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Devastated Couple Refuses Abortion, Embraces Prayer

After four miscarriages, Jennifer and Chris finally conceived, but their baby wasn't expected to survive multiple birth defects. They refused abortion and prayed for the impossible. Read Transcript

I felt defeated.

And I told my husband, I don't think I can do this anymore.

It's not worth it.

NARRATOR: Jennifer [INAUDIBLE] and her husband, Chris,

were ready for another baby after they had twins in 2010.

But one pregnancy after another miscarried.

And Jennifer was ready to give up.

And I lost a total of four pregnancies

after the twins were born.

And it was just so traumatic and devastating.

NARRATOR: Doctors had tried everything.

So when she got pregnant a fifth time,

they decided to do things differently.

I literally had a conversation with God.

God, I'm doing things completely different this time

and completely, 100% leave it up to you and just trust you.

We've tried following the doctor's prescriptions

and suggestions.

So I think we were at the point, if God wants this to happen,

then He'll let it happen.

NARRATOR: When Jennifer made it past 11 weeks,

they knew their prayers had been answered.

She couldn't wait for her 18-week checkup.

I figure we'll get a nice, clear shot

of the baby on an ultrasound.

I can put it in the scrapbook.

We'll probably be confirmed at this point

if it's a boy or a girl.

Sure, sign me up.

NARRATOR: They were disappointed that Chris, a police officer,

had to work the day of the appointment.

Jennifer decided to go, anyway.

I'll go, and I'll do it, and then I'll surprise you.

We'll do a gender reveal, and I'll let you know.

And everything will be fine.

You don't need to take off work.

You see the baby up on the big computer screen.

She's looking up all the parts.

She's doing the measurements.

But when she got up to the head section,

I can tell that her demeanor-- just everything changed.

NARRATOR: The ultrasound technician

left to get the doctor.

And he said, I'm really sorry I have to tell you this.

Your baby has very severe birth defects.


I'm laying there telling myself, OK, don't lose it.

You've got to ask questions.

NARRATOR: He told Jennifer that parts of the baby's brain

were missing and fluid was building up

in the empty cavity.

He added that the baby's heart wasn't developing properly.

What am I facing here?

And he said, basically, with the amount of defects

and the severity of them, it would be very, very likely

that you would lose the baby before you delivered.

NARRATOR: The doctor recommended she terminate the pregnancy.

Jennifer refused and went home to tell Chris.

I was just more devastated and just exhausted

and just mentally and physically and just emotionally beat

and drained.

Seeing how it affected Jen, that's

probably the hardest thing to deal with.

NARRATOR: Despite the report, Jennifer and Chris

stood on the decision she made from the start.

I said that I wasn't going to rely on doctors

and that I was going to rely on God.

I just prayed.

I went through the Bible.

And any verse that just popped out and looked

like it was relevant or was inspirational

or just something to grasp on to,

I would print that out on my computer.

And I would tack it to my wall.

NARRATOR: Jennifer was especially

drawn to Matthew 18:19.

JENNIFER: You said it, God.

It's in the Bible.

So all right, I'm going to believe it.

NARRATOR: By now, they knew they were having a daughter

and named her Lynette.

Jennifer and Chris posted on social media

and called friends, family, and their church asking for prayer.

I had people all the way in Israel.

I had people everywhere praying for this pregnancy.

I called "The 700 Club."

I called everybody that I could think of.

And so I'm like, OK, that is definitely more than two people

right there, God.

There's a lot of people on that list that

are praying for this baby.

So I need a miracle.

NARRATOR: Jennifer's medical care

was transferred to Hollywood Presbyterian.

As doctors monitored the baby's development,

they started making some baffling discoveries.

We went to the doctor.

And he was doing the ultrasound of her head.

And he's like, oh, I see some more of her brain

back here, like, here's her brain, it's back here.

All of a sudden, miraculously, she had more of her brain.

This was like a celebration.

And we were telling our friends, everybody-- everybody

was just thanking God, you know, praise

You, Jesus, thank you so much.

NARRATOR: They continued praying.

And on June 13, 2013, baby Lynette

was born with a perfectly normal brain.

Still, doctors suspected that the baby would need surgery

to repair her heart and transferred her

to Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

After testing, doctors found nothing wrong.

So you're telling me my child that

was going to possibly die before I gave birth

or soon after is completely normal?

It was just an answer to many, many, many prayers.

Today, Lynette has no problem keeping up

with her brother and sister.

I don't think the doctors missed anything.

I think they saw what they saw.

I think they were seeing what they were trained to look for.

I just think it was a miracle.

I, literally, am walking proof and my child

is walking proof that God does still do miracles.

You've just got to open your mind and your heart

and have faith, and you'll see them.

They're right there.

And it is not the doctors.

It is not science.

It is God.

And you have to give Him the glory.

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