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Discover the Mountain-Moving Power of the Gospel

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda discusses how worship and prayer can change lives and move mountains. Read Transcript

You know, I've seen people over the years who

are in the ministry.

And one person to me stands out above others.

He's a German.

He's been ministering in Africa, Asia,

and other foreign countries.

His crowds are enormous.

The results are huge.

The numbers of people finding the Lord

are in the multimillions.

And I count him a dear friend, and a man who I love,

and admire tremendously.

That's Reinhard Bonnke.

Well, he's also the started something,

Christ For All Nations.

And his successor is a guy named Daniel Kolenda.

So in December of 2015, a gospel crusade

was held for over four days in the nation of Ghana

by Reinhard's organization, Christ For All Nations.

The results were phenomenal, and they were captured live

in this praise and worship DVD combo called "Holy Ground."

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Thousands of miles away

in a neighborhood in Ghana, known

for crime, violence, and poverty,

there sits a city dump.

Crews from Christ For All Nations with evangelist Daniel

Kolenda cleared the trash and flattened the ground.

They built a stage, and set up lights and sound towers.

Soon, more than 700,000 people filled the place

to overflowing for four nights of praise and worship.

DANIEL KOLENDA: We preach the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

It's the same emphasis that evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

had when he started this ministry

more than 40 years ago.

NARRATOR: By the end of the week,

the dump had a new name, Holy Ground.

Well, this the DVD.

You really need to have this.

This is a DVD.

It's a little packet here.

It's got DVD and some pictures.

That was an incredible time.

Well, Daniel Kolenda is here with us.

Daniel, it's so good to see you.

And this was your crusade?

Yeah, it was.

It's so good to be back with you, brother Pat.

And it also warms my heart to hear you talking

about pastor Bonnke like that.

PAT ROBERTSON: I love him.

I love him.

I love him too.

I love him too.

He's done so much for our generation.

And in evangelism, there's just nobody like him.

Well, he chose you as his annointed successor.

Am I saying it right?

Yeah, Yeah.

You know, what he said was that the Lord spoke to him,

and said the anointed must be appointed.

Reinhard Bonnke

DANIEL KOLENDA: And so, you know, we're

not related by blood.


DANIEL KOLENDA: But we have the same heart and the same desire

to see the lost come into the Kingdom of God.

So that's what binds us together.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, you're in Ghana.

And I'm familiar with Ghana.

It's a nice country.

And they have a gold in Ghana.

But they've got a lot of people that need Jesus.

And you took over a dump and made it into holy ground?

Tell us about it.


You know, it was interesting, because the only place

in the region that was big enough

to hold our massive crowd was the city dump.

And so, most people would give up and go somewhere else,

to another country.

But what makes Christ For All Nations

unique is that we don't take no for an answer.

We went in there with backhoes and with land moving equipment.

We moved all of the garbage to one side.

Leveled the field.

Brought in gravel.

Set up our stage.

And what you can't see from this beautiful footage,

with all the thousands of people there,

is that as I was preaching, off to my left-hand side,

the piles of garbage were still there.

They had been pushed over.

PAT ROBERTSON: I hate to say, the smell

have been overwhelming.

DANIEL KOLENDA: Well, you know, it was burning garbage.

It kind of looks like a rock concert,

because you see smoke and lights.

But it's not smoke machines.

It's literally burning garbage as we preach the gospel.

And somehow I feel, brother Pat, that's

exactly where Jesus would want to be.


Well, he talked about Ghana.

You know, there was a dump outside of Jerusalem.

He mentioned it as part of Hell.

But you took Hell and made it into Heaven.


Some people like to go preach in beautiful cathedral

with stained glass windows.

We want to go, you know, like CT Studstead.

And we want to preach a mile from the gates of Hell.

We want to be right where the lost people are.

And the interesting thing is that where this crusade took

place, it was a Muslim area.

And in fact, the Christians didn't

want to come, because it was high crime,

it was high poverty, it was Muslim.

