14 months ago.

The court will take up a closely watched case

involving taxpayer money and religion on Wednesday.

CBN News will have a report on that case tomorrow.

Well, don't look for tax reform to get finished anytime soon.

That's the word from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

He told the "Financial Times" that getting tax reform passed

by Congress, and on President Trump's desk by August

was not realistic at this point.

The economy has been the top issue for millions of voters.

And Pat, as you know, tax cuts for businesses and individuals

is a key part of President Trump's plan for getting

the economy growing again.

Well, I would argue with Steve Mnuchin.

He's a pretty sharp guy, but it does

seem to me they could lower the corporate tax rate very easily.

Just one stroke of the pen.

And you see, we'll take it from, say it's 35%, down to 20%.

OK, done.

There's a tremendous bipartisan support for that.

They could lower the individual tax rates, same thing.

But in terms of an overhaul, I should

say, of the entire tax code, that is a monumental task.

And I tell you, every lobbyist from every corner of the world

is going to be pushing the senators and congressmen

to give their concessions and leave them in the tax code.

They call it the accountants and lawyers tax relief bill,

and they don't want to give up what they've got.

So it's going to be a fight.

But in terms of just the corporate rate,

they could lower that in a heart beat.

They really should get it over with.

And then come back and do the big one later.


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