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Daniel Kolenda - Tuesday April 25, 2017

CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 25, 2017 with Daniel Kolenda. Read Transcript


Savor the goodness of the Lord.

That's what CBN and Regent University week of prayer

is all about.

We welcome you to a dynamic gathering of people

who are seeking the Lord.

If you're here as a local guest, or if you're

a part of the streaming audience,

we just welcome you in Jesus' name.

You know, the Spirit brings a verse to my mind

that even if our own hearts condemn us,

The Greater One, someone greater than our hearts-

we gather and speak of the goodness of the Lord- it

is a sure thing.

So we welcome you today.

And prayer is our priority.

So you have some requests that have been entrusted to you.

Thousands-- some 30,000 by mail, 20,000 to 30,000 digital,

and phone calls as well.

Take a hold of those right now.

This is our priority, and these have

come to us as a sacred trust.

So let's look at them and look at the names.

Look at some of the appeals.

The scripture teaches that the first followers of Jesus

gave themselves to prayer.

And that when they prayed, the place where they were gathered

was shaken.

We're asking the Lord for miraculous intervention.

I'm going to name some things.

You see things that are there.

People have said things.

A grandson, drugs, kidney disease, someone's suffering,

their job, habits, addictions, porn.

Here's somebody that says, pray for a mighty deliverance.


Would you join me in prayer?

Upon the goodness of the Lord.

Lord Jesus, you are so good.

Your mercies, they're new every morning.

You are demonstrating your love, in our hearts

and by the Holy Spirit.

We're asking in Jesus' name, as we hold these requests,

that you would stretch forth your hand

to do signs and wonders.

Lord, I ask for the comfort to those who suffer.

We stand with those who are suffering globally today.

We ask you for every single petition

to be addressed, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, we ask you, as Dr. Robertson

prayed for in the broadcast today, a mighty awakening,

a mighty revival, a reformation.

We ask for the visitation of your Holy Spirit.

Lord, we ask you for finances, for those

that are asking for jobs, partners that need provision.

We ask you, Lord, for your glory, the mighty name of Jesus

to be lifted up in and exalted.

Show your glory Lord and healing signs and wonders,

we pray, because this is the purchase

of your blood, the stripes that were laid upon you,

for your name Jesus, we pray.



You may be seated.

I want to make mention that CBN is

releasing a brand new documentary called

"In Our Hands."

You see this beautiful poster.

The website to go to is INOURHANDS1967.COM.

Oh, it's there on the slide.



This spring is the 50th anniversary

of the reunification of Jerusalem.

You know, it would be a fabulous thing if you'd go right

directly-- even you could do this now and get your tickets--

click here and there at INOURHANDS1967.COM.

But even better would be if you could take

a few posters with you today.

Take it to your church.

Take it your pastor.

We have bulletin inserts and all those things.

And we're glad to send digital as well.

But there are posters here as you step out

of the service today.

You can pick these up and take them along with you.

If you want your friends and family and your church

to get the real story about Israel,

this is the place to start, "In Our Hands,

the Battle For Jerusalem."

And lastly, I want to say that Daniel Kolenda answered

the call of God as a very young boy.

As a young man, he was on his way

to becoming a fifth-generation minister of the Gospel Five

generations of people that bear the Gospel.

He graduated from Southeastern Bible.

He attended the Brownsville School of Ministry.

But it was a providential meeting on a beach,

with Reinhard Bonnke--

been in this pulpit, in this room--

it was a providential meeting where

God did something in his life.

And through a series of years and a mentor relationship,

it led to now his presidency of this amazing global work,

Christ For All Nations.

Dr. Robertson and Gordon commend him to you

all as just dear family.

Now he's going to provoke you, in love, today.

First, we're going to look at some video.

And then he's going to come, and he's

going to provoke us in love.

And then he is going to pray for us today.

Are you ready for that?

Let's take a look at this on the video screens.

Then you'll welcome him, won't you?



In the name of Jesus, I break the curses of the devil.


