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Parents Lean on Faith in Fight for Unborn Daughter’s Life

20 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors said Sandy's daughter wouldn't survive a birth defect. But God had given Sandy a name for her baby, and she clung to the promise with faith that her daughter would survive. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Sandy Winger was six weeks into her first pregnancy

when she says she heard God tell her baby was a girl.

And to name her Zoe, which means life.

And at that moment I thought, she's

just going to have the God kind of life, joyful.

And I had no idea, at the time, why it would

unfold the following months.

NARRATOR: Sandy's husband, Shane,

remembers at their 20 week ultrasound, .

The doctor said there was a problem Zoe's skull had not


And 40% of her brain was outside the skull.

SHANE: They called it a posterior encephalocele.

And he could see her skull, and where it was open,

and where her brain began to grow outside her head.

And a percentage was outside.

Our heart sank.

And so I remember the tears just

start to trickle down my face.

And the same day you're so excited,

and then, you just get hit.

And I remember my husband saying, well,

what are the chance of her surviving?

What are the chances that she's going to make it through this?

And he said, in my 30 year profession,

I've never seen a case like this make it to birth.

I think I asked again, OK, so there's a percentage.

Give me a percentage.

And he's like, none.

NARRATOR: The doctor recommended they abort Zoe.

Sandy and Shane decided otherwise.

We're not going to do it.

We serve too big of a God.

Life, whether it's in the womb for nine months,

or eight months, it's life.

And that's life, that it's not ours to take away.

And so we began to talk.

And we began just to share scriptures.

We really believe that that Zoe means life.

And we believe the enemy come to try

to steal, and try to take her potential to take her life.

And we're going to believe what God's word says, that children

are a blessing of the Lord.

We had to have faith that God loves her.

Even more than me and my wife combined, that He

loves her more than we do.

And so we put our faith, and confidence, in him

despite of what we felt, despite what the doctor's opinion was,

or what his thoughts were.

And so that, to us, was the most critical time,

I believe, because that was the time we came together and just

made a decision.

NARRATOR: For months they held on to hope,

and prayed for a miracle.

SHANE: Faith is the one thing that pleases God.

And so our part is just, simply, to believe.

Our part isn't to perform the miracle.

There's nothing that we can do.

There's nothing that the doctors could do.

SANDY: Remember what God spoke to me.

Six weeks along, he knew her name would be Zoe for a reason.

He knew that she would have life.

He knew the outcome before we even knew

the diagnosis, or the problem.

He knew everything that was going to happen.

And so we clung on to the fact that we

knew what God had spoke, that He said she would

have the God kind of life.

And the God kind of life is joy, and peace, and life.

And so I hung onto that word very tightly.

NARRATOR: Despite all odds, Zoe made it to term.

During delivery, once more, their faith

was put to the test.

SHANE: The first thing that I saw for Zoe when I saw her,

was her brain.

I mean, there's no skull on the back of her head.

And so for me, it was really hard.

I didn't know if she'd make it.

I just remember looking in that little incubator,

and she lifted up her little head.

And I just knew you're going to be fine.

And I didn't question, in that moment,

whether she would continue to live, what would happen.

Just lifting up her little head, and she was so perfect to me,

and so tiny.

And they had everything bandaged and covered,

but I just knew God has huge plans for you.

And I didn't know what it would be,

everything that would happen in her life.

But I knew she was the most beautiful baby

I had ever laid my eyes on.

And I couldn't wait to just pick her up, and to hold her.

NARRATOR: Two days later, Zoe had

surgery to remove brain matter and close

the hole in her skull.

In just five days later, she was released from the hospital.

Shane and Sandy say God continued

to answer prayers, and provide healing and life beyond what

anyone thought possible.

SHANE: Zoe, absolutely, is a blessing.

She is one of the biggest joys of my life.

She's nine years old today.

She's full of life.

She is full of energy.

I thank God that we chose to believe.

And the people that we had surrounding us

were people of faith.

What a miracle she is, and a testament of God's

faithfulness, and his goodness.

What he says is true.

And his word is true.

And he's not going to set you up for failure.

Everyday I'm healed.

And that's all my story.

SANDY: He's a good God.

He wants to show His self big.

He wants to do huge things.

He's just looking for people who are willing to say,

I trust you.

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