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The Secret to Real Change In Your Life

Author Christy Wimber shares how true change takes sacrifice, sweat and suffering. Read Transcript

Well, author and pastor Christy Wimber

says transformation begins with a surrendered will.

She admits obeying God's call in your life won't be easy.

But as her late father-in-law John Wimber used to say,

find God--

find where God is and get behind what he's doing.

He always wins.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: The late John Wimber was a beer chugging,

chain smoking musician who imagined his life would

be one party after another.

But God had a different plan.

John became one of the founding leaders of the Vineyard, one

of the fastest growing church planning

movements in the world.

He passed away in 1997, but his daughter-in-law Christy

is carrying on his legacy.

In her latest book "Transformed" Christy

shares how we, too, can be changed by the power of God.

Well, Christy welcome back.

It's good to be here.

It's been a while.

It's been a while.

How long has it been?

Too many years.

Too many years.


What have you been up to?

Well, I've just been busy traveling the world,

preaching all over, and hopefully advancing

the kingdom in all kinds of different ways.

Are you finding out where God is and what he's doing?

Well, I hope God's in me.

So wherever I'm going I'm hoping that I'm taking God with me.

But yeah, it's quite remarkable what's

happening around the world.

Tell us about it.

I mean, well, I'm in quite a few different things

but I was just talking a bit earlier how exciting it is

and what God's doing in Europe.

And just seeing the whole of the church

come together and cross over denominations

for the sake of unity and for the sake of Jesus

coming and moving on the church.

That's a new story.

That is a new story.

Most Americans would say when you talk about Europe

they would talk, well, it's kind of a wasteland for the church.

There's nothing really going on.

But you're saying no.

I'm no.

God's at move.


That's actually what I was just talking about briefly.

Because I'm very encouraged about what

I see around the world, especially in Europe, actually,

with the church.

And just the whole picture of unity.

I've literally never seen it like this ever before.


What's bringing the unity?

Well, I think it goes to the leaders, doesn't it?

Where the leaders are willing to humble themselves and come


And what they're doing is not the most important thing that's

happening, it's just one of the things that God's doing.

So what I'm seeing is the leadership

is willing to kind of lay down their own, not so much

the ministry but lay down their own agendas, so to speak.

It's more about agenda.

More about agenda.

Coming together for the sake of the bigger picture.

It's beautiful.

What's going to happen there?

What do you predict?

I don't know.

I mean, well, I've been giving to it

for quite a number of years.

But specifically in the last, I don't know,

five or six years because I really do

believe that that God is moving there in great power.

And lots of churches are being planted.

So for me, when there's churches being planted as well,

that's a really good sign.

Because it shows that it's not just about an event

but that the local church is being built.

And so that's exciting for me.

We'll let's talk about your book, "Transformed."

Just came out yesterday.


So, yay.


Why a book right now for you?

Yeah, well, it's never a good time.

I mean, that's really the truth.

It's never a good time.

I just--

How did you find time to write?

Well, that's a good question.

I think I had to make it a priority

and I had to take a bit of time off just to really focus on it.

But I did it because I really felt like the Lord wanted

me to do it.

And so I was really intentional with that.

And I needed to focus because in the book

I'm a little bit more vulnerable about my own life.

Because I felt like that was important what

I'm talking about that I needed to be a little bit more

vulnerable in my own weaknesses and the things

that I feel like the Lord was taking me

on a journey of deeper surrender.

And so in order to do that, you've got to walk through it.

And so you have to be intentional with that.

But also I just feel like is was a bit therapeutic as well.

And it was just the right time.

It just felt like this was the Lord,

this was the right season for this.


What in your life, what are the points to surrender for you?

Well I think it's ongoing.

That's why I said, I think that transformation

is something that's a journey, you know,

it's not a destination.

Like, we know where we're going, right?


But the journey can be quite different than what we ever

sign up for.

So we think we're saying yes to one thing, right?

Saying yes to God.

And then we go on this completely different journey.

And so for me it's like this daily surrender

of saying yes to the Lord.

And it just turns out different than what we think, you know?