In the name of Jesus, I break the power of every disease.

In the name of Jesus, no divorce.

In the name of Jesus, every [INAUDIBLE] you

will bless each and every one and let

them rise from their deathbeds, from hospital beds.

Every request shall be fulfilled,

in the mighty name of Jesus.

And if you believe that, shout Hallelujah.



That at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee should bow

and every tongue should confess, of things in Heaven,

on earth, and under the earth, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

To the glory of God, the Father.

Say amen.


I heard she had sickle cell.

Yeah, sickle cell anemia.

So, she couldn't do this before.

No more pain.

No more pain.

No more.

You can feel it.


I only have one desire.

I want hell empty and Heaven full.


I speak to every crippled leg.

And I command every crippled leg to receive strength right now,

in the name of Jesus.


He turns darkness into light.

He turns sin into salvation.

He turns bondage into freedoms.

He takes away addictions.

And He change us from the inside out.




Come on, let's put our hands together for Jesus.


Come on, you can do better than that.

Lord, we love you.

We glorify you.

You're worthy of our praise.

In Jesus' name.




Praise the Lord.

I tell you, if you watch something like that

and you can't feel the temperature,

then your thermometer is broken.

I believe with all of my heart we

are living in the greatest days of harvest

in the history of the world.

What we are seeing God doing today in the nations

is unprecedented and unparalleled

in the history of the world.

It's not something that happened long ago

or something we hope will happen one day in the future.

It's happening right now, in our lifetime.

And we get to be a part of it.


Praise the Lord.

I want to just say a very big thank you

to Pat and Gordon Robertson and the whole CBN staff.

It's a joy to be here.

I just did seven recordings this morning

for television and social media and all the different stuff.

I said, man, you guys know how to wring me out and get

every drop out of me.

But it's a joy to do that.

And I also just want to say hello

to those of you that are watching by way of social media

right now.

You've probably already see me a couple of times today,

but it's good to see you again.

Also to Reverend Joel Polsener.

Thank you so much for hosting and for welcoming me here

into this gathering.

It's a joy to be here.

Joseph Stallings and the whole worship team.

Aren't they amazing?

Can we just put our hands together for them?

Awesome man.

Guys like you just make me sick.

I lay in bed at night.

I say why, Lord?

Why did Joseph get all the talent?

I met your sister, I think.

We were at a recording together.

So the talent runs in the family, I see.

I also want to just introduce my personal assistant who's

here, Rob Engy, right here in the front row.

And I know that you all know her so well,

but she has taken care of us today in such a wonderful way.

Can we just all thanks Miss Ivory?


And I see Jodi over there.

And Dan.

I mean, look at this.

I feel like I'm having a little homecoming, a little reunion


It's great to see you guys.

You're very welcoming.

And also Leo.

Where'd Leo go?

Leo's been at-- how many Crusades have you been to Leo?

Four Crusades.

So if you want to know if this stuff is real,

if you want to know if this is trick photography or Photoshop

or something, you can ask Leo.

We did a crusade in Dallas.

And the newspapers got hold of some of our pictures,

and they accused us of Photoshopping the pictures.

They said that we were faking the crowds.

Of course, most people have never seen anything like that

before, you know.

So that's a natural reaction.

So what we did is, we provided them

with all the raw footage, all the raw photos.

And we said to them, not only is this the real crowd, but what

you don't realize is that what's in front of the crowd

is just half of it.

There's the same sized crowd behind the camera

too, because that's what God is doing.

76 million people have come to Christ since 1987.

That's in less than 30 years.

And I just want to make this real for you,

because I know that numbers like that can be thrown around

and people can do all kinds of things

with numbers if they're innovative.

But we don't exaggerate.

People talk about speaking "evangelastically."

Last I think that's supposed to mean that evangelists

are prone to exaggerating.

But you don't want to exaggerate when you're in a ministry that

was founded by a German.

Precision in the numbers is very important.

Evangelist Bonnke told me, he said, "Daniel, exaggeration

is just another form of lying."