So the vast majority of the people that came, over 700,000

were Muslims.

We got to preach the gospel to them.

They saw miracles of healing and deliverance.

PAT ROBERTSON: As far as the eye can see, what a thrill.



PAT ROBERTSON: How many came to the Lord?

DANIEL KOLENDA: Over 300,000.



PAT ROBERTSON: That'll change Ghana.


Well, especially in that region.

I mean, we began to hear stories from all over the place.

Governors and leadership that wanted to meet with us,

because they heard about what happened there.

It was significant.

PAT ROBERTSON: Tell us some of the miracles that took place.

Well as always, we see the cripples walking.

We see blind eyes opening.

We see deaf ears.

There was a man that had been paralyzed for most of his life.

He was in his 80s.

And for the past 60 years, he had been crippled.

He suddenly got up and began to walk.

Threw away his crutches.

I mean, just amazing things.

Every single night, Jesus showing out with miracles.

PAT ROBERTSON: Did you have to break the power of Satan?

I mean, there was this demonic spirit.

And how did you handle it?

DANIEL KOLENDA: Well, you know, one

of the things that I learned from evangelist Bonnke

is that we encourage the people that have received

charms, and fetishes, and amulets,

and idols from the witchdoctor.

We say bring them, and we'll burn them.

The people are afraid sometimes to remove

these things from their bodies or get them out of their homes.

But we say we're not afraid.

Bring it, we'll burn it.

And we'll declare freedom over you,

and break those curses in Jesus' name.

And at such a moment when that happens, a freedom.

And the people begin to dance, they begin to sing,

as they realize that Jesus Christ has set them free.

PAT ROBERTSON: Man, this is so thrilling.

This is the fire.

These are the amulets and the?

DANIEL KOLENDA: Yeah, that's idols burning in there,

and fetishes, and charms.

You know, the witch doctors will give the person a charm.

And they'll say, put this around your neck.

And if you cut this off, you will die.

So the people live in fear of this thing their whole lives.

And many times, they come to me.

And they say, I'm afraid.

So I'll take scissors and cut it off.

PAT ROBERTSON: And you cut it off?

And say, in Jesus' name, you don't

have to be afraid anymore.

PAT ROBERTSON: Tell me about Reinhard.

He's had a little bit of ill health.

Is he coming back on the field?

Yeah, he's doing really well.

He just turned 77 a couple days ago.

And yeah, he's had some health challenges,

but he's on the mend now.

And everything is looking great.

We're believing for a full recovery.

And he's planning to do the biggest crusade of his life

in November in Lagos, Nigeria.


So he is full throttle, looking forward to that.

I dare say he's a figure in a crowd of two million or more.

Bigger than that?

I think more.

At this point, it's about everything,

in terms of preparations, is triple the size

that it was the last time we were there.

And the last time we were there, we

had 1.6 million people in a single service.

So it could very well be the largest gathering

of human beings in history.

Good heaven's.

Well, look.

If somebody wants this DVD, wants to help you guys,

what do they do?


They can just go to

And it's anywhere music is found.

By the way, I led worship on this album.

I'm an evangelist--


I do sing.

Worship and evangelism go together really well.

And this album will transport the listener right

into the epicenter of the greatest move of God

happening in our generation.

It's dripping with the anointing.

And I would encourage you to get anywhere music can be found.

PAT ROBERTSON: Anywhere music can be--


And it's Holy Ground and Daniel Kolenda.

Daniel, this is exciting.

I'm so glad that Reinhard has a worthy successor.

Thank you.

Please give him my love.

I love him in the Lord.

We've been dear friends.

DANIEL KOLENDA: He loves you too.

Well, I'm a little older than he is.

He's about 10 years behind me.

[CHUCKLING] Keep going, brother.

We'll both hit 100 together.

Well, to hear more from Daniel, just log

on to at noon today.

And we will be live streaming our prayer meeting.

And he will be leading the prayer meeting of our staff

at Regent University.

Daniel Kolenda, God bless you, my brother.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

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