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News on The 700 Club: April 19, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 19: Dem plan to humiliate Trump bombs in Georgia; Are Christian children second-class citizens? The Supreme Court will decide, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition

of the 700 Club.

Shakespeare talked about something

that is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

That's what happened with that off election down in Georgia,

an off election for one congressional seat.

The Dems put in 8 million, count 'em, $8 million.

And almost all of it, almost every single dollar,

came from out of state to try to put in a Democrat

in an off election.

And he, in order to have a clear win,

he had to get over 50% of the vote.

He didn't get it.

And so, when the Republicans come together against him

in the general election, the chances

are that he will get beat.


That's right.

It was quite-- much ado about nothing.


Much ado about--

full of sound and fury.

But I understand CNN is jumping for joy.

What is wrong with CNN?

They really screwed up.

I think they wanted victory so bad that in their minds

it is a victory.

Let me tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a--

I know so much about the early days.

Ted Turner, we used to be friends,

I don't know what he's doing now besides raising buffaloes.

But anyhow, his idea of a newscast-- this

is a true story.

He got a dog and he fed the dog peanut butter,

and then he put the dog on close up camera

and the dog was doing this with the peanut butter.

And he had a guy reading the news off screen.

This is true.

This was their view of a newscast.

This was the early days of CNN.

And it's a joke what they're doing.

But anyhow-- the cable news have become so biased

that it's just ridiculous.

You know that district down in Georgia, that was once home--

Newt Gingrich's home.

That district had been held also by Congressman Tom

Price, who is now the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Now, the race is headed for a runoff,

and Republicans will be favored to win.

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: Both parties see the seat

held by former Congressman Tom Price

as a test, an early indicator of what

lies ahead in the 2018 congressional midterm


Democrats are trying to make it a referendum on the president.

President Trump embarrasses our country,

or acts recklessly, I'll hold him accountable.

HEATHER SELLS: Democratic candidate John Ossoff

was up against 11 Republican candidates last night,

but failed to get the necessary 50% of the vote

to avoid a runoff election.

That pits him against top vote getter Karen Handel in June.

Ossoff is a former Congressional staffer

and Handel a former Georgia Secretary of State.

Handle is also a former executive with the Susan Komen

Foundation that fights breast cancer,

and she took political heat in 2012

for a decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

This was a premeditated, orchestrated attack on a breast

cancer organization.

HEATHER SELLS: She told CBN News that Komen

was looking for a neutral ground and noticed

that Planned Parenthood didn't perform mammograms,

but merely referred them out.

Last night, Handel told a Georgia crowd

that she'll fight for their values,

including those on health care, and she clearly

tied her opponent to the national Democratic Party.

In a choice between the views and values of a proven,

independent, and conservative leader

who has delivered for the people of this district

and this state, or a Democrat who Nancy Pelosi hopes

is going to deliver for her.

HEATHER SELLS: Ossoff will no doubt

try to capitalize on anti-Trump energy among Democrats

while appealing to moderate Republicans

in a conservative district.

Let's show what people power is all about.

HEATHER SELLS: But the president himself is clearly

up for the fight, tweeting overnight about a big R win,

and saying glad to be of help.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

You know 200,000, 300,000, 500,000,

this big money in a Congressional off year race.

It wasn't even the general election.

But $8 million, it is unheard of.

And if you can't win with 8 million,

you ain't going to win with anything.

It's just not going to happen.

So to be touting that as some great win, it's not.

And you just wonder, so it's one more seat in the House

of Representatives.

So, big deal.

Wondering if it will be a black eye to Trump?

No, it won't.

And it is just ridiculous.

But this is this nation we live in, and this is--

Well, in other news, the Supreme Court

is hearing its first major case today

since Neil Gorsuch was sworn in.

It involves taxpayer money and church and state.

Mark Martin has it.

Pat, the outcome of this case could

have national implications because it raises the question

of whether or not a private religious school can get money

from the state.