And so we don't exaggerate.

In fact the only number that we count--

we don't count the attendance, we don't estimate how many

people might have gotten saved--

the only people that we count are the ones

that pray with a counselor.

They say, I'm receiving Christ for the first time.

They fill out a decision card with their name, their address,

their phone number.

And they are entered into the followup system

where they are discipled so that they

can become followers of Jesus.

Jesus didn't say make converts of all nations.

He said make disciples.

And so that's what we are about, is making

disciples of the nations.

And that's what I'm talking about when

I say 76 million people in the last 30 years

have come to Christ.

I tell you, it is remarkable.

It is extraordinary.

And it's something that could only

be done through the power of the Holy Spirit.


And I get a lot of questions as I travel around,

especially about the follow-up.

Because I think in the west people

are very skeptical, especially of big meetings like that.

They wonder if these converts are really getting saved

and being plugged into the churches.

Well, I can tell you that in many of the countries where

we have emphasized and put our focus over the last 30 years,

the demographics have changed tremendously.

For example, in one of the countries--

I won't tell you which one--

but in one of the countries we saw 55 million people

saved over 10 years.

And during that 10 years, the population

had been 60% Muslim 40% Christian.

And at the end of the 10 years that was reversed.

It was 60% Christian 40% Muslim.

And today that nation has the largest churches in the world.

And many of the pastors of those largest churches

got saved in our Gospel crusades.

And so it really is a work of the Spirit.

And people are amazed when I tell them

how sophisticated we are in Africa

at going after new converts.

For example, if you visit one of our Gospel crusades and you get


you put up your hand, a counselor comes to you

and collects your information.

They hand those decision cards over to our team.

And behind the platform there is a huge tent, and under the tent

there are tables lined up with hundreds

of computers and operators.

And those operators are entering the data

from the decision cards into the database in real time.

By the time you are on your way home,

walking home from the crusade, you're

going to get a text message on your phone from me.

Now you know, I don't know if you realize this about Africa,

but in Africa everybody has a mobile phone.

They may not have a house, and they may not

have a way to charge it, but they've got a mobile phone.

And so we have taken advantage of the technology.

You know, the devil loves to take advantage.

So we as the people of God, we have

to learn to take advantage of these things.

And so that new convert, before he gets home that night,

he'll have a text message from me that says,

I want to be the first one to congratulate you

on your decision to follow Jesus.

And I tell him about a church very near him

where they're going to welcome him and treat him as a VIP

on Sunday morning.

And then all the churches are trained

that when the new convert walks in with that booklet

in their hand, they should be given the best seating

and treated like a VIP.

And we see churches doubling, tripling,

quadrupling, from even one of these Gospel crusades.

I was just in Ghana.

In fact, I'm going to show you something from the Crusade that

I'm talking about in Ghana, where a pastor told us--

we came back a year later--

he said, after the crusade that you had one

year ago, with the new converts that I got from that one

crusade, he said, we have started 300 new churches.

From one crusade.

I had another pastor, he was actually my driver.

He was driving me around in a Hummer.

And when he picked me up on Sunday

evening for the crusade--

of course, we'd been having meetings

all week so he got to see on Sunday morning

what the fruit was of the crusade already--

when he picked me up on Sunday night

to take me to the crusade, he was beaming.

He said, you will never believe what happened this morning.

I said, what happened?

He said, when I got to my church this morning

there were 4,000 people standing outside

with that book in their hand.

They said they had gotten saved at the crusade--

4,000 new members-- that's a mega-church.


Another one of the pastors on Sunday evening, he said,

you'll never believe what happened this morning.

He said, when I got to church there

were so many new converts that were gathered there, I went in

and I talked to my church members.

And he said, I want to ask for a favor.

He said, we need to make room for the new converts.

So I'm asking all of the believers

to step outside and make room for the new converts.

And after we've had the new convert service,

then you can come back in.

So his church members generously obliged.

They stepped out.

All the new converts came in, filled the building.

They had a service.

