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Move Mountains with Prayer

President and CEO of Christ for All Nations, Daniel Kolenda, shares about worship and how prayer is changing lives. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Thousands of miles away,

in a neighborhood in Ghana known for crime, violence,

and poverty, there sits a city dump.

Crews from Christ for All Nations,

with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, cleared the trash

and flattened the ground.

They built a stage and set up lights and sound towers.

Soon more than 700,000 people filled the place

to overflowing for four nights of praise and worship.

DANIEL KOLENDA: We preach the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

It's the same emphasis that Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

had when he started this ministry

more than 40 years ago.

NARRATOR: By the end of the week, the dump had a new name--

Holy Ground.

Daniel Kolenda joins us now.

Great to have you with us.

Thank you, Terry.

It's a joy.

I don't think I've ever seen 700,000 people gathered


That must be quite astonishing.

It's pretty extraordinary.

It's almost like getting a preview of what

heaven will be like.

When you see people from every tribe and nation,

and the sound is like the rushing of waters,

it's really amazing.

You felt a call on your life at the age of seven to preach.

Now here you are today-- you've been tapped as the successor

to Reinhard Bonnke.

What is that like?

Well, yeah when I started out--

when you say that-- when I was seven years old,

I really wanted to be a missionary in Africa.

Of course, I had no idea what the Lord had in store.

I could never have imagined the scale

on which we're seeing the harvest coming in right now.

First Evangelist Bonnke founded the ministry 50 years ago.

We've seen since 1987 more than 76 million people

come to Christ.

That's almost 8,000 people a day for the past 30

consecutive years.

So it's probably the greatest harvest in our lifetime,

happening in the world today.

And we're living right in the middle of it.

I've often wondered, as I looked at Reinhard's work

over the years, how one decides where you'll go.

I mean now Ghana and a garbage dump site.

How did that happen?

Well, we get together every year with our team.

We pray.

We ask the Lord where he wants us to go.

We hear where the invitations are coming in from

and where the need is the greatest.

The interesting thing about this place

is that this was not a Christian area.

This was a Muslim area.

So the overwhelming majority of the people that attended

those meetings were Muslims.

Many of them were Animists.

But it wasn't just a praise and worship service,

although we capture the praise and worship for this album.

It was the preaching of the Gospel with signs and wonders

and miracles.

And over 300,000 people came to Christ

over the period of four days during that crusade.

God has blessed Reinhard Bonnke's work over the years

with miracles and signs and wonders.

What did you see during this time in Ghana?

Yeah, well as we always see-- people ask me

what's the greatest miracle?

I say, well, how far back do you want me to go?

Because it always is something that's so fresh and so new.

We saw cripples walking every night--

deaf ears opening.

I think the greatest thing that we saw during that campaign

was just deaf ears.

Sometimes it's interesting how one thing

seems to be happening more than other things.

And lots of deaf ears were opening--

blind eyes opening.

It's like living in The Book of Acts.

It's like being with Jesus, because he's still the same.

He's still doing all of these wonderful things in our time.

Can you imagine being someone who has lost their hearing,

or been born without it, and having

God restore hearing to you to the sound of 700,000

people worshipping?

Or imagine that you were born blind, and the first sight you

see is--

I can't.

--half a million people or something.

I cannot.

I know that there is so much that goes on in the spirit

realm when you have these gatherings, including

demonic power, that shows up.

How do you pray against that?

What do you do to protect yourselves,

the event, the people from it?

How do you handle that?

Well, I have to say that in the first place

we don't spend a lot of time focusing on the devil.

We preach Jesus.

We preach the Gospel.

We worship.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: He gets out of there pretty quickly.


Yeah, but during the week we always take time

to actually break the curses.

And these are things that the people know.

So I get a list from the pastors of the local deities, idols,


And these are things that people live

in such fear of that often they're

not willing to say their name out loud.

I was just telling one of the ladies

backstage that in this past crusade we just came from,

my interpreter refused to interpret when

I began breaking the curses.

Because he, a pastor--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: --was afraid.

--was in so much fear of those things.

So I got another interpreter, and we went for it.

And then we tell the people, if you

got something from the witch doctor--

charms, fetishes, amulets, idols, come and bring them.

Put them in these drums.

We'll soak them with gasoline.

We burn them in Jesus' name and break the curses.

And the people begin to rejoice and dance

as they realize I just did this.

I defied these local deities, and I didn't die.

So they say, wow, Jesus is greater than these curses.

We hear it all the time-- how people, even witchdoctors,

are being set free in these moments.

You mentioned the recording that you've done.

Talk a little-- it's both a CD and a DVD.

What will people get on this?

This album, Holy Ground--

I'm an Evangelist primarily.

That's how people know me.

But Evangelism and worship go together--


--so well.

And so I recorded this live during this

four nights of meetings there.

And it is-- there's lots of great albums.

But what happens when you listen to this and you watch this,

it transports you right to the epicenter

of one of the greatest moves of God in history.

You'll feel like you're there.

So I'm glad to be able to bring this into people's lives.

There's one moment during one of the songs, where--

it's actually the song that's playing right now,

filming now--

that song is the song they used to sing at Azusa Street.


We revived it there in Africa.

And at the end of that song the Holy Spirit

fell, spontaneously.

You hear it on the album, how hundreds of thousands of people

are roaring in new tongues spontaneously,

as the power of God falls in the field.

I would venture to say, though I'm probably a bit biased,

but I don't think there's anything

like this in the world.

And how do people get a hold of this?

They can go to

that's where they can buy the album.

But anywhere you find music--

Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, wherever.

You've got a farewell crusade happening this fall.

You talk about a moment in time.

That's probably going to be one of those special moments

in time.

Yeah, Reinhard Bonnke wants to go back

for one last crusade in his Evangelist career.

He hasn't actually been in Africa

for quite a number of years.

But he wants to come back to Lagos, Nigeria.

And we're expecting in that place, not only the largest

crusade, but the largest gathering of human beings

that has ever happened in history.

What are you expecting?

Probably three million in one service.



Wow, that's going to be a moment in time.

Maybe we'll get another--

Yeah, for sure.

--another release out of that.

Well, I just want to mention-- let me hold this up, if I can,


Daniel Kolenda, CD and DVD combo.

It's called Holy Ground-- all the more meaningful since that

was a place God made holy that was--

DANIEL KOLENDA: - Yes, that's right.

--originally a dump site.

Kind of a picture of our lives, isn't it?

It's available wherever music is sold.

You want to get a hold of it, it's pretty special.

Thank you--

Thank you, too.

--so wonderful to have you here.


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