Paul Strand brings us the story from Washington.

PAUL STRAND: The other day in the nation's capital, lawyers

fought before mock justices in a mock hearing of the biggest

religious rights case the Supreme Court is taking up

this session.

This mock hearing concerned a case

about a playground which just might

affect your religious rights.

Missouri was giving grants to nonprofit organizations that

had playgrounds to help them purchase a rubberized surface

made of recycled tires.

So when kids fall, they don't get hurt.

PAUL STRAND: David Cortman is an attorney with Alliance

Defending freedom, ADF, which takes on cases

to protect religious rights.

He says Trinity Lutheran Church applied along

with dozens of others.

Missouri bureaucrats judge them on a number of criteria.

And the church scored among the top five,

and would have been given the grant,

but once they read the application, found out

that this preschool was run by Trinity Lutheran,

they said oh, separation of church and state.

Now, even though you qualified better

than almost every other applicant,

we're going to kick you out of the program

simply because you're run by a religious organization.

PAUL STRAND: At that mock hearing,

Daniel Mack of the American Civil Liberties Union

argued Missouri's own law on church state matters

forced it to decide this way.

The state here actually was not only

allowed to deny the funding here but required

to deny the funding.

PAUL STRAND: But Cortman, who's arguing for Trinity Lutheran

before the high court, says the state has nothing to fear here.

There's no religion going on the playground.

It's just purely a surface for the kids to fall.

Obviously, there's nothing inherently

religious about tire material.

But there's nothing inherently religious about a piece

of wood, but that piece of wood can be used to build a chapel.

PAUL STRAND: Cortman says that church and parents have

told him they're fighting all the way to the Supreme Court,

not because of the grant money, but for the principle involved.

Simply because you're operated by a religious organization,

or you're a group of religious people,

does that mean that because of the so-called separation

of church and state, the establishment clause,

that the government has a right to treat you worse?

PAUL STRAND: And could this lead to much bigger dangers ahead?

So, do we say now, well, we no longer

want to send the police or the fire department

out if the school is run by a religious organization?

One thing about this Trinity Lutheran case--

it's going to be the first religious rights case heard

by the newest justice, Neil Gorsuch.

Paul Strand, CBN News, Washington.

All right, Pat.

Let's send it back to you.

What do you think about this case?

We've been fighting this over and over and over again.

You know, there was a member of the Ku Klux Klan

who was appointed to the Supreme Court, and he hated Catholics.

And the landmark case--

he's the one that came up with that separation of church

and state stuff, the wall of separation.

And it was strictly a member of the Klan, Ku Klux Klan.

Now, there's nothing in our constitution

that uses the term separation of church and state.

First amendment says Congress-- get

it, Congress, that's the United States Congress,

shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion,


That's all it says.

It does not say separation of church and state.

The Russian Constitution, under the communists,

had just those words.

The church shall be separated from the state and the church

from the school.

I mean, that was their interpretation.

We do not have such a phrase in our constitution.

It has been taken by liberals and used

to beat up on Christians and it is totally inappropriate.

And there is the so-called lemon rule,

that I remember the late Antonin Scalia said this,

it's like a ghoul that keeps returning from the grave

and we need to drive a stake through its heart,

because the lemon rule, the lemon case,

it had to have a secular purpose and so forth.

And it's just bad law.

And now's the chance, I don't believe

they've got enough judges that might overturn some

of this precedent from the past, but they've

got to clarify these issues.

And I've talked to somebody about this--

said let me ask you.

Assuming that a church is on fire, burning up,

are you saying that the city shouldn't

send a fire truck around and put water on it, take the fire out?

And he said absolutely not, they shouldn't do that.

That's a violation of, quote, separation of church and state.

Nothing in the Constitution.

Now, a state is privileged to write its own constitution,

but if it varies substantially from the US Constitution--

but anyhow, you'll find that an interesting case,

and it might tell you how the new judge is

going to be ruling on a number of issues

where they begin to have a 5-4 majority like they

did under Scalia.