And by the time the service was over,

there was now so many more new converts outside--

they'd showed up late--

that now they had a second service with the new converts,

and then they had a third service with the new converts.

The pastor said, I had to do three services for new converts

before my church members could come

into the door for their church service.

I say this is a good problem.

This is a good problem.

Why am I telling you this stuff?

It's because when you watch the news

and you listen to the commentators of the world

you will think that our world is going to hell in a handbasket.

You'll think these are the worst days

to be alive in the history of the world.

And it's true there are terrible things happening in the world.

But I'm an evangelist and I've come to bring you good news.

That our God is not with his back up against the wall.

The Kingdom of God is rising across the earth.

Jesus said I will build my Church, and the gates of hell

will not prevail against it.


Listen, for those of you that are Bible readers,

I don't want to spoil it for you.

But spoiler alert, I read to the end of the book and guess what?

In the end, we win.



And so be encouraged by that and be stirred by that today.

I want to just share with you another little testimony.

Would you like to see that?

It's on video.

And I just want to help you to grasp the gravity of what

God is doing.

And how significant is that he is moving

by Spirit around the world.

This is in Ghana, the place I just told you about,

the capital city of Accra.

We were there for a Gospel crusade and it was glorious.

In fact, I believe-- were you in that one in Accra?

You weren't at that one, OK.

There was a bunch of Brazilians that were there, I remember.

So in this Gospel crusade there was a man

by the name of Mohammad.

You might be able to guess from his name

that he did not come from a Christian background.

And so Mohammad didn't even live there in the capital city,

in Accra.

He lived in another town a couple of hours away.

And he was there in Accra to visit

his brothers, who lived there.

And so, after visiting his brothers,

he was trying to get home.

But he missed the connecting train,

and so he was stranded for a couple of hours in the capital.

And so he decided that he would just walk around and visit

some of the national landmarks.

So he decided to go to this place in the middle of town

called Independence Square.

Now this would be kind of like the National Mall in Washington

for an American.

This is the place in Ghana where, you know, presidents

are inaugurated and where big political rallies and speeches

take place.

Every Ghanaian knows about Independence Square.

And so, Mohammad decided he was he

was going to go see this place, this famous place that he

had known of his entire life.

And when he arrived there, there was a massive crowd gathered.

Hundreds of thousands of people.

And he didn't know what was it was all about.

Because what I haven't yet told you about Mohammad

is that he was deaf.

And he had been deaf for a few years.

And so when he arrived on that field,

he couldn't hear what was going on.

He couldn't hear me preaching the gospel.

He couldn't hear me praying for the sick.

He had not come looking for a miracle, or looking for Jesus,

or wanting to become a Christian, or anything.

He was just a tourist who was deaf.

And when he arrived there, he decided

he would lie down on the ground and get a little bit of sleep

before he had to head back to the train station.

And then you're going to see him in a moment.

Suddenly, he was awakened by an explosion of sound in his ears.

Nobody had touched him, nobody had laid hands on him.

I had prayed from the platform, but he couldn't even

hear me praying.

Suddenly his ears popped open and you'll

see him on the video, literally shaking as he stands before me,

trembling, as he tries to come to terms with what has just

happened to him.

And I love this because at the very end of the video,

he looks into the cameras that are broadcasting

the message around the world.

And he says to the people watching,

he says my name is Mohammad And he gives his last name, which

we cut out of the video for his own protection.

He said, I come from this city, and he gave the name

of the village where he lived.

He was literally taking his life in his hands.

And he said, if anybody knows me,

if anybody recognizes my face, I'm asking you to go to my wife

and tell her that Jesus is the Son of God.

Isn't it amazing?

Do you want to see?

All right, let's play that video and guys,

give it give it some volume this time.

Don't be shy.



Be healed right now in the name of Jesus.


Blind eyes open, open, in the name of Jesus.


Deaf ears open, in the name of Jesus.





You know who has healed you?

What's his name?




Listen, my friends.


Nobody else opens the ears of the deaf.