So I think it's the bigger picture of understanding

that when we surrender to the Lord, it is an act of worship

and it's saying yes to God time and time again.

What do you think the biggest mistake

Christians make in this?

Because I know for me thinking that I had done

it was a stumbling block.

Thinking that I'd already gotten to that point of surrender.


And I've had some pretty significant ones

where dying of cerebral malaria and you surrender.

But then the temptation to pick your life back up

and say well--

That's the temptation.

It's time for me.

That's the temptation, isn't it?

But it's so casual to do that and not

even have a temptation moment.

You just wake up one morning and say, well--

I'm doing pretty well.

Yeah, I don't really feel like, whatever.


And that dying daily is difficult to do.

It is difficult to do.

And I think we do get good at leading our own life,

especially if we've been saved a long time.

I think we can function out of what we already

know, rather than functioning out of God's presence

and what is God saying today and where is God taking me today.

Because I've never once gone before the Lord

and been like, oh, yeah, everything's great.

You know what I mean?

Like, if you ask the Lord what's wrong with you,

he's going to tell you.

So I found that a big part of that--

You'll do that gently.

You'll do it gently.

But part of that is transformation.

Because if the Lord is showing it

to you, if he's revealing something,

it's because he wants to heal it, right?

So it's actually, I think, mercy of when

we live our lives from that place of surrendering

that it's not like, oh, I have to do this.

It's like, this is just my response of worship

to the Lord.

And in turning towards him that he's

going to show me things about myself,

that he's going to cause me to grow up in different ways

that I probably wouldn't otherwise.

You know, I know it's in the last chapter of the book

where you talk about knowing God's will.

And that seems to be such a, particularly

in the charismatic community of America, such a drive.


You know, what's the word of the Lord for me

or what's the will of God for me.

And what do you say to somebody that says

they haven't discovered that?

Yeah, I would say I think sometimes we're

looking for something ideal and there is no ideal situation.

I think when it comes to calling, God creates us

and he calls us.

And I think that finding that road

of our calling, so to speak, is found

in the next step of obedience.

So I think sometimes we get ahead of the game

where we think we want to do something.

You know, you think you want to do something but it's not ideal

and it is an illusion that bigger is better

or if I just get over here or just have these friends

or whatever.

I think this track is just obeying God in the next step.

Just saying yes to Him in everyday life.


For you, how did you discover that you

were called into ministry?

Well, I don't think I discovered,

I think it just got revealed to me in those steps.

Because I think things get revealed by God's spirit.

If I discovered it, it would be what I want.

So I don't feel like I pick calling,

I feel like calling actually picks me.

If I'm walking in what God's calling me to do,

then he's going to lead me to my calling.

And so I think to live from that place is actually more--

it causes me to live more free because it

doesn't put the pressure on me.

I don't have to make this happen.

I don't have to make this calling happen.

I don't have to be this person.

I just have to obey God.

And when I obey God, he leads me into my calling.

It's been tough for you, hasn't it?

Course it has.

It has been tough.

Did you ever have a moment where you thought

it would be better not to obey.


Only one?

Only one?

Multiple moments?

The funny thing about me is that I when I drive,

I'm always talking to the Lord.

So I tend to talk to the Lord when I'm driving

and I look crazy, right?

You ever miss your exit?

Yeah, of course I have.

So I think there's been lots of things

where I've just talked to the Lord, Lord,

I don't want to do this.

I don't feel like I want to do this.

Are you sure this is you?

And there's times when I'm like, I really

don't want to do what I feel like God's leading me to do.

And the Lord reminds me of that scripture in Ezekiel

where he says that he puts his spirit inside of us, that

even helps us obey.

And I pray that, honestly, Gordon,

I have to pray that almost every day.


You need to pray that.

You need to pray it but sometimes you gotta pray more,

because sometimes you don't really

want to do what you feel like God is wanting you to do.

Because it's his will that enables you to do that.

It's his will.

And I'm the one that needs to transform into that.

I'm the one that needs to conform to what he's saying.

As you can tell, we can talk a long time.

But we're out of time.

I want to encourage you to get a copy of Christy's new book.

It's called "Transformed" and it's available

wherever books are sold.


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