Well, Mark, what else you got?

Turning overseas now, Christians in Iraq

are returning to their homes and cities that

have been liberated from ISIS, and Operation Blessing

is there to help them start over.

George Thomas has that story.

GEORGE THOMAS: On a recent trip to the front lines,

Operation Blessing's president, Bill Horan,

saw firsthand what ISIS did to Iraq's largest Christian town.

I'm standing here on the roof of a church--

a historic church in Qaraqosh, Iraq.

This is a community of over 50,000 people.

Every man, woman, and child was a Christian

that lived in this community.

GEORGE THOMAS: On August 6, 2014, Christians of Qaraqosh

fled just hours before Islamic fighters overran the area.

ISIS practically destroyed the entire town

over the next two years, turning almost every church

like this one into their playground of evil.

Evidently, they didn't have enough explosives to blow it


They used the courtyard down here for a shooting range.

They took artifacts from the church, sacred relics, some

of them hundreds of years old, and used them for,

literally, for target practice, and expended thousands,

tens of thousands of rounds down in this courtyard,

practicing how to kill people.

GEORGE THOMAS: Then, in October of last year,

Iraqi troops backed by US forces recaptured Qaraqosh.

Months later, residents of the town are slowly trickling back.

Operation Blessing is on the ground

helping some families rebuild.

This month, the Christian humanitarian organization

started the city's first business since its liberation

by assisting this family start a bakery

to supply fresh bread to people coming home.

But many residents are still too afraid to return

as fighting rages on less than 20 miles

away in Iraq's second largest city of Mosul.

For now, the majority of Qaraqosh's Christians

are living as refugees in neighboring Jordan.

Operation Blessing is helping them too.

The group is feeding over 300 Christian refugee

children from Qaraqosh at their school in Amman.

Father Khalil runs the facility.

Operation Blessing also funds a clinic

that's helping refugees displaced by ISIS.

And people in America to be more aware of this

and have compassion for our brothers and sisters here.

These are all believers in Christ,

and we have to do all we can possibly

do to help them rebuild their lives.

GEORGE THOMAS: George Thomas, CBN News.

It's wonderful to see what Operation Blessing is

doing all around the world.


That's just one more example of what happens when

you support Operation Blessing.

It's a tremendous ministry.

Of course, it's a major affiliate of CBN.

And it has its own independent existence,

but CBN gives it principal support.

And so here it's available on the screen and you can help.

And I think it's time to do it.

We're going to take what means are necessary to help

these suffering people.

And they are suffering Christians in the Middle East--

it is unbelievable.

Right now, it's roasting hot, it will be pretty soon

in June, July, and then you have freezing cold winters.

And they need all these things.

They need shelter, they need blankets, they need food,

they need medicine.

We're there to help them.

And again, Operation Blessing, the address is on your screen.


You can say Operation Blessing.

Or you can send in a donation, but now's the time

to do something?

Do you have the address?

I don't see it anywhere.

The Operation Blessing address, please, Mr. Director.

The web site is Operation Blessing--

Can you imagine trying to raise your family

20 miles from ISIS bullets?

That's awful.

All the fighting--

I just.

Operation Blessing is there.

It's amazing.

It breaks your heart.

Where is that address?

Come on, give me an address, ladies and gentlemen.

I know you've got--

CBN address is 977--

I don't want CBN, I want the Operation--

but at least you have the number--


Still don't have it.

You've lost it?

It's gone?

It's definitely on the web.

They can just go to and get it.

Operation Blessing at the web or--

there you go.

It took a while, God bless you.

All right, disaster relief, CBN Center, Virginia Beach.

Operation Blessing International.

Now's the time to help those people up.

You know, $100, $50, $20, whatever,

makes a huge difference.

Thank you, Mr. Director.

It took a while, but you got it.

I knew it was there.


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