Only Jesus.


He Is not just a messenger.

He is the Son of the living God.

He is The Way, and The Truth, and The Life.

Say amen.






Isn't that amazing?

You know, I remember when that first happened,

that very night.

I told the video team, I said give me a raw video

of that, just un-edited.

I want to put it up on Facebook immediately and on YouTube.

And so that night we aired it, the same night

that it happened.

And I was amazed to hear so many Christians criticizing

and saying, how can he be a Christian,

he talked about the Quran.

And I became so frustrated.

I said, give him a minute.

The guy literally just is getting

saved right before your eyes.

Think about how patient Jesus has been with us.

And there at the end you heard him.

He had become a Christian.

Now he's training to become a pastor.

Jesus is alive.


Jesus is alive.

I like what my brother said, Brother Joel,

that I'm going to provoke you a little bit this morning.

I like that.

I'm an evangelist, you know.

And evangelists are born with a stiff pointer finger

because we like to poke at people.

And you know, somebody said a pastor's job

is to comfort the disturbed.

But an evangelist job is to disturb the comfortable.

And so, my hope this morning is that I

would stir you up and provoke you to do great things for God.

I know that all of you are in this place

either because you're doing something great for God

or you're going to do something great for God.

And even if you're just mowing the lawn,

you are doing something that contributes

to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Be faithful.

Be faithful where you are and God will bless you

and He'll give you more.

I see Andy and Theresa Freeman back there.

You guys know Andy Freeman?

Come on Andy you, just stand up so everybody can see.


It's good to see you, Andy.

Andy's a legend around here.

I know that much.

I understand that this week the emphasis is on prayer.

And I like that very much.

But I want to say this to you.

You know, Jesus told the disciples

he said that they ought to pray for the harvest.

Remember that?

In your prayer, as you're praying for your needs,

as you're praying for your family,

as you're praying for your nation,

as you're praying for the things that are important to you,

don't forget to pray that the Lord of the harvest

will send laborers into the harvest field.

Because there is nothing that is more close to the heart of God

than the salvation of the lost.

You know, I believe with all of my heart

that the true test of a Christian's spirituality

is not how high they jump during the worship music,

or how loud they sing, or how much they dance.

If you are a real worshipper, what that means is you

are drawing near to the heart of God.

And if you were to draw close enough to the heart of God

this morning to lay your head on his chest,

as John the beloved did, this is what you would

hear coming from his heart.




The heart of God beats for the lost to be saved.

And so pray for that.

When you pray for the lost, you are praying

the perfect will of God.

But then you need to get ready.

Because Jesus looked at those very same disciples, whom

He had instructed to pray that the Lord would send laborers

in the harvest, and He looked at them a few verses later

and said, go into all the world.

You see the disciples had become the answer to their own prayers

God is not only going to use you to pray

for His will in the earth, but then He

is going to call you to do His will in the earth.

You will become the answer to the very prayers

that you pray in Jesus' name.

And we are living in the days of harvest.

Forgive me.

I can't get off this subject.

I am an evangelist, after all.

You invited an evangelist.

I'm going to talk about souls.

I'm going to talk about doing something

for God's eternal Kingdom.


I've only got a few minutes here,

so let me just share a personal anecdote or two

that's really important to me.

You know, Jesus looked at his disciples

and this is what He said to them.

Many prophets and righteous men have

longed to see the things that you see,

but they did not see them.

And they longed to hear the things that you hear,

but they did not hear them.

But in Matthew 13:17 He said, but blessed are your eyes

for they see, and blessed are your ears for they hear.

Do you realize that the visuals, the sights, the

sounds that you've just heard and seen on the screen,

they're easy to take for granted today.

Many of you have probably seen these pictures before.

But do you realize that generations

of prophets and righteous men have

longed to see these things.

They've longed to hear these things.

But they didn't see them and they didn't hear them.

We are a blessed generation.


We are a blessed people.

How many of you know that?

I remember the very first time that I had the opportunity

to travel with Evangelist Bonnke to Africa.

It was to the nation of Nigeria.

We went to a little city called Ogoja.

Has anybody heard of Ogoja, Nigeria?


Very few people.

I see one in the back.

Don't feel bad.

I'd never heard of Ogoja either.

In fact, I was soon to discover that even most Nigerians had

never heard of Ogoja.

We arrived there in the main port city of Lagos by plane.

Then we got onto smaller planes and we

flew to the capital of Abuja.

Then we got into land-roving vehicles

and began to drive into the bush, hour

after hour after hour.

I think we had driven about 12 hours

into the middle of nowhere.

And I hate to use that terminology

because to the people that live there it's not nowhere.

But if there is such a thing as the middle of nowhere,

I found it.

And it's Ogoja, Nigeria.

I didn't even know it was a city.

When we arrived, it just looked like a desert,

an arid wilderness.

But there were a group of elders standing

on the side of the road.

And so we pulled off and got out.

And in those days I was not preaching.

I was an assistant for Evangelist Bonnke.

And so, I didn't know what to expect.

It was my very first experience at a Christ

For All Nations Gospel crusade.

And so the elders stepped forward.

They shook Evangelist Bonnke's hand.

They welcomed him to the region.

They said thank you for coming.

They said, nobody comes here.

Evangelists don't come here.

Missionaries don't come here.

Even other Nigerian evangelists don't come here,

because it's such a small place and it's such a remote place.

And they begin to apologize.

I'll never forget.

They were apologizing.

They were saying, we're sorry because this

will be your smallest crusade.

They said even if everyone in the entire region

for a hundred miles around, even if everyone comes,

there might be 100,000 people.

But there could ever be more.

Now I grew up in a church of about 50 people so to me

100,000 didn't sound too bad.

But I didn't know what to expect.

And so we arrived there at the crusade.

And it did start out quite small for us, I've come to find out.

There was about 30,000 on the first night.

And that may sound like a lot to you,

but when you've got acres and acres and acres of wilderness

cleared to have your crusade, that's a small crowd.

And so Evangelist Bonnke got up and began to preach the Gospel.

You know, I'd grown up in the church.

I was a fifth-generation preachers kid.

But I told him afterwards, when I heard him preach the Gospel,

I wept.

I said, I feel like I've heard the Gospel for the first time.

It was so pure.

It was so full of love.

It was so easy to understand.

And then he gave people the opportunity to receive Jesus,

and by the tens of thousands they lifted their hands.

And then he began to pray for the sick,

and miracles were happening.

Cripples were getting out of their wheelchairs,

blind eyes were opening.

And you know what happens when a man born blind

goes back to his village seeing.

The next day, the whole village comes.

They all want to find out what's going on.

Mohammad never healed anybody.

Allah never healed anybody.

Their witch doctors never did anything like that before.

Who is this Jesus that they're talking about?

And so I watched as the crowd began to double and sometimes

triple as the nights went on.

Finally the last night of that crusade,

we were driving up to the field.

I was in the backseat and Evangelist Bonnke

was sitting shotgun in the front.

And he was telling stories.

And he told me about how years ago they

had discovered an unpublished journal by the great pioneer

missionary, David Livingston.

How many of you know who that is?

Livingston, in the secular world,

is seen really as an explorer.

But what many people don't realize

is that his motivation was that he

wanted to open up the continent so that missionaries

could come.

That was his desire.

But Livingston had a very tough time.

He said in one place that I read,

he said he'd only been able to lead one African to Jesus.

And he said, I'm not even sure about that one.

And Reinhard Bonnke said-- we discovered in the museum

this unpublished journal of Livingston--

and this is what he said.

He said, it's very difficult here.

He said, there is very little light on our path,

and no one is interested in our message.

We have very little fruit to show for our labor.

But then he said these words.

He said, years from now other missionaries will come,

and they will have more light than we.

And when they preach the gospel, the lost

will be converted in every meeting.

And then he said these words.

He said, when that day comes, may they not forget us,

the watchmen of the night.

The vehicle pulled up behind the platform and I got out.

I walked up the steps of the platform.

And when my view widened before me

I saw a sight the likes of which I've never

seen even in my wildest dreams.

It was a crowd of people that stretched to the horizon.

The locals told us there were millions there.

But our count came back at the end of the night--

we have a very precise way of measuring the number of people

that are there--

over 400,000 people had attended.

Don't ask me where they came from.

Don't ask me how they got there.

One thing I can tell you is that many of them

walked for days from other cities.

Many of them slept right there on the ground overnight

between crusade services because they

didn't want to leave the place, because there were no hotel


They were so hungry for God that they

came from all over the place.

And now I was looking out at an ocean of humanity.

And as I looked, tears in my eyes

at the beautiful faces of these people who

I was falling in love with, I remembered something

that one of the pastors had told me just a couple of days


He said here in West Africa we have

cemeteries where the missionaries who came long ago

are buried.

And he said if you go to those cemeteries

and you look at the tombstones, you

will notice something peculiar.

Many of them have no names on the stones, only numbers.

One will say five, one will say 12, one will say 20.

Just numbers.

He said those numbers are the number

of days that that missionary lived after he

arrived on the continent.

He said it was so common back then

for them to die within days or weeks,

that even before the locals had learned their names

they would begin to count down the days.

And if when they died they had not learned the name,

they would just write the number of days on the tombstone.

I looked out there at this huge crowd.

I suddenly had an epiphany.

I suddenly realized that what we were experiencing,

what I was seeing, was not the result of clever marketing

schemes or publicity stunts.

This was not something we had done.

We were walking down a trail that

had been forged by the blood and the tears

and the sacrifice of generations of righteous men and women

going all the way back to the disciples and to Jesus Christ

himself, who died upon the cross and shed

every drop of his blood that none would perish

but that all would come to the knowledge of The Truth.

And I heard the Holy Spirit speak

to me so clearly in that moment, and this is what He said to me.

You dare not fail now in the season of harvest.

Leonard Ravenhill, the British evangelist said,

the opportunity of a lifetime must

be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity.

My brothers and sisters, I would like

to submit to you that not only are we living in the greatest

opportunity of our lifetime, but we

are living in the greatest opportunity of history.

Do you know what the most populous nation on earth

will be in the year 2100?


And do you know where most Christians

will be in the year 2050?

In Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are investing into the future of Christendom.

We are investing into the future of the Kingdom of God.

My brothers and sisters, we have right now

in our hands the most golden opportunity

to reap a harvest for which generations

of prophets and righteous men and women

prayed and bled and fasted and cried for.

What you're praying for is what they prayed for.

But let's not just pray.

Let's get up from our knees.

Let's go out and preach the gospel in Jesus' name.

Say amen.

Come on, let's stand together.

I was asked to pray for you and I would

like to do that this morning.

My time is gone.

Just lift your hands.

Father, in Jesus' name I thank you

for every man and woman in this room Lord,

some of them you have called to doing things

that help with the day-to-day.

Some of them are janitors.

Some of them are groundskeepers.

Some of them are teachers.

Some of them are students.

Lord, some of them are called into ministry,

and others are called to serve in other ways.

But God I pray, in the name of Jesus,

that your Spirit would rest upon them

as you rested upon Stephen.

Lord, that they would be men of faith,

and women of faith and miracles and the supernatural.

Lord, I thank you that you would use them to win

the lost wherever they go.

And I pray, Father, that through their prayers,

and I pray, Lord, that through this campus,

Lord, that you would send men and women

to the nations of the earth.

That this great end-time harvest be brought in.

Lord, we pray right now.

Come on lift your voices.

We pray right now for the harvest around the world.

Not only in Africa, but in Asia, in North America,

in South America, Lord, all over the world.

We thank you that your Spirit is moving.

We ask for a mighty revival and a mighty outpouring

and a mighty end-gathering, in the mighty name of Jesus.

And everybody said, amen